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CO-Director Dance & On-Camera Dept. McDonald Selznick Associates @msaagency #MSAFAM Amateur Astrology Expert Chart = ♒️🌞♈️🌚♋️⬆️

intellectually superior 🤷🏼‍♀️
Family outing 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🧡 #msafam
HEY FRIENDS!! Anyone who knows me knows that I am pretty obsessed with Astrology. Chances are if we’ve met, I’ve most likely, at the very least, asked you for your sign or your date, time and place of birth so I can do your chart and break it all down for you! Well... this guy right here is who we all have to blame for my obsession and knowledge of Astrology! His name is Shawn. He is basically an Astrology Genius, a beautiful, spiritual, positive force and an incredible Life Coach! I don’t know what I would do without his guidance and friendship honestly! I suggest you all do two things ASAP! First thing - FOLLOW HIM @astrologyguy and then Second thing - Reach out to him to schedule a READING! It will truly be life changing! I assure you that you will thank me later! #astrologyguy #astrology #astrologyposts #astrologyreadings #ShawnB
This was so fun and so inspiring! Can’t say enough how proud of you I am Steph! I can’t wait to see what you do next! #Repost @steph_shep ・・・ In lieu of a birthday party this year, my friends and I decided to make 500 packed lunches to hand out to those living on Skidrow. Nearly 58,000 people are living on the streets of LA County, about 4,500 of them in the Skid Row area ― a four-mile stretch of downtown Los Angeles often dubbed “the homeless capital of America.” Although our number of lunches seems small in comparison to what needs to be done, the smallest act of giving can make a difference in someone’s life. Huge thank you to my friends for coming together and giving their time to this cause that needs our attention! follow @hashtaglunchbag to see how you can host your own event/get involved in your community! #cooltocare #livingthroughgiving 📹 @samieedotcom #500Lunches
To my very bestest @steph_shep. Hope you had the most fulfilling and amazing day today! I know I did! Thank you for being the best friend a girl could ever ask for. I truly don’t know what I would do without you in my life. I am so proud of you, Steph. For so many reasons. You inspire me so much! Happy Birthday! ❤️❤️
For the last 5 years it has been my honor & privileged to get to play a small part in this journey! I can’t believe these beauties took their final bow this weekend on the #pieceofme @britneyspears project. Having so many of my incredibly talented clients/friends on a job with my all time fave artist has been a dream come true for me! It’s been a hell of a ride you guys!! Now welcome home and let’s get to work on what’s next!!! I love you all so much and I am so proud of you!! #msafam #msaboys #msagirls #pom #britneyboys
Lol!! @michaelstein91 @jaefusz @i_brandonbryant @mikeypesante #msaboys #britneyboys #Repost @britneyspears ・・・ Sometimes you just need ice cream to get going!!!!!! It's showtime!! #PieceOfMe 👒🍦🍦🍦🍦
The past few months has been the most emotionally painful & draining time of my life. I still can’t believe they are both gone, honestly. I do take comfort knowing that they are together and I have for sure felt them with me throughout this process. I am grateful for the time I have gotten to spend reconnecting with my family & I’m looking forward to doing more of that as I’ve learned through this just how precious time with family is. Lastly, I can’t even begin to express how much I appreciate the love, support & patience my friends, clients and co-workers have shown me during this time. I truly couldn’t have gotten through any of this without all of you. I love you Mommy & Bobby. RIP. Also side note... can we get into how much of a babe my Mom was!? #wcw #waybackwednesday
I can’t believe this is real. I can’t believe you are gone. Rest In Peace my sweet brother Bobby. You were more than my big brother... you were like a Dad to me too. My heart is broken. I hope you are with our Mommy and resting peacefully knowing how much you were both loved so much. 💔
Looking forward to seeing the talented kiddos that come out to dance on Friday at our @msaagency Kids audition! We have the amazing @shablambrose doing the choreography! See you on Friday, August 10th, 12:30pm sign in at @drlegacystudios #msafam #msakats
Tonight was one for the books! Got to watch one of my all time fave movies on the big screen! Can’t believe it’s been 10 years and this movie is still so relevant today! Thank you @juliemcdonaldmsa for a great night! So cool to get to watch this and hang out after with the brilliant @danielezralow ! #AcrossTheUniverse is screening in theatres for one more day tomorrow (Aug 1st)!! I highly recommend going to see this incredibly beautiful film on the big screen while you can!!! So good!!! I will for sure be listening to the soundtrack for at least a week now! #strawberryfields #allyouneedislove #heyjude #msafam
EVERYONE BE SURE TO SPOIL @TONYSELZNICK WITH ALL THE BIRTHDAY LOVE TODAY/ALL WEEKEND AND BEYOND!! Thank you Tony for being such a kick ass boss and an amazing friend! I hope this year brings you all the love, happiness & success your heart desires! Love you so much! Can’t wait to celebrate with you this AND next weekend!! ☀️🌊🌴🍾🍷🍹🏊🏻‍♂️🏊🏻‍♀️🎉
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my girl @theprettymess ! Wishing you all the happiness, success & love in the world! You deserve it all girlie! You are such a beautiful person inside & out and I couldn’t be more proud of everything you have accomplished over the years! It’s been an incredible journey to watch and I can’t wait to see what you do next! Love you EJ!! #prettymesskrewe for LIFE!! #erikajayne #prettymess
‘Merca #4thofjuly 🇺🇸🍺
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