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Oh deer... mouse! With #spring underway, be sure to keep an eye out for all the #desert critters emerging from their burrows. Be sure to look out out for the smaller guys too for they tend to wander on to the roads and around the campsites at night. To protect #wildlife , always keep food packed away in containers and drive slow, specially at night. Thanks for sharing your photo with us @sophiematterson [#alttext : Close up image of mouse in rock crevice]
Here's to a view that never gets old Photo by @joshuatreelandscapes [#alttext Joshua trees on a landscape]
Is this what they mean by moonwalk? Photo by @cholivas #moonwalk #alttext a #climber and the #moon .
1,000 ft elevation gain? Ha! @luminous_leslie laughs in the face of mountains. . Photo by NPS / Hannah Schwalbe . #alttext : A hiker laughing standing at the Ryan Mountain trailhead sign
“This may be the night that my dreams might let me know, all the stars are closer, all the stars are closer…” Photo by @Everett_Bloom_Photography #alttext star trails over a Joshua tree
Humans of Joshua Tree: Idalmis Santana, @Wildalmis "It is not expected for people my age, with an arthritic and achy body, to start practicing rock climbing. I like to be a kind of stereotype breaker. I decided to start doing it to prove that there is no age limit to doing what you want to do. Rock climbing involves not only physical but also mental strength, perseverance, patience and serenity. I also realize that the practice of rock climbing attracts young, free-spirited folks, and I ended up surrounded by them learning and sharing another perspective of life." -@Wildalmis Photo by NPS / @glaucopuig #alttext : Photo one, Idalmis gives a thumbs up to the camera while climbing. Photo two, Idalmis climbs a rock face in Joshua Tree
Sunscreen and hat - $25, beverages and snacks - $15, admission to Joshua Tree National Park – FREE, we took the Roadrunner Shuttle! . During the pilot season, spring 2018, riders of the Roadrunner Shuttle will ride for free and enter the park for free! #ProTip #TravelHack . Photo by NPS / Hannah Schwalbe . #alttext a Roadrunner shuttle drives on a road within Joshua Tree National Park.
I'd like my #sunset cotton candy pink with a side of swirl, please. 🍦 Photo by @gentleshadow #joshuatree
We’ve reached the end of our #JTreeOnFilm takeover and we would like to give a shoutout to all who participated and used the hashtag to share their one-of-a-kind film photographs with us. . . Today, we’re ending the series with photographs that harness the wild and vivid energy of our desert park without the help of any color at all. Today’s final collection theme: Black and White Photography. Although black and white photography once represented a limitation of technology of the time, the use of film today (let alone black and white film) in an era of advanced digital innovation, is a trace of the past and yet functions today as something new entirely. . . . Whether you’re just getting started or you’re already a pro at film photography, we hope that you’ve enjoyed this takeover and feel creatively inspired as you plan your next visit to the park. So keep sharing your photos with us, because we can’t wait to see them! You never know when we might do another film takeover… . . @garcia_film_and_pixels “‪Keys view‬ is one of my favorite spots in the park...I shot it with my Bronica medium format camera on Kodak tmax 400 ISO black and white film.” . @nowerewolf “This photo was taken on one of my last few shots of black and white film. In the cholla cactus garden, there is an abundant amount of cholla, however I thought this particular one by the highway stood out over the rest.” . @_rowanphoto “The silence and monochromatic nature of the geology lends itself to relax both the body and eye.” . @_david.santamaria_ “JTree and film naturally go hand and hand; they both offer a chance to step back from the rush of school, work, etc. and soak up the moment in real time.” . @loldenphoto “I shoot film because that is how I learned photography. Digital can be so predictable but with the Holga there is unpredictability.” . @soyeduardo_ “I love shooting film because it's an intimate process. From loading film, to winding it to the next frame, to rewinding, to developing it and printing in a darkroom.” . . . #JTreeOnFilm #filmphotography
Sometimes the landscape demands the full attention of the photograph. But sometimes, adding people into the frame can make it instantly more interesting and unique! Joshua Tree National Park is a park for the people, and the photographers featured in today’s #JTreeOnFilm takeover capture visitor recreation in action as well as the enchanting sense of wonder that the park casts. . . Collection theme: People in the Park . . @fortunesrfables “These moments tell a story and are a window into a world that once was and never will be again. That is fascinating to me. Captured here, a moment of wonder in a time of exploration.” . @thebryanlovett “Film allows for completely unique and unpredictable distortions of color and perception. I love this photo because it shows the expansiveness of the Southern California desert and the peaceful headspace one can achieve there!” . @cheezums “For a lot of us, it was our first time climbing. All of us who climbed made it to the top.” . @livmyers_ “This photo was taken on a two month road trip across America...Meg, Eva and Alistair decided to attempt a yoga session on top of a large boulder - it was quite difficult to balance so it was a short session! I managed to snap this shot whilst they were up there.” . @ndmaslov “Shooting film in Joshua Tree allows for new ways of seeing and experiencing the park. The unpredictability of shooting on old film adds an additional transformative dimension onto an already dynamic landscape. This is Polaroid 669 shot on a Polaroid Land 100.” . @wanderingalways “The colors of the desert are beautiful... but even more so on a super old roll of film, maybe? Captured on Fuji Superia 1600, expired in 2014, metered at 800 in a Canon AE-1.” . . . #JTreeOnFilm #filmphotography
As beautiful as Joshua Tree National Park is, it can be an extremely hostile environment for our desert dwelling flora. Temperatures can rise and fall dramatically and water is never guaranteed. You have to have a certain level of resiliency and adaptability in order to survive out here. . Similarly to living in the desert, so many things can go wrong with film photography. From light meter malfunctions, to accidentally exposed film, to expired chemicals in the darkroom to improperly loaded film...the list goes on. As a film photographer, you have to be willing to take risks, experiment, let go, move on and often be pleasantly surprised by the fact that film has a mind of its own. You have to be adaptable. . The photographers featured in today’s #JTreeonFilm takeover took a page straight from our desert flora’s book, and beautifully shot some of the incredible plants that call this park home. . Collection theme: Desert flora . Photos in order: . . @livvid “This was on lomochrome purple 35mm.” . (NPS/Sarinah Simons; 120mm film with Pentax 6x7) . @markybehindthelens “I had both digital and film with me but since this was my first REAL trip with my dad's (now mine) 40+ year old Minolta I was focusing on film (no pun 😉). I love what was captured and always do with film because it's so unpredictable, it's so raw and unnecessary to "touch up.”” . @Mlhannafineart “This shot was taken with Aerochrome color infrared film and an orange filter and a Hasselblad. On this trip to the park I was primarily focused on capturing the unique silhouette of the Joshua trees against the blue sky.” . @take_the_a_train “Something about the way the light hit the cactus in it’s faded winter form, it almost looked like glass. Seeing a whole garden of cactus like this was surreal. But that’s Joshua Tree.” . (NPS/Sarinah Simons; expired 35mm film) . . #JTreeOnFilm #filmphotography
We’ve arrived at day 3 of our #JTreeOnFilm takeover, and today the theme is all about...landscape! The landscape in Joshua Tree National Park is something that must be seen to be believed. We’ll let these photos speak for themselves. They’re awesome. . Photos in order: . @whataboutphoenix “I wanted to capture this landscape scene but I wanted the picture to be unique to my experience, so I double exposed the negative.” . @loganfazio “I had a point and shoot camera loaded with a special film, and when I got home to Miami I poured my secret mixture of chemicals onto the film (this technique is called "film soup") before developing the roll. I was certainly surprised and very happy with the results.” . @hollyshootsfilm “I recently reconnected with my old 35mm film camera and started experimenting with Lomography films. Joshua Tree is seriously a magical place. The spectrum of colors is unrivaled, I don’t even have words to describe my first sunset in the park!” . @snarkula “This was taken during my first hike up Ryan Mountain, and I couldn’t believe my eyes as I started to see Joshua Tree from above. It’s truly breathtaking and put a lot of things in perspective for me.” . @grey.waves “Leave the shutter open long enough. Pink flash/headlamp/stars against the desert. Joshua Trees dot the landscape - Technicolored in a star filled sky” . @photo.gennaration “For this photo, the film had been soaked in kaboom foamtastic soap solution, vinegar, and rosehips before shooting, and i also used an orange filter in front of the lens to emphasize the color effects. i can't wait to visit again and test out more crazy film experiments!” . (NPS/Sarinah Simons; Color infrared film) . . . #JTreeOnFilm #filmphotography
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