Animal Lover | Britney Spears USF'20 | #TeamWFM

I'd say i'm a pretty lucky guy? 🍀#stpatricksday #almost20
can't seem to pick up a boyfriend but i've always done quite well in the hoe department 💚 #almost20 #bestfriends
"We don't need another dog, Mom" Happy 4th birthday to my sweet, goofy, silly, amazing boy Cash. He is truly one of the cutest and most special dogs in the world. When he's not making his family laugh he's visiting sick children and lighting up their day. I love you sweet boy ❤️ #goldenretriever #therapydog
twinnin' and sinnin'
Oh dreidel i shall slay.. #happyhannukkah 🕎✡️
Happy 20th to the only person who sat with me during lunch in 6th grade. Thanks for being my first best friend 😘love you forever
When Britney smiles, I smile 😄
Happy 36th Birthday to the most humble, strong, iconic pop star of my generation. Thank you for entertaining us for almost two decades and inspiring your fans with your ability to overcome obstacles. You are an icon, a legend, and a hero. Happy Birthday to the incomparable Britney Jean Spears.
Happy Thanksgiving from me and my fam to yours!!
3 years ago today, working and saving up for 4 months resulted in one of the most surreal experiences of my entire life. Standing face to face, shaking hands, and having a brief chat with my idol, inspiration, and quite frankly- my God. Words cannot describe how unreal this moment was. So happy to say that 3 years later, i love you even more. @britneyspears #britneyarmy #pieceofme
Happy Birthday to the realist of them all, my big sis. Thank you for always helping me get back up when i fall and being there with me during my best times. You have taught me so much and i hope to continue learning from you. Love you forever. @mtay305
No words. Just respect. Bow down. THE fucking king.
Fly my queen #pieceofme Toxic | 10/14/17
Me, in church. Praising the Holy Spearit tonight. 6th time seeing my Queen and every time gets more exciting. #pieceofme #livinglegend #BRITNEYARMY
You Drive Me Crazy | 10/13/17 #pieceofme
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