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If you sell It Works, shakeology, nutrisystem, etc. don't waste your time following me.

This hooligan woke up at 4:30 am (and didn't go back to sleep until after lunch, at school!). Good thing he's cute!
Rosie is such a sweet big sister ❤️
I love my sweet Rosie girl ❤️ (Also, who taught this child how to pose for pictures? She could give me lessons 😂)
Baby loves kombucha ❤️ @gtskombucha #cosmiccranberry
How Asher feels after an adjustment with Dr. Bruce at Nyack Wellness 😊
Bebe has a boo-boo ❤️
This flu is the worst. (louie, Rosie, and Asher all have it). And yes, Rosie and Asher had the flu shot this year 🤒😭🤧😩
Hahahaha! Giggling more than a little at this one.
Laundry room shenanigans ❤️
Drinking red bull in the waiting room of urgent care... This sinus infection has gotten the best of me and no amount of elderberry, olive, otc decongestants and tea is helping at this point 👎
Watching Coco and waiting for Louie and Rosie to wake up! (soon we'll just have to wake them up!)
@lms2239 I caught him in the act!
Christmas eve shenanigans 💖🎄🎅🤗❄️⛄
Little man got a big boy haircut today (his first trip to the barber!) thanks, Pablo @dszbarbersinc - my Asher looks handsome and ready for Christmas!
I LOVE my class this year 💖💖💖 I get random Google docs shared with me - one of my girls just sent this to me 😊
I made Asher watch videos of goats screaming like humans (i think they're hilarious). Asher wasn't amused.
My little dude 😍😍😍
"Mom, I'm holding him close to me so he doesn't feel scared." 😍😍😍😭😭😭
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