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Sneak peek of what’s to come next year 💉
Since I haven’t posted a face picture, here it is.
A lot of people always tell me I’m on steroids, this shit took me 8 years and the highest I ever been was 167 of lean mass. I’m only 154 now since I haven’t been gyming much due to me getting lazy. So I’ll be posting a lot more now, and those asking me about my bio that says “Natural Steroid BodyBuilder” yes it’s a joke since everyone thinks I’m on gear so by putting that there it’s given people the idea that I’m not on gear. But some people still ask me if I’m on it but it doesn’t bother me as long as I know I’m natural that’s all that matters. So quit dming me about me being on steroids bc I honestly don’t care it doesn’t affect me it just wastes your time bc in the end of the day I’ll still tell you I’m on it when really I’m not. And if someone is on it let them be it’s their life they’re free to use it if they solely want to. Just do you and others will do them bless 🙏🏻
Still in the making
Don’t get mad after a breakup, instead get a gym membership and date someone hotter 👌🏻
All I can say is the gear is really working and I’m near my prime
You better re - rack the weights or else watch your back cause imma attack
A lot of water in this world but a lot of people still slaughter I look down upon them.
I went to the beach to find me a nice pair of peach but all I found was a leech
New Year I’m gonna be on New Gear 💉 #steroids
Even though I’m not the same size I was when I went on vacation I’m still striving til I get back to my living moment 🙏🏻
When haters talk shit on your back give them a back to talk to
You can find me under the palms 🌴
@novusimperium get yours before they're gone
Looking for a purpose 👀
Still coming in strong