Jessi Sanchez

If you sell It Works, shakeology, nutrisystem, etc. don't waste your time following me.

@kevitadrinks we ❤️ #kombucha (especially tart cherry and lemon cayenne!)
Asher and I like to stay up late and eat ice cream 😋🍦😘 #breyers
Rosie made this at school today, and I have no idea what it means. Any guesses? @lms2239
#nationaldaughterday I love my sweet Rosie! She made me a mama ❤️ she's a million times cooler (and more fashionable) than me. Every day she teaches me new things about life and love. I love you, my sweet girl!
@moveon #believesurvivors Today I #walkout in solidarity with victims of sexual assault. No more victim shaming. No more victim blaming. Coming forward at any time is brave and commendable. And PLEASE, don't try to tell me about all of the democrats who are sexual predators. If it bothers you that much, do something about it! (don't use it to excuse Kavanaugh's behavior!)
Just a dude and his bebe ❤️😍😊😘
Ice cream thief! #haagendazs
Nothing better than sweet baby giggles 😍😍😍😍 @lms2239
Spartan race adventures ❤️
adventures with Rosie ❤️😘#targetfun #targetmodel
Ready for picture day! Always with the diva face ❤️ (she picked her own outfit, of course) #pictureday #prek #tinyfashionista
Asher got his first haircut today (before and after) 😭😭😭
Girl time with my favorite girl 💕💜
Asher's really settling in at daycare and having fun. We're so lucky that he's got a teacher like @altheasal 💖
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