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♥️we’ll Flower you for Valentines L I K E • L O V E • L U S T We are making our Valentines playlist 🎵 🎼 🎶 Comment below with your favorite love song. Or break up song ~ because we know it ain’t always pretty when it comes to matters of the heart ♥️ ... Dance me to your beauty with a burning violin Dance me through the panic till I'm gathered safely in Lift me like an olive branch and be my homeward dove Dance me to the end of love. -Leonard Cohen ... PC📷 @ryanwarnerphotography #juniperoftheuniverse #valentinesday #lovelyflowers #holidayprep #lovesongs #leonardcohen #boutiqueflowershop #iloveflowers #seattlespecialtyflorist #floraldesign #allthefeels
It’s not what you do on your birthday it’s who you surround yourself with~ Cash and Mike started the morning waiting on me with coffee and freshly baked coffee cake followed by a surprise brunch at 🖤@rockcreek206 They are the best! Although I had to work the rest of the day it was worth it for amazing clients and event spaces: @herbivorebotanicals holiday party, a 75th Birthday at @bienvenueeventsseattle Beecher’s Loft and finishing off the evening with Groupon’s Fire and Ice winter event at @chihulygg 🖤 My assistants @nwforager and @danielle_or_evelena are the best and made my day extra special by just being who they are🖤Bonus sweet treat from @shannonjcraig ~ thank you friends. And thank you to everyone who took the time to text or leave me messages today you all mean the world to me! Photo is of my first tattoo by another lovely and amazing friend @ritavonlehe who took my vision of remembrance, nostalgia and childhood to a permanent and perfect piece of artwork🖤 I’ve had a beautiful day and don’t even mind that I’m going back to Chihuly at midnight to strike the event. I am the luckiest person I know right now🖤 #family #friends #fortunate #littlethingstheory #floraldesign #artsaveslives #tattoosandflowers #liveeachmoment #bethankful #gratitude
2 0 1 9 W E L C O M E The holidays enabled us to take some extra time away from social media if only by default because it was so busy! The Top9 generator confirmed my suspicion that my audience is wanting to connect more, see more of what I do and why, as well as seeing the pretty flowers. One thing in 2018 stands out the most. S C A R Y S H * T The year was going swimmingly; connecting with old and new clients, enjoying our renovated space, celebrating our expansion, and ramping up for an amazing wedding season. The day before a very large wedding in May, Mike had a heart attack. Not many people know this, our closest friends and family, our employees and some incredible people who helped us out during and after this ordeal. He is fine now, just figuring out the best way to stay healthy and dealing with random wtf days of not feeling quite right. Needless to say, trauma effects the whole family. I maneuvered through that evening and the next day wedding set up, flip, and breakdown like a machine. Everything went off without a hitch and I knew Mike was safe in the hospital. Telling a 10 year old this news however, was not as easy as pulling off an intricate wedding. Thankful that Mike was smart and aware enough to get himself to the ER that day. I still get the worried “where’s Daddy” question if I pick Cash up from school on a day Mike usually would. In time, surprise changes in schedule will become normal again for him. Life goes on and we are a grateful and thankful family. L E S S O N S The past year has taught us patience, gratitude and perseverance. I’ve asked for help when I needed it, kept a positive attitude in the face of adversity and pushed myself creatively with fun events and our recent commitment to giving up floral foam! Thanks to @hollychapple for creating the floral pillow and egg forms and @floraguppy for sending us products to try out and rid our floral kitchens of the nasty foam! BE WELL FRIENDS & CREATE FROM THE HEART ♥️ #heartattackwedding #lovewhatyoudo #floralartist #fineartflowers #artofflowers #itsalifestyle #flowerdetails #slowflowers #nofloralfoam
Ring in the new year donning one of our flower crowns! Taking orders for pickup on NYE, pricing starts at $55 for our side-swept style ♥️ we’ll be open until 3pm on Monday. NEW YEARS EVE 9am-3pm CLOSED NEW YEARS DAY #juniperoftheuniverse #flowercrownnation #seattlefloraldesign #decorateyourself #newyearnewyou #boutiqueflowershop
Last wedding of the year! Thank you to all our couples for putting their trust in us. We can’t wait to Flower your celebrations in 2019!! #juniperoftheuniverse #seattleweddingflorist #floraldetails #bridalbouquet #seattlefloraldesigner #ballard #winterwedding
Order your holiday floral via arial view #1 -4 and #5 -8 after swipe Cheers! #holidayflorals #seattleflowerdelivery #juniperoftheuniverse #standonatable #laddershot #merryandbright
Summer wedding of Mandy & Nate at Dairyland featured on @junebugweddings View link in profile for fabulous photos such as this by @allisonharp Thanks to @pacific_engagements for bringing us on board! #juniperoftheuniverse #seattleweddingflorist #floraldetails #featuredwedding #junebugweddings #seattlefloraldesigner #dairyland #summerwedding
Hard work and Client relationships = Everything! Thank you @kfmgee for your loyalty and friendship in our almost 20 years together ♥️ Thank you to the genius behind the lens @stephaniecristalliphotography for the fabulous photos! #clientrelationships #juniperoftheuniverse #seattleweddingflorist #seattleeventflorist #floraldesign #actionshot #floristatwork #fineartflowers
Residential decorating these past few days. I really love a tree with minimal furniture in the room. So refreshing! #modernholiday #seattleeventdesign #holidaydecorating #tistheseason #wedecoratechristmastrees #juniperoftheuniverse #floraldesign #ochristmastree #seattleholidaydesigner #seattleflorist
This bad boy is ready for a makeover!! Can’t seem to find my notes on tree lighting times. So stating my official start time as 9:45am. Good Morning everyone! 🌲 #holidaydecorating #tistheseason #wedecoratechristmastrees #juniperoftheuniverse #floraldesign #ochristmastree #seattleholidaydesigner #seattleflorist
Holiday party tonight! Watch today’s story for BTS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #holidaydecorating #tistheseason #wedecoratechristmastrees #juniperoftheuniverse #floraldesign #ochristmastree #seattleholidaydesigner
Happy Friday! Jean Louise or JL here! I go by either 🖤 I absolutely love flowers, running a business and having a staff. I think of my humble start ALOT and how much I’ve learned, mostly through experience in my 15 years of Juniper Flowers. I’m happiest when I’m creating, helping others, singing and dancing horribly😂 in public or private- I’m pretty outgoing so really doesn’t matter where I am. And happiest of happy with my hubs and our son. 👪 Silly story: I’d wanted to karaoke to Careless Whisper for sooo long and then the @rockboxseattle folks made that a reality at a Fremont Foundry open house a few years back. Luckily it was quite late and the audience was drunk bc I REALLY can’t carry a tune. ♥️♥️♥️Until next time♥️♥️♥️ #flowerstories #creativesoul #flowerland #fridayintroductions #weekendcrazies #seattleeventdesigner #morethanflowers #juniperoftheuniverse
Open minded clients. We all want them but how do we get them? It doesn’t happen overnight. It takes mutual trust, a bit of education on your part and experience. I’ve been working with this company for 10 years and have artistic freedom - within limits of course. Here is the holiday wall decor I designed for their reception area this year. #fineartflowers #creativelicense #artisticfreedom #wallinstallation #holidaydecor #corporateclient #seattleeventflorist #seattlefloraldesigner #flowerart #juniperoftheuniverse
Now that’s a happy group! Wildly successful wreath making workshop last night. Everyone assembled their wreaths from scratch : pine, fir, and cedar and then they chose from a plethora of decorations ranging from pine cones, dried mushrooms, cinnamon sticks to glitter branches, ornaments and berries! #holidaywreathmaking #juniperoftheuniverse #workshop #seattleeventflorist #getcrafty #makenewfriends #theworldisfun #junipercreates
It’s official! My staff and I are covered in glitter ✨ Yesterday we had fun decorating trees at @willowslodgewa and on Saturday it was install day for @caseyprograms It’s that time of year when the body aches from going up and down ladders and hands, wrists and forearms get the extra workout of clipping all the evergreen boughs. It’s time to remember the importance of self-care routines! Hot baths, paraffin dips for hands and feet, massage, acupuncture and TONS OF WATER! #holidaydecorating #tistheseason #wedecoratechristmastrees #juniperoftheuniverse #floraldesign #ochristmastree #seattleholidaydesigner
Fabulous ladies are showcasing their crafts at the shop today! We’ve got spiced cider and cookies to keep you going as you shop your way through Fremont. Amber Leaders @aleaders Lauren Rathburn @manateeparty Jasmine Gil @leatherandeye Suzanne Harrison Home @suzanne_harrison_home Veronica Margarito Lopez @veroml401 @bedrockindustries We’ve got beautiful bouquets for $25 plus new gift items from @silverandsaltco @karamu @stellamariesoap @spaltedhome @franschocolates @flore_botanical_alchemy Be sure to also visit our Fremont neighboring shops @sweetspotseattle @portagebaygoods_ @pipeandrow @lesamisseattle @showponyboutique @habitudesalonspa @rudysbarbershop @elcamino_seattle
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