Fine, art

I used to draw, I still do, but I used to, too.

With Athena Jade. Happy #nationaldaughtersday ! Trying to take a photo with this little light beam was no simple task. By far the best thing I’ve ever co created was this little creature and I love her more than life itself.
Just got my new draft table from #elevationlab for the #ipadpro ! This thing is super solid and seems to be able to take a hit when it comes to illustration and not wiggle around like most other stands. My problem with my old case was that it was set at a horizontal orientation so doing work on a vertical canvas meant zooming way out and in and not having the whole screen to work on, also the iPad started sinking in to the case making it bleed over into my work area and causing problems. Hyped to work on this thing! #illustration #digitalart #artstation #artdesk #procreate #ipad #easel #art
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