Juggling the Jenkins

Weirdo 🎥 All my links are in here 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇

This is why I dont diet. It's too dangerous.
My kids dont appreciate how cool I am.
#SOS . . .thank you Rosemary 😍
Aubrey asked me to help with her homework. I didn't graduate high school, but I'm certain I can handle a little second grade homew--... Oh.
1.9 yr difference. Wtf. She's gonna be driving a car next week 😫
Ahhhhhh Tickets are officially on sale! Limited VIP. Go get yours now dude and let's do this dude!. Link in bio! #thisshowisawkwardAF
In case you missed it....#dasmybad
Well i'll be dayumed
I feel you, lil homie. #morning
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