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International Archaeology Day is a good time to remember how to visit historic places with respect. Leave artifacts where you find them, don’t touch walls or other delicate structures, and don’t build cairns. Cultural resources are finite and non-renewable, so it is important to protect them for future generations to study, visit, and experience. Photo by NPS / Hannah Schwalbe #alttext a visitor sits and observes at Keys Ranch in #JoshuaTreeNationalPark
A storm on October 12-13 caused major damage to roads in and around Joshua Tree. Flash floods moved large amounts of sand and dirt both onto and away from the roads. Our roads crew has been working hard all week to repair damage and reopen roads as quickly as possible. Many roads have been reopened, but there are roads that are still closed, including Pinto Basin Road from the Cottonwood Visitor Center to the south entrance. This means that the south entrance is closed and you will not be able to enter or exit to the I-10. A few dirt roads are also closed including Old Dale and Black Eagle. You can still enter the park through the north and west entrance, through the towns of Twentynine Palms and Joshua Tree! To find more informations about our closures and to stay up-to-date, follow us on Twitter @JoshuaTreeNPS , or check the alerts on our website, link in bio. Photos by NPS / Alex Snay. #alttext Photos show road damage to Pinto Basin Road near the south entrance of the park #joshuatree #nationalpark #joshuatreenationalpark
This Saturday, October 20th, is International Archaeology Day! Our archeologists document and monitor archeological resources of all sizes to protect the cultural history of Joshua Tree National Park. You can celebrate International Archaeology Day this weekend in Joshua Tree with a hike to Lost Horse Mine or to Ryan Ranch. Photo 1 shows an archeologist recording historic inscriptions along an historic travel route within the Park. Photo 2 shows a lone can at Ryan Ranch. Cans and other artifacts help archeologists date historic sites and provide important details about the people who lived there. Lastly, photo 3 shows a projectile point found during a recent archeological survey in the park. When park archeologists find artifacts like this one, they document it in the field to add to our understanding of how people traveled through and used the desert. Photos by NPS / Jocelyn Pettit and NPS / Jesmira Bonoan.
“I remember visiting my first national park only two years ago. It was at that visit that I knew I wanted to become a botanist and work for the Department of Interior. It was also on that trip that I remember feeling discouraged by the lack of Latinx in uniform. I believe representation matters. Representation can be the difference between a young person deciding to pursue their dream or deciding to pursue a different path. I know how privileged I am to be a Mexican woman in science working for the National Park Service. Not only am I pursuing my dream of preserving plants and their habitats, but I am also able to encourage and inspire younger Latinx generations to pursue their dream careers in land management and conservation. Remember, these lands were made for you and me. So, get out there and #FindYourPark . I’ve found mine, and I hope to help others find theirs.” –Valeria #SCA @the_sca Yo me recuerdo de la primera vez que visité un parque nacional, apenas hace dos años. Fue en ese primer parque que visitamos que supe que algún día quisiera trabajar para el departamento del interior. Pero también me recuerdo sintiendo decepcionada por la falta de Latinx en uniforme. Yo creo que la representación es muy importante. La representación puede ser la diferencia entre una persona joven siguiendo su sueño o decidiendo seguir un nuevo camino por falta de identificación propia. Por eso es que me considero muy privilegiada por ser una mujer mexicana trabajando en ciencias para el Servicio Nacional de Parques. No solamente estoy siguiendo mi sueño de preservar plantas importantes y sus hábitos, pero también puedo incitar e inspirar a otros jóvenes Latinx a seguir sus sueños de tener una carrera en conservación y manejo de tierra. Recuerden, estas tierras fueron hechas para ti y para mí, entonces sal y #EncuentraTuParque . Yo encontré el mío, y espero ayudar a otros encontrar el suyo también. -Valeria
Just a casual photo of the Space X Falcon 9 making Joshua Tree National Park look even more like an alien 👽 landscape. Photo that @seanparkerphotography caught on Sunday night. #alttext #rocket launch and #milkyway over #joshuatree
What better way to usher in the climbing season than with the best climbing festival in the High Desert? Get your Climb Smart tickets now through our besties @joshuatreefriends Photo by NPS / Hannah Schwalbe; a #climber on a rock called Headstone in #joshuatreenationalpark #climbing
We’re too busy stargazing to continue battling it out in the #parkstarwars 🤩 but we’ll graciously accept 1st place 🏅 😁 Thanks to all of our followers who liked, commented and posted night sky photos. You are all stars to us ⭐️ Thank you to everyone in the nearby communities who keep their lights night sky friendly so that we are able to compete in a night sky competition. And thank you to our intense competition @saguaronationalpark @wrangellstenps @deathvalleynps @yellowstonenps @badlandsnps , etc for duking it out with us. We hope you are lucky enough to come and see our Joshua Tree night skies sometime soon 😜 To everyone wanting to come see our night sky, the Joshua Tree Night Sky Festival is coming up next month! This year it is run by our non profit partners, @Stl29palms , check out their website for more information. Photos in order by: @d___kim - meteor shower in Jumbo Rocks Campground @jessethorpephotography - Milky Way over Scorpius Arch @daniel_iannaccone - Mojave yucca at night and @amy__gan -Teddy bear cholla at night #milkyway #nightsky #nightskyphotography
Maybe you just need to see it in motion to understand the power of the night sky above Joshua Tree! Post your favorite Joshua Tree night sky photos and videos to show the other parks what we are talking about. @deathvalleynps @saguaronationalpark @badlandsnps @wrangellstenps @yellowstonenps #starwars #parkstarwars #HalfTheParkIsAfterDark
We got it all, bright stars, warm nights and big open skies. Plus infrequent cloud cover so you can see it all. We can watch the stars spin over head all night. Sorry @saguaronationalpark @badlandsnps @yellowstonenps , I can’t help it that I’m so popular. #parkstarwars #starwars #moviequotes #nightsky #startrails (we know, we know, the earth moves, the stars don’t spin, but motion is relative). Photo by @missjessbess
Flash floods and lightning over the park last night! Storms may continue for the next couple of days. Stay safe, turn around instead of driving through deep or moving water and avoid camping while there is a chance of flash floods. Amazing video @dannerbird #alttext #lightning over #joshuatree
Get somewhere you can watch the stars. May we recommend Joshua Tree, the best stargazing spot in the nation? ✨⭐️💫#JoshuaTree #BestInTheWest #NightSkies Photo by @JayTheRuler
Who saw the #moonrise last night? Photo and video by NPS / Hannah Schwalbe taken at Jumbo Rocks Campground. #joshuatree
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