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Aspiring underwater videographer sharing my adventures and wildlife encounters Home base: Toronto πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ πŸ“©: jsegalexplore@gmail.com

Between the Dead Sea and Masada lies this fortress, HI-Masada Hostel. Captured with @djiglobal #mavicpro with @paulinalo__ @msoharccboutin @g_oswaldo
Just @gatorboys_chris and his dinosaur friend πŸ˜… #Alligator #Everglades @evergladesoutpost
Tiger Shark swimming over @jossmint & @paulinalo__ at Tiger Beach πŸ’™πŸ¦ˆcaptured with @sonyalpha #a7iii in @nauticamhousings
#TigerShark captured with @sonyalpha #a7iii in @nauticamhousings Words by @alexkyddphoto ・・・ β€œThe Queensland government decided to shoot dead 3 random tiger sharks in response to Whitsundays attacks. Its mindless revenge killing. They insist on killing sharks and saying its for public safety. There is no way of knowing which sharks were responsible and there is no proven science to say that culling sharks works. Shark scientist @thelifeofrileynz sums it perfectly in saying that we need to encourage actual risk mitigation policy instead of killing innocent wild animals. More education and more awareness when swimming in the ocean.”
Sunset dive with one of the the most misunderstood animals on earth. Wait for the ending when the shark swims by fellow diver @tommills35 who’s busy photographing some coral. Video captured with my @sonyalpha #a7iii in @nauticamhousings with @krakensports video lights
Lemon hangs with @paulinalo__ πŸ’™ captured with my @sonyalpha #a7iii in @nauticamhousings
Smile! It’s the weekend! 🀟😎 #lemonshark #grandbahama
@tommills35 dipping below the surface to photograph a Lemon Shark at Tiger Beach. Shot with @sonyalpha #a7iii in @nauticamhousings
Eye contact with this beautiful #TigerShark
Had the incredible privilege of interacting with these animals on a whole new level. A huge shout out to @cristinazenato for sharing her knowledge, and @unexsograndbahama for the awesome footage! Chainmail by @neptunic_com
A Tiger Shark checking out @dj_swagga_fci_ in Grand Bahama, captured with @sonyalpha #a7iii in @nauticamhousings
Beach date with @jossmint & @jessebruyn 🀟😎 shot with @sonyalpha #a7iii in @nauticamhousings
It’s hard to describe the feeling of being surrounded by sharks. There is a deep calming sensation that’s hard to find above water. Watching sharks peacefully coexist with a group of humans is life changing. As humans, we kill 70-100 million sharks per year and they still don’t want to hurt us. On the other hand, a few humans get bit and we begin culling and deploying irresponsible solutions such as nets and drum lines. From that perspective, it seems like we are the true mindless monsters, not the rugged fish with lots of big teeth like the media has taught us. I captured this split slow-mo shot after surfacing from a dive at Tiger Beach, with my @sonyalpha #a7iii in @nauticamhousings
Some drone footage of Lemon and Reef sharks gathering behind our boat after a dive at Tiger Beach. Captured with @djiglobal #mavicpro onboard @aggressorliveaboards
Emma, The Queen of Tiger Beach πŸ’™πŸ¦ˆ Captured with @sonyalpha #a7iii in @nauticamhousings Diving with @aggressorliveaboards
@cristinazenato doing her thing, it was surreal watching the sharks swim up to her to have hooks removed. Captured with @sonyalpha #a7iii in @nauticamhousings
An unreal shot of me and Casper the Gator by @gatorboys_chris
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