José Martin

Live, Laugh, Love! Proud Dad of @ItsJacobElijah and @BabyAriel ! Married to the awesome @Sharone !

Happy Thanksgiving from the Martins!!! ❤️ And thank you @sharone for the beautiful turkey 😊
Happy Birthday to my precious @babyariel . I simply cannot express in words how proud I am of you or grateful I am for you. More than my daughter, you are my friend, my teacher, my inspiration, and my pillar of strength. My wish for you is that you continue to challenge yourself, pursue your dreams, and never stop learning & growing. I love you to the stars and back infinity times.
On Monday, our family lost a dear friend and the world lost an angel.  Cassie was sweet, kind, loving, and always had a smile to share. She was innocent and pure - a rainbow of light and joy in an often dark and unsettling world.  Cassie was generous with her spirit and made an indelible impression in the hearts of everyone who had the privilege of knowing her. There are no words that can convey the pain and hurt we feel in her inexplicable loss.  But we will carry her memory forth forever and apply the lessons she taught us: to be kind and loving. To not judge others. To greet each day with a smile. And to dream. Cassie, in every rainbow, we will see you and feel blessed in knowing you were a part of our lives and that you are still here, in your way, smiling...
Keep up the great, difficult, and important work. The future belongs to the youth. #marchforourlives
If you can, vote. If you can't, get involved. Go to to learn how you can make a difference.
What a great event! Thankful to @instagram and @tigerbeatnow for honoring @babyariel and her fellow #19under19 recipients for the great work they're doing!
My girl Wednesday
So proud of @babyariel and her new song "8 Letters" ! I loooooooove this song!! Sharon and I did a pretty good jobs in our scenes ;) Check out Ariel's video on YouTube to hear the whole song!
Our Mornings can be very stressful trying to rush out the door. But those Mornings where we just can't buy time, @belvita Breakfast Biscuits makes it so much easier.... Oh and tasty #mywholesomebreakfast #ad #belvitapartner
If you want to start your days right, check out my #MorningLifeHack story! Thanks to @belvita Breakfast Biscuits for watching our videos and helping me with my CRAZY mornings! The biscuits are tasty, convenient, wholesome, and provide 4 hours of nutritious steady energy! #sponsored
@babyariel 's performance tonight at the @thesims camp! #sims4
Loving Ariel's book signing!
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