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Head over heels for @loriwilhite. Pastor of @centralonline. Love people, music, football, and good espresso.

When we remain in God’s love and commandments and remain in Him, He will produce so much good in our lives.
Every signature on this wall represents an outward expression of a lifelong inward transformation—baptism. Across all of our locations I’m amazed to say that we had over 400 people decide to take that step this last weekend! 🙌🏽 C’mon, how amazing is that?! Let’s show some love to everyone who made that decision!
Don’t just thank God for the big things, thank Him for the little things. Thank God for His love, it endures forever because you’re one of His favorite things! #MotivationMonday
It’s @vegasgoldenknights crazy in my city right now. So fired up! Amazing team effort! #vegasborn
What an awesome weekend! Nothing better than celebrating life change! 🙌🏽 Love seeing my girls baptizing, loving, and caring for so many people.
Yes, that is a stuffed animal squirrel in my hand! Ha! You don’t want to miss this weekend, so find a location near you and come join us on this Sunday! Visit centralonline.tv/locations.
What a great weekend we have in store at @centralonline ! Enjoy so much fun at a location near you, just visit centralonline.tv/locations! It all starts at @centralhenderson tonight! 🙌🏽
Head to Central May 19 & 20 for a cool and crazy weekend! We’re going to have awesome free water slides, icy cold sweet treats, and tons of Vegas Golden Knights themed fun. Wear your favorite Knights gear and come out cheering! If you’ve been thinking about being baptized, this is also a GREAT weekend to jump in and take that next step. So bring your family, friends, and neighbors and we’ll see you this weekend for Ice Fest!
How awesome is this?! C’mon 🙌🏽 The @centralonline family are big @vegasgoldenknights fans! Let’s show them some love and give us a 🙌🏽 in the comments if you’re a fan too! #GoKnightsGo
We remember what God did in our lives when we didn’t deserve it, and we don’t deserve it now. He rescued, restored, and redeemed us. The Bible says God’s word is good, it is true. I want to walk in God’s principle in my life.
God loves to work in our weaknesses. Today, exchange your weakness for God’s strength. He never let’s you down.
My friend, Caleb Kaltenbach, just released his brand new book “God Of Tomorrow” 🙌🏻 This well-written book is an essential guide for navigating the changes of life and culture with grace and truth. You can pick it up now in paperback, kindle, and audiobook at http://amzn.to/2rDBmsS. #GodOfTomorrow
Here’s the truth: it hurts to hope. It takes courage to want something better. Hope always comes with the risk of disappointment--and the bigger the hope the bigger the risk. So we turn away from bigger hopes to smaller hopes. We settle for a small life where we hope for little comforts, a little happiness, and a little peace or significance when Jesus is offering us a rich, life-giving relationship with God. The great thing about God is that He meets us in what hurts the most in our lives and uses it for God’s glory. Whatever hurts the most in your life is where you need hope the most. That is where Jesus wants to meet you.
I absolutely love seeing my daughter, Emma, onstage worshiping and leading with all of her heart! Come on 🙌🏽
Time is short. Don’t put this off until someday. Come to Jesus and find rest for you soul. Shift into grace. Move from the performance cycle to the grace cycle, and change your pace. Let Jesus teach you by making time for soul refreshing activities. The most important thing about you is not what you accomplish--it’s who you are becoming. That is what you take into eternity. Life comes at us fast and furious, but you don’t have to hurry. There’s time enough to do everything God asks.
Discouragement can be found everywhere in our lives, but when you put your faith in God, He’ll never let you down. Refocus your hope and praise Him. God can make the bad days better, and the good days great. #MotivationMonday
God doesn’t say, “Come to me if you’re perfect or come to me if you’re crushing it at work. Come to me if you’re the perfect parent. Come to me if you finally have that drinking under control. Come to me if it’s been a few weeks since you lost your temper. Come to me once you get out of that relationship you know is bad for you. Come to me once you have proven you can perform.” No, God says, “Come to me if you’re weary. Come to me if you’re sick and tired of not feeling good enough. Come to me if you can’t live up to expectations. Come to me if you have tried over and over to be good enough but can’t seem to cut it.” THAT is grace. That is the love of your Savior. That is the soul level approval of the one who made your soul and loves your soul.
@loriwilhite is not only the best wife, but the greatest mom! The care and love she shows for Emma, Ethan, and myself is beyond what I could imagine. Thank you Lori for all that you do for us. We’re so thankful for you! Happy Mother’s Day!
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