Justine Marino

Comedian / Professional Dancer

Happy birthday to my sweet mommy Lorna!! Look how gorgeous she is!! I love you so much thanks for the good hair and brows!! Have the best day ever ❤️❤️❤️
Taking a break from professional dancing to do stand up tomorrow @thecomedystore ! We are doing a super special night with our Funny Dance Show comedians doing just stand up! (There will be no dancing on this show but it will be very fun and you should come plus it’s FREE.) 7:30 where it all started - our beloved Belly Room see you there! 📸: @mattmisiscostudios
This week was a dream come true and it could not have started off any better than working with actual living legend Brian Friedman! I used to dance along to Britney Spears’ Live From Vegas dvd in my parents basement when I was a teenager so to work with the guy who helped create some of my favorite choreography in life was very full circle and very cool. (I did not play it cool.) 💃🏻
Just 13 professional dancers hanging out.
having a haily / justin moment ie living our best life 👫💕 📸: @emmyloulaford
I can’t stop laughing I’m so obsessed w these thank u @nikolesayshi & @tammyjodearen see u Saturday 7:30 & 10pm 💕💋💃🏻 Pics by the best @mattmisiscostudios 📸🙌🏼
Umm @tammyjodearen ’s AMAZING wife @nikolesayshi made this INCREDIBLE digital flyer for tonight and I’m obsessed - @thecomedystore 7:30 or 10pm THE FLYER IS SO GOOD HOW COULD YOU NOT COME TO THIS SHOW?!! Professional dance pics by the incomparable @mattmisiscostudios 💃🏻📸⭐️
Happy bday to my fave lil potato, the GOAT of Stand Up 2 The Streets @beckyrobinson4 !! U make me LOL the hardest bb gurl! 💕💃🏻
Brunch w our fave @mikeypesante ❤️
Fresh cut by @jenblushi then straight to modeling @sephora 💇🏻‍♀️
Also met one of the dopest choreographers / dancers in life, Chris Scott! It’s so nice hanging out with fellow professional dancers !
BIGGEST thanks to the king and queen of dance for inviting us to the @danceonfox finale !! Mega dream come true feels - they might even think we can dance ! 💃🏻❤️
All my former podcast boyfriends in one pic 👬👫
We did sports today ⚾️
👯‍♀️ . . . Tap for wardrobe / HMU credz 📷: @thejademovie
Just a quick reminder of how incredible our ep 1 cast was!! Thank you to all the comedy dancers, dance entourage members and choreographers for making this such an amazing first show!! 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻
10 years ago today I did standup for the first time at the Haha Cafe. Two days ago we shot the first episode of a TV show we created in the Belly Room. Time flies but also dreams do come true. All these years later I still love standup so much and I’m finally a professional dancer you guys!! 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻
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