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Aspiring underwater videographer sharing my adventures and wildlife encounters Home Base: Toronto 🇨🇦 📩 jsegalexplore@gmail.com

Advice from a white shark: Keep moving forward Keep an eye out for opportunities Avoid unnecessary conflicts Never let a good meal go to waste 😋🤟🦈 Shot captured in #IslaGuadalupe with @sonyalpha #a7iii in @nauticamhousings
Curious Great White checking out the cage. Captured with @sonyalpha #a7iii in @nauticamhousings
Four male #KillerWhales on patrol for Herring on a windy grey afternoon in Skjervøy Norway. Captured with @sonyalpha #a7iii on a recent expedition to The #ArcticCircle with @shark_explorers @mornehardenberg @brocqmaxey @abc4explore Check out my Norway story for more highlights from the trip 🤟🇳🇴🐋🥶
Norwegian Magic, Sea Pandas everywhere. Skjervøy Norway is an unreal place! Check out my story to see some highlights from our expedition to the #ArcticCircle with @shark_explorers #killerwhales captured with @gopro
Two #HumpbackWhales descending on a deep dive in #Skjervøy Norway 🇳🇴🐋🥶 #ArcticCircle with @shark_explorers @arcticexplorer.no
Young Orca swimming hard to keep up with the pod in Skjervøy Norway
Male killer whale on the hunt for herring in the Great Orca Fjords of Norway. Captured with @sonyalpha #a7iii
This last week has been one hell of a rollercoaster ride. Last Saturday we boarded the @arcticexplorer.no to go dive with Killer Whales In the Great Orca Fjords of Norway. The next Sunday morning we got suited up and prepared the cameras for some arctic diving. Unfortunately life had other plans for me. While getting into the small zodiac which we use to find whales, I slipped and dislocated my shoulder. After trying to pop it back in ourselves we realized it wasn’t working. Luckily we were close to a small town with access to a hospital. They put my shoulder back in place and sent me on my way in a sling. The doctor advised me I wouldn’t be able to dive and I’d have to sit tight topside while I recover. After paying a lot of money and traveling to this remote region of the arctic circle, to say I was disappointed would be an understatement. However I was fortunate enough to be with a solid group of awesome people who kept the vibes positive and spirits high. I ended up having a great trip, spent more time taking pictures topside, and meeting a new group of divers that are now friends for life. It’s just a matter of time before I see all you crazy fuckers again! #TeamOrca #ICantFeelMyToesWhenImWithYou #DoItForTheChildren @shark_explorers @mornehardenberg @brocqmaxey @abc4explore @emma_casagrande @paulinalo__ @drewhitchner @rodneyvanderlaan @bekkemawilliam @k.solong @cameraivo @freekvonk @sebastiaan.coenen @roscoclarko @patshail @lauroundtheworld
Guadalupe Fur Seals. Captured with @djiglobal #mavicpro
Eye contact with a big male #GreatWhiteShark in #IslaGuadalupe Captured with @sonyalpha #a7iii in @nauticamhousings
Great White Shark going for the bait in Isla Guadalupe 🎥🦈🤟
Northern Elephant Seals in #IslaGuadalupe captured with @djiglobal #MavicPro
Two male Great Whites cruising side by side in Isla Guadalupe. Research suggests that the reason for this type of behaviour is to size each other up to determine who’s more dominant and who will have the rights to the point of interest, which in this case was our bait. This allows sharks to settle many of their disputes without confrontation that could lead to serious injuries. For the most part, sharks are very cautious and careful predators. Captured with @sonyalpha a7iii in @nauticamhousings
Had another awesome trip to #IslaGuadalupe with some badass shark divers! @silenthunterpty @bolton_becky @oceanramsey & @juansharks run one hell of an expedition! Always a great crew with conservation and research in mind. It’s incredible to witness first hand how eco tourism along with scientific research brings real protection to these aggregation sites that would otherwise be susceptible to poaching. Mike Bolton AKA @silenthunterpty charters a Mexican boat and crew (@clubcantamar ) from the nearby mainland which keeps the profit in the local community! Anyone looking to go out and come face to face with these prehistoric endangered animals should reach out to @silenthunterpty. See you guys soon ✌️🦈
🎥🦈🤟 #GreatWhiteShark captured with @gopro #Hero7 in #IslaGuadalupe
#GreatWhiteSharks are far from the mindless killers they are often portrayed to be. So much caution and thought goes into every approach. It’s humbling to experience this first hand. The truth is they have a lot more to fear from us. Human activity has pushed them to the brink of extinction and they need our protection now more than ever! Check out @oneoceandiving @oneoceanresearch to learn the reality about sharks and see how you can #helpsavesharks 🤟💙🦈 Photo taken in #IslaGuadalupe with @sonyalpha #a7iii in @nauticamhousings Diving with @paulinalo__ @silenthunterpty @deanocook @sharkgirlfitness @oceanramsey @juansharks @big_island_billy @chriscameron.sa @sweetmonik @yehudinafisa @sharkaholic67 @jnw_iii @girardot_b
California Sea lions hanging out at La Jolla Cove. Captured with my @sonyalpha #a7iii
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