Juggling the Jenkins

5 SECOND RULE FULL VID HERE: https://youtu.be/gy9kqlcc3CY

My sis and I played a game today. Link to full Youtube vid in BIO. (Also the link in bio is prob wrong. Idk how IG works. Just copy and paste url) . . #5secondrule #sistasista #youtube #vlog #jugglingthejenkins #inappropriate
#throwback to our first date. I had 9 months clean. This date actually took place on a bench outside of a burger joint, because neither of us had enough money to actually GO anywhere. We each took a SCAT bus and met halfway. We sat on the bench for hours, watching people, and sharing our goals for the future - once we got our s*** together. Two things were certain that day: I was crazy about him, and my goals for the future paled in comparison to how awesome my future actually turned out. We are so damn blessed. . . . #jugglingthejenkins
We got a new JTJ shirt in the shop (hahahah) and Im giving two away. Check out my FB page to enter. . . . . #jugglingthejenkins #momlife
So I got proffesional headshots done today... I swear I took a normal one too. Shoutout to @littleskullphotography for being awesome, playing The Lumineers and letting/ encouraging me to get a little weird. (And for having them all edited and delivered 2 hours after I left the studio.) #Icantbenormalforfiveseconds #morepicstocome
I tried to assemble this Barbie Dream House - and it was the OPPOSITE of a "dream". 🔪 Check out the ENTIRE video @awestruck LINK IN BIO!! . . . . #barbiedreamhouse #neveragain #awestruck #jugglingthejenkins #momlife
I only got 3 hours of sleep last night. I really want to be mad at them for waking up an hour before the alarm, but their giggles are something I'm not gonna take for granted this morning. Dey grow up way tew damn fast. . . . #tiredaf #noonecares #earlymorningsnuggles #ilovethem #jugglingthejenkins #thosefaces
Happy Father's Day, Dad. Thanks for showing me that it's okay to be a creative goofball ❤
Things got weird in the Jenkins household tonight. I have no clue where she gets her silliness from. . . . #friday #turnup #bonusdaughter #makeovers #jugglingthejenkins #imlookinflythoamirite ? #justkidding #noimnot
#TBT of when I tried to do a Pintrest-y photoshoot of Chloe, but she kept inhaling feathers and choking herself. I ended up saying eff it. . . . . #jugglingthejenkins #imnotgoodatthings #poorkid #mybad
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I LOVE the website, @lovewhatmatters , their stories instantly lift my spirits. I am honored they chose to share my post, helping others to realize they aren't alone. Link to story: http://www.lovewhatmatters.com/i-did-not-like-my-children-when-this-photo-was-taken-i-actually-resented-them-for-existing/ . . . #seriouslythismakesmesohappy #lovewhatmatters #jugglingthejenkins
Ran into Sharon, the fancy mom again on the last day of school. Link in bio to full video @awestruck (special guest appearance by my "husband" Jim) . . . @awestruck #jugglingthejenkins #summercamp #funny #damnitJim #perfectmom #hotmess
3 Fun Facts: 1) I wrote a book. 2) I'm giving 5 of them away. 3) You can check out my instastory and read the first 5 chapters fo freeee. How to entahhh: Below, tell me the coolest thing anyone's ever done for you. Winner will be announced tomorrow 💜 . . . #highachiever #jugglingthejenkins #giveaway #free #thebookhaslotsofcursewordssorryinadvance
I did not like my children when this photo was taken. I actually resented them for existing. Kaiden was 17 months old and Chloe 1 month, and I didn't want to be their mother, I didn't want to change their diapers, feed them, and most of the time - I wanted to leave them in their cribs and run out the door, never to return. I'm serious. I know that some of your jaws are hanging open, and some of you are probably disgusted thinking, "how the hell can someone dislike their own children?". I know, its effed up, which is why it took me so long to tell anybody about it. I remained silent and buried my thoughts. I smiled for photos and mustered false admiration when someone would fawn over them. I cried often, most of the day actually. I questioned my sanity and constantly berated myself for being such a shitty person. I screamed, I hid, I let them cry and pulled my hair out. I didn't want them anymore. I didn't want them. My husband didnt know. He was gone alot, working. I couldnt tell him, he'd regret having children with me. I was alone. One day I decided I wasnt going to get them out of their cribs. I was going to leave them there, let them cry and soil themselves. I didnt care. I couldnt care. I tried to care. I COULDNT care. Instead I called my doctors office. The moment my favorite receptionist answered I broke down in tears. I told her I didnt want to be a mom anymore and she told me to "Come in IMMEDIATELY". I did. The doctor spoke to me about Post- Partum Depression as if he'd had this conversation thousands of times. Turns out he had. Turns out I was one of MILLIONS of women experiencing those feelings at that exact moment. I wasn't crazy. Something was wrong with my brain. Something I couldnt fix alone. My doctor and I fixed it together. My kids are 2 & 3 now, and I love and adore them so much that my heart physically aches when I think of them. I would give my life for them without blinking. Reaching out for help was the greatest gift I have ever given them as a mother. If any of this sounds familiar to you, I just wanted you to know -- you aren't alone. You arent crazy -- and you need to tell someone. #ppd #postpartumdepression
I literally get to play dress up for a living, and people actually dig it. I dont know how long this chapter will last, so I am going to try and enjoy every single moment. Sneak peak of next weeks vid. #transformationtuesday #mymilkshakebringsalltheboystotheyard #howdidigetsomeonetomarrymelol
Having kids so close together in age has been incredibly difficult and immeasurably rewarding. I could eat their damn faces I love them so mother effing much. Sorry.... Too far.
Soooo...I tried a pole fitness class. It wasn't as easy as I thought 😂😂 WATCH FULL VID @awestruck (link in bio)!
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