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I prefer to dance barefoot.

@marisberlin and I took a bus tour of historic buildings in DT LA. Looking back at photos, I realize most of our time was spent away from the group, ghost hunting basements and finding things like a tiny platformed bathroom 🤷‍♀️✨
He told me how tufa grows, I told him how to grow sea monkeys.♥️ #fairttradeofknowlege #tb
My camera vs your camera 📱
#Repost @katdenningsss ・・・ Please donate to @lafdfoundation if you can, they’re working so tirelessly to keep everyone safe and contain these horrendous fires. Every little bit helps! . . . . *** adding on — there is also @baby2baby @deityanimalrescue that are helping aid and receiving donations amongst the main groups like @redcrossla and @americanredcross
Your vote is your voice. Your voice helps guide the future.⠀ Some people argue that one vote doesn’t make a difference... how can it, if you never cast it? (Riiiiight?) Have an opinion. Make a choice. But unless you take action- it’s just called complaining! Please take the simple, physical action of making your matters- your community- your environment count. Participate ✨#vote #midterms
Thanks for watching everyone :) And for sitting pretty with all the promos 🎄♥️ #roadtochristmas
TONIGHT! The lovely Mr. @chadmichaelmurray and I go on a road trip 🎄 @hallmarkchannel 8/7c #RoadToChristmas
I can tell you what you will NOT see... #RoadToChristmas
Thursday morning- Nov 1st- I’m on @homeandfamilytv talking #Roadtochristmas !! Check your local listings for time zones and directions🎄#shamelesspromotingforthenext4daysstartsNOW ♥️
We tried. #HappyHalloween !! 🎃
When your friends find a mask of your face being sold on Amazon- they buy multiples and plan a bar crawl. Naturally.
Another little batch of photos from this last Utah adventure. There was lots long underwear layering, Native pottery discovering, taco madness, atmosphere awe, first heel hooks, Hawaiian shirts and a group photo on the tracks of course. 👫👬
Just a small glimpse of some of the beauty and adventure that was last week. @sterlingptaylor awesomely led us up the sixth shooter again- a desert tower in Indian Creek. (This time without 80mph winds and with @andrewfitts and @travperk_photo in tow ;)) #indiancreek
Never thought I’d make it up or even TRY to make it up a crack in a cave..... but it happened. And it was awesome. 😁 📷: @travperk_photo #indiancreek
Found the light 💛 📷: @emilysandiferphotography
Vacay ☀️
Missing my personal trainer...@redeyeinc ♥️
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