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12:04 pm and temprature is 40° peak hours are remaining ,ask forgiveness to Allah ,May Allah ! help those ppl ,whom has to go outside and work in open (ameen) .. #Tough_day
that one kamzoor friend 😂😂
میں تے میرا دلبر جانی 😍
Billo Rani apny mukhalfeen ko tough time dety huwe.😝 Acha sorry.
Expecting mothers can now print 3D models of their future baby 👶
Your kitchen needs this built-in wall vacuum 😮
Wives Careful Now 😂
Money can't buy Happiness 😊
The Real Woman Smiles 😃 In Trouble, Gathers Strength From Distress and Grows Brave By Reflection
Lol 😂😂
confession 572 #male 1st ramadan ul Mubarak at indus University #admin bs 29 reh gay mera pyar pyar bhaiyo☺
InshAllah yrrrr asy he hoga ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
This dog shows us why you should never give up!
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