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Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak on a youth panel for BET Experience. I talk extremely fast and don’t know what I’m saying half the time, but these kids (there were a more sitting in the audience, these were just the ones that asked questions, lol) all want to be in the music industry in some way, shape or form.. what I hope you guys got away from it is that none of it happens over night, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen at all. It may seem like it sometimes because of the way things are played out on social media, but even those people have taken steps to prepare for their moment. What you do with it after that determines your longevity in the business. So stay focused and try to be as prepared as possible! I’m mostly proud of any young person who takes the initiative into following their dreams and wanting to learn more by joining a program like this. Thank you guys for listening to my crazy ass lol 😂 I hope you took something away from it 💜 and thank you @betexperience @rocnation for having me be apart of it
I just wanna be your favorite
Its ain’t that easy, but it also just ain’t that hard
They’ll learn
Toast To Young Hollywood 🥂 Thank you for this honor @missdiddyla @thebrandgroupla
I listen to my a’capellas always, to make sure even without the track the song is still A1.. Who want the rest of it?
Grandpa ❤️
Metix finally gives you access to celebrity beauty: Join the revolution - thank you @lizzy_greene for being part of this!
My collab with @barneysny is still available! 🔥 Fellas, make sure you get em for your girl, ya sister, ya moms, aunty, baby mamas, side chick... lol, idk. They’re cute and they’re comfortable, key to a good heel. Haha, links in my bio. Tag/mention me so I can see and repost you guys in them too!
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