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I’m that trans dude that everyone seems to know. If you didn’t know, now you know📱 06.16.18💉 I love you @trysamsden ❤️ @justinxbrownx 𝔼𝕊𝕋 𝟙𝟡𝟡𝟡

I can’t even begin to describe you. I’ve never met someone so reckless, free, and wild yet also calm, collected and pure where it means the most. You watched me go through that phase where I pushed away anything remotely close to love. You saw me fall into drugs and alcohol, how it took away all that I was as a person and how much it took out of me to get sober again. I would probably still be addicted to cocaine as well as the other drugs, or drinking still every day if it wasn’t for you. Whenever I get temptation, you come down hard on me, you get so upset because you don’t want that to happen to me again. That means something because nobody can get through to me, somehow you can and I love how only you can. I was terrified with you at first because I wouldn’t be able to handle being hurt again. Since being with you, you’ve always listened to me when I’m upset. You’re so protective of me, you save me from making bad decisions all the time. Limits don’t exist with me and that scares you but you always pull me a little closer to earth. You give me structure and boundaries in areas I need them most. You’re just so incredible. You’re so sweet, you ease my mind when I’m falling apart. Every moment that I’ve been yours, you just keep proving how you’re nothing like them. You bring out the most gentle, the most loving, the most affectionate part of my soul. Our story is my favourite because this. What we have right now, what it’ll become with time. This is ours and I love that. It’s because of you that I’m not afraid anymore. I get unsure at times but you’re right there always. You teach me how to love again every single day! Thank you for existing, you make my world a lot brighter❤️This distance between us won’t last forever. I love you so much Trystan Lee Amsden.
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Issa full send ft a delayed first video😂
Watching city scapes turn to dust
Instigators, like pouring fire on propane
Will you take my soul in the midnight rain while I’m falling apart, while I’m going insane?
Pt 3
pt 2
She has no recollection of the life she had without me She let it slip away
Teenage Dream📸
They said I could be anything so I became a fucking banana cause fuck the system
Most posts of my rider and our sweet fucking adventures . . #streetwear #costume #dickingaround #waddupdoe
If you don’t do this with ur best friend r u rlly best friends
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