Julianne Moore

So far this year, at least 22 transgender or gender non-conforming people have been killed nationwide in acts of anti-transgender bigotry, and at least 17 of them were killed with guns. Now more than ever, we must #DisarmHate . @Everytown @MomsDemand
In Rome with my partner in crime @kyle_maclachlan - Not pictured #MartheKeller who helped me eat those potato chips. Ciao buddies ❤️
Be who you want to be. ❤️
This is a #TinaBarney photograph of me and my son Cal when he was about 1 1/2. I keep thinking about Susan Orfanos and her son Telemachus - who survived the Las Vegas shooting but was killed at #thousandoaks . Imagine her grief and the grief of all of the many many people who have lost their loved ones to gun violence. I won’t stop fighting for them until we have real change in our country. @momsdemand @everytown 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡
My heart breaks for #thousandoaks 🧡There is nothing to say after a tragedy like this except that our government’s lack of action toward gun violence has allowed tragedies like this to occur time and time again. However on Tuesday we elected a #gunsense majority to the House of Representatives and in January we call on them to pass common sense gun reform. Let’s take a look at the causes and effects of this violence on our lives and make our world a safer one for all of us. @everytown @momsdemand
CONGRATULATIONS LUCY MCBATH!!! You did it!!! SO PROUD TO KNOW YOU! 🧡🧡🧡Gun Sense Candidate @LucyWins2018 was elected to represent GA-06 in Congress! Lucy McBath ran on a gun safety platform in the name of her son, Jordan Davis, who was shot and killed in 2012, and she'll be a fierce proponent of common-sense gun laws.
“Voting isn’t the most we can do, it’s the least. “ Gloria Steinem, My Life on the Road.
@chadwickboseman ’s final heartfelt message to young people: rise up and vote November 6th! #LinkinBio #BlackVotesMatter #YouthVote #NAACP #WokeVote @naacp @wsucampaign @wokevote @newvamajority @progress_va @think_rubix
It was an honor to present the Special @breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics to #jocelynbellburnell last night at the @nasaames Research Center. Jocelyn’s discovery of pulsars was acknowledged by the Novel Prize Committee but credit was given to her supervisor and another researcher Last night was an opportunity to celebrate her work and recognize her as the science hero that she is. Here is the spectacular Jocelyn and Priscilla Chan of the @chanzuckerberginitiative.
Be a Gun Sense Voter Tuesday! Text VOTE to 644-33 to find your polling place and the Gun Sense Candidates who will be on your ballot. @Everytown @MomsDemand
Vote November 6th. So happy to know some of the amazing young people behind this movement. Thank u for your activism. #voteforourlives @marchforourlives
What do Trump's immigration policies look like at the border? As you can see in this video, they've created a humanitarian crisis on US soil. Join me and vote for Democrats on November 6th. @wsucampaign #Vote #LinkinBio
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