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Some of you today need to hear this. Jesus is not afraid of whatever makes you afraid of him or other people. Whatever has you feeling ashamed moves him be generous, not judgmental. He is approachable. If you need a blessing today, don’t be afraid to come near. If you feel you need to stand at a distance, he will see you. He will hear you and he will respond. Get as close as you can.
Love hearing stories of life change through God’s grace and generosity! Such an impactful story from Ashley! // “When I was 16 or 17 years old, I was on a hike in the Grand Canyon and fell over a wet log into the riverbed. I was stuck under the water for at least a minute. I remember in that situation, when I was under the water, I could see light above my face and I thought ‘God, this cannot be the time that I’m called home.’ But someone jumped in and pulled me out. That let me know that I needed to get focused on what Jesus has for me ahead in my life. I met my wife when I was 21 years old and knew she was the one. When we started attending Central, we knew there were a lot of hurts that we were dealing with, so we were saying, God what do you have for us? - There’s been a lot of growth the short time we’ve been at Central. It’s been huge for me, it’s been huge for my family, and the biggest thing I’ve learned is about giving. It’s not ours. God provides everything for us. How tight are we going to hold on to it? To the grave? Where we can’t take it with us? - It’s only by faith, through prayer, that you can decide ‘I’m going to give.’ It’s not for the church, it’s for you. How generous are you going to be with what God has blessed you with? He’ll expand it— double, triple it. We cannot out-give God because He supplies our every need. Through generosity, my family’s hearts have expanded. God’s radical grace has revolutionized my life.” - Ashley’s Story #PeopleOfCentral
Gratitude positions you for greater blessing.​ I want to be the first to come back, on my knees, saying, “God, thank you. Praise you. I worship you. You’re number one in my life!” He has already blessed us with SO much more than we can imagine—His hope, forgiveness, and eternal life.
God’s eyes search for people whose eyes are focused on Him. Make eye contact with God today, He’s searching for those He can strengthen. #MotivationMonday
Our little Vegas snowman survived through the night 💪🏻! Crazy winter!
Such a powerful time this weekend! So thankful for these moments!
Don’t miss Natalie’s powerful story! Come hear it today at @centralhenderson at 10AM, 11:30AM, and 1PM! - You can always find a @centralonline location near you at centralonline.tv/locations. OR join us online LIVE at centralonline.tv/media!
Love this team, can’t wait for the first experience of the weekend! 🙌🏻 Let’s go!
Fired up for this weekend! 🙌🏻🔥 Come join us tonight as we continue in our series, Simply Blessed! The secret to contentment isn't getting what you want, but wanting what you have. God loves to bless us, but how are you at receiving those blessings? Do you notice them, appreciate them, and rejoice in them? Gratitude is the key that unlocks the good life. When you count your blessings you multiply your joy. Find a @centralonline location near you now!
Dan Stone! This guy preaches inside a bar every weekend! So thankful for him and his leadership out at @centralflorabama ! 🙌🏻 @danstonejr
Thanks for being my date for life @loriwilhite ! I am insanely blessed to get to do life with you. Happy Valentines!
Always love to share on one of my favorite podcasts with my brilliant friend @careynieuwhof ! Seriously, Carey’s podcast has challenged me in so many ways over the years. If you don’t subscribe you should check it out!! The link is in my bio! 🙌🏻
Live free in God’s promises. He will give you a future and a hope! 🙌🏻
So thankful for the entire @centralonline team and their hearts for God and others! Ultimately thankful I get to serve and do life along side each and every one of them! 🙌🏻 An amazing day to have teams from across all of our locations under one roof!
Praying over some POWERFUL leaders today as they take the step of being ordained. So thankful for this moment!
Repost from @nicholasbodine ! “Ashley is a single mom to a 7-year-old daughter. A couple of years ago, Ashley was embarrassed because she didn’t have the resources to afford all of the required school supplies. While rushing out of school with her daughter one day, God told her to slow down and look around. So she listened. She stopped, looked around, and saw a wall of backpacks with a sign, “Take one if you need one.” She had her daughter pick one out. It wasn’t until she got home that she realized it was full of all the school supplies her daughter needed with a note from Central Church. This was confirmation to her that she needed to come to Central. She showed in 2017, and since then has given her life to Christ, been baptized, attended First Step, jumped into a community and serving, and is now a Generosity Rockstar! Ashley fully believed and exemplifies the phrase, ‘Rescued to be a rescuer.’” // What an amazing, powerful story! We’re so thankful for a God of life change! 🙌🏻
When you offer your not enough to Jesus, He blesses it and turns it into more than enough. So, when God taps you on the shoulder to give something that feels scarce, don’t think about how little you have, think about how big He is. Pray for the miracle of multiplication. #MotivationMonday
If you didn’t get a chance to catch an experience at @centralonline this weekend, watch online!! 🙌🏻 This new series, Simply Blessed, is a can’t miss! Just visit centralonline.tv!
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