Journal Of The Unknown

📸 of all the unknown and life messes and too much-fun-adventures where we always end up with bruised knees somehow by Jennie and Maude.

This is a public service announcement: in these dark times we would like to remind everyone to please invoke their inner Mowgli this weekend. That is all. 🌴
Remembering all the small steps and big stumbles it took to get to this point.
Current mood.
It's time to sleep. But tomorrow we awake again.
Happy new year! Let's light our way into 2017 by the fires of the bridges we burn.
Today we walked carefully around the icy walls of a castle. Built over 1000 years ago Lincoln castle has been the home to the romans, the French and a Victorian prison. This piece of the castle wall was a self-sustained panic room would invaders make it through the moat, past the archers, and over the wall. Later it was the graveyard for all those hung during the public executions.
Where cold feet are greeted with hot tea.
When in Japan do as the tourists do and head down to the robot restaurant for a neon dance party with popcorn. Drink three beers the size of your elbow and then pretend you are also a robot and become secret invisible as the perfect cure for ignoring your actual reality. #japan
Happy Halloween you unknown spooks! Even though I'm deeply struggling for a last minute costume--all suggestions seriously welcome--here is the the many mask faces of the streets of Mexico City from which I'm trying to draw last minute inspiration!
Accidental shoulder selfies are the new bathroom mirror duck-face. You heard it here first ladies and gents.
Sometimes you find the unknown right where you are. Thank you for all the delectable company and bites @thisisbitten 🌿🌿🌿 #bittenla
#tbt to friends who build their own roads on the backsides of mountains, wood cabins with cats that reign king, trying to hunt for the first time and realizing the only thing you can shoot is a rotten pumpkin on a stick, and drinking whiskey-tea in long johns--because really who ever wants to wear actual pants? #nopantsmorefun
That moment right before you jump when you look down and think, "But would my mom want me to use a this vine to propel myself of this mossy cliff into those unknown waters?"
#fbf to standing in recently melted ice with these beauties in Maine where the sun behaves like a shy but flirty divorcee whose back on the dating scene but not quite ready to commit. #recentlysingle #onlysortareadytomingle
Tomorrow is only a day away. Or something equally ambiguously encouraging as I desperately need to be surrounded by Pinterest wisdom on a day like this.
Just hang in there, this monkey business will soon pass. #debates
My body may be home sipping a cup of coffee getting ready to tackle a "to do" list three months in the making, but my heart is still in this moment where I watched dawn transform the sky into the red wonders of tomorrow.
Oh California there you go showing off again.
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