Sanam Jung

Makeup @akifilyasofficial Wardrobe @anum.jung
Thank you for all the love! Makeup @akifilyasofficial
A special shoutout for my core team of JPJ.Thank you all for making a difference in my life. Omar: Hes as crazy as he looks and super fun. Rehan bhai: The most senior JPJ member,nothing is impossible in his dictionary. Zeeshan: The tough guy and a gem of a person. Zunaira:Meri Jaan,always giving her best to make me look perfect. Maheen:A very talented script writer,meri pyari. Sadia: My advicer on all affairs,meri jaan. Saad: Always making sure the transport is on time. Asfiya:Pushing me for RE- endorsements 🤪. Noor: A very talented set designer,wish we could've worked more together . Faiz: Always on alert! Thank you for taking care of props and every single thing required during the show. Kashif: Thank you for always making sure that I'm taken care off. Haris: Thank you for clicking such beautiful pictures and always being there for me. Zubair: Thank you for always being there for me besides the show too. AND ITS A WRAP! JPJ 30 Nov 2018. ❤
Sanam: Ready for the picture, let's click! Zunaira: Nahiii, let me get the ladder. Sanam: uhhh,okay 😘 Love you two, I wonder what I'll do without the two of you @izunairakhalil @ss_zubair Wardrobe @anum.jung Makeup @ss_zubair Styling @izunairakhalil #anumjung #earlyrisersclub #izunairakhalil #ss_zubair
And that's how we roll...Laiken kya? 🤔
Had been craving for a weekend !!! #weekendvibes
Black 🔥🔥🔥 Styling @izunairakhalil Hair and Makeup by my fav @ss_zubair #hsy #loveforblack #thoseheels 🤩
Mua @ss_zubair Styling @izunairakhalil Wardrobe @anum.jung
Thank you @anum.jung for this stunning dress ! Mua @ss_zubair Styling @izunairakhalil Wardrobe #anumjung
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