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CO-Director Talent Department McDonald Selznick Associates @msaagency #MSAFAM Amateur Astrology Expert Chart = ♒️🌞♈️🌚♋️⬆️

#ThePrettyMessTour kicks back off in Florida tonight! Wishing my girl @theprettymess & my #MSAFAM @mikeyminden @laia._r @davisrahal & @jaefusz a fabulous show! Safe travels #prettymesskrewe Love you all so much!! You know I will be watching on all the insta stories and there in spirit as always! Right in the front row singing along with you EJ! #erikajayne #prettymess #mikeyminden
LOVE!! #Repost @willsmith ・・・ Somebody asked me the other day How did I define Love? I didn’t have a good answer. I thought about it a little... Here’s my first attempt. :-) . How do Y’all define Love? . 🎞: @westbrook @pursuethedelicious
So proud of our incredible #MSAFAM @paulaabdul dancers! It was such a blast seeing you all shine on that stage! So much fun! (Ps... Pic 1 = expectation, Pic 2 = reality 😂)
Had the best time with these ladies last night! Thank you @paulaabdul for having us! You were truly amazing! It was such a great show and so lovely to chat with you until the wee hours! Love you so much @juliemcdonaldmsa & @shellimsa ! #straightuppaula #ladiesnight
Cat!!!! Ugh you are SO GOOD! I’ve watched this like 20 times so far! 🔥🙌🏼 #MSAFAM #Repost @catrendic ・・・ Thank you so much for having me assist this class @galenhooks You are an incredible educator ❤️ It was an honor and total pleasure being part of such a special moment!!! Song: TAKI TAKI @djsnake @selenagomez @iamcardib @ozuna 🎶
Walking into Friday like... ps... @espinosa22 you will always be THE ONE!!!
MSA NYC AUDITIONS ARE TOMORROW, FRIDAY 11/9! Please help spread the word. We are aware the MSA Instagram is currently down. SEE YOU THERE!! #msaagency #msafam #nyauditions #msany
At the polls now! What time are you voting!!?? #Repost @barackobama ・・・ Today is the day. Today, it’s your turn to raise your voice to change the course of this country for the better. So make it count. Get out there and vote. Go to IWillVote.com or call 833-336-VOTE to confirm where you can vote, check voting hours, and find out if you need to bring anything with you to vote.
I love my #msafam so much!! 🎃👻💀😺
Meet the new guys! @harrisharbor10 & @cpara11 have been such an amazing addition to our #MSAFAM Talent Department! Such a great pic from last night at the @worldchoreographyawards Only thing that would make this perfect is our beautiful princess TT!! I think @itsjusterecia was busy chatting with all of our amazing clients that were in the building last night! It was a great night!
It’s JC’s BDAY & time to celebrate this magnificent super human!! For over 10 years now you have been right by my side as my partner in crime, in the trenches day in and day out together doing what we love to do! Through all the ups & downs, I always know that you have my back 100%! And I know I’ve said this many times but I hope you never forget that I honestly don’t know what I would do without you! You are the best biz partner and friend a girl could ask for. Thank you for inspiring me everyday and for encouraging me to be ME! Cheers the next 10 years and beyond! Happy Birthday my friend! I love you beyond words! Now enjoy some great (and not so great) pics of US over the years! Lol! #tothenext50
New voters have the most power this election season! The deadline to register to VOTE is Monday October 22nd! If you haven’t already, you can REGISTER at Headcount.org/dancefordemocracy and get out there and VOTE on November 6th!!!! Let’s make a difference together! #VOTE
Going into the weekend with the #mooninsagittarius like..
#tbt to 3 y/o me. So innocent. I had no idea! lol!
#Repost @msajc7 ・・・ Exciting things happening at @msaagency so proud of what we’ve accomplished and pumped for what’s to come! #msafam 🧡🎨: @eddie.christopher
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