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met “britney” the other night! this time didn’t cost me $2500😉 #americasgottalent #rupaulsdragrace
nothing like being back with my babies🥰
imagine being so hot you could turn a gay boy straight.. i love you so much babe and i’m so excited for this new chapter in our friendship, regardless of what people may say, we have eachother and that’s all that matters. 12.15.18 🥰💑
so much love for my mf squad 🙏🏻🤞🏻
happy birthday to the first girl to realize my GBF potential. It’s almost been 10 years since you barged your way into my life, and i’ll never be more grateful for everything you’ve done for me. Truly my best friend for ever. I love ya sis
I’m not even sorry for all the posts. my son is purrfect. #kushthecat
Happy 37th Birthday to not only one of the most iconic super stars of all time but one of the most inspiring human beings in the entertainment industry. People will always try to deny your talent but the sales and statistics don’t lie. The impact you have had on every pop star after you is undeniable and you will forever be credited as a pop music legend. A woman who has been the hottest star on the planet yet also the laughing stock of our entire society. You can say she can’t dance anymore, never sings live, isn’t a real “artist” but the impression this woman has had on pop culture will never be forgotten. She taught us all that we can rise from darkness and get back on track. We might complain a lot, but we are so grateful for you Britney and above everything, you truly make your fans happy with just your personality. Keep doing you, B. We love you.
did my dad actually take a decent picture?
super thankful for the two brightest parts of my life
wus 9+10? #hbdhoney
so worth being late to class
what would i do without my girls?
Iconic and ironic.
this was a cool spot🌈
if you breathin’ you achievin’
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