Jennifer McCord

πŸ–€βœ¨πŸ“Έ Just chasing some magic.

@keaneofficial closing out @isleofwightfest 2019 was extra wonderful ✨ Shot for @isleofwightfest #keane #isleofwightfestival
Some lil’ jellies on @cinestillfilm + a terrible scan that I ended up liking #cinestill
Two talented humans in one frame. @elliegoulding + @lauvsongs backstage at Wembley. #polaroid600
@elliegoulding at @capitalofficial Summertime Ball. @wembleystadium ||| *Insert joke about how there can be 80,000 people in one room and all you need is one @elliegoulding *
Force of nature @elliegoulding πŸ–€
New little video for @westlife from Belfast. Glasgow tonight πŸ–€
It’s true, I’ll always think of you. #portbox #forminflux
Not a wedding photographer but would be a wedding photographer for @bobbiesioux & @mattxjones any day of the bloody week. Congrats Mr & Mrs Jones you mega dream babes. πŸ’˜ Styling/Planning: @bychenai Videography: @owvideographers Hair: @tombadgerhair Make up: @grgctts Angel babe of a second shooter: @slb_photo
Mega beaut @elliegoulding moments before stepping on to @thismorning πŸ‘‘
Night one with @westlife was pure magic πŸ’˜ So in awe of the incredible team of crew and creatives that have put this show together. #westlife
The sky looking like a painting as I came into Belfast last night. Feels like I’ve been rushing around at full speed for the last few weeks and it felt so good to just sit and watch the sky as we descended. Sometimes everything feels crazy and big and then the world puts on a show and reminds you how beautiful it all is πŸ–€ #iPhone
I have wrapped you up in the deepest part of me ||| @renee_stewartt
Here we go! Voting is opennnn. Link in bio. 3rd time nominated and this time this shortlist is a proper mates fest. Congrats to everyone and thank you @heavymusicawards and everyone who nominated me. πŸ–€ #heavymusicawards
Mega babe @elliegoulding ✨
IRL angel and talented bean @seanykilleen / @roylsmusic @hard8workinggroup #royls
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