Juggling the Jenkins

Weirdo 🎥

Happy 4th bday, to the greatest birthday present I've ever recieved 💜 . . . #itsourbday #birthdaytwins #howTFisthatpossible
Couple behind the scenes from the New vid. It is up on FB 😂 (link to fb in my linktree) 💜
Tickets are officially on sale friends! Come see me in Wichita, Kansas at The Orpheum Theatre on November 7th, and in Denver, Colorado at The Paramount Theatre November 9th! Get your tickets here 👇 http://www.tiffanyjenkinslive.com
Today is the day!!! 😱 Presale begins at 10am (local time). Usually presale is shared with exclusive groups first, but I'm puttin' it out for errbody. Get your tickets first (in 15 mins!)with promo code: JENKINSLIVE 👇👇👇👇👇👇 Nov. 7th Orpheum Theatre in Wichita, KS and Nov. 9th Paramount Theater in Denver, CO. Tickets at www.tiffanyjenkinslive.com (Link in bio) #jugglingthejenkins #thisshowisawkwardaf #tour #holycrap
In case you compared yourself to someone on social media today, I just wanted to remind you that these were taken an hour apart, and people are liarheads. #slayallday #jabbathehuttangles #hatersgonhate #yourerealfaceisjustfine #thingsarentalwayswhattheyseem
Calm down, Chucky. 😂
Heyy! I'm now co-hosting a weekly podcast with @thats_inappropriate ! This week we examine school punishments, and managing our kid's busy schedules while keeping the boudoir sheets en fuego. (Or ice cold..in my case) lol jk. . . Checkout my linktree in bio for download links!
My Dads old truck. He glued astroturf all over the body. Then he glued farm animals and bunny rabbits on the hood & roof. If you look closely, you can see a babydolls arms and legs sticking out where its glued near the back tire....this vehicle pretty much answers a question I get alot, "have you always been so funny?" The answer is no, not until my pops showed me how magical it was to be different 💜
I'll take these wild Friday nights over my sloppy, drunken Friday nights ANY day. #lifeisgood
Apparently this is the face I make when my son asks me how babies are made, for the first time...in the middle of a Facebook live. #shewasntready
Chloe bowies debut.
Only like 100 votes behind!!!This is my friend @chandalynnpoetry (her brand new baby not pictured) and she gives SO MUCH of herself to help struggling addicts, and she does it for free, expecting nothing in return. She deserves something good, which is why I'm reaching out to encourage you to help us get her up on stage to perform at SoberFest. The contest ends in FOUR days and she's only 2k votes behind first place. Her words are so powerfully healing and I am grateful to be able to try and help her achieve her dream. If you take a listen to her words and feel compelled, all you have to do is put in your email and hit vote. You can vote everyday. Putting the link in bio for my homie.
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