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If you sell It Works, shakeology, nutrisystem, etc. don't waste your time following me.

So, if you guys haven't noticed, my nails almost always look awesome (and my manicures last at least a week!). My 4th graders often refer to my nails as 'sick'. Well, that's because I discovered Color Street! I do my nails at home, my manis take less than 20 minutes, and out of one pack of nail strips, I can do 2 manicures, 1 pedi, and a mini mani on Rosie (and a pack is $13 or less!). Color Street strips are super easy to apply, and don't require heat, special equipment, or a degree in engineering. If you reach out to the fabulous Heather Garcia at @naileditbyheather , she'll send you a sample. For free! (she'll even mail it to you if you live far away). It's not often that I do a shameless plug for anything, but I ❤️ color street (and Heather!)
Thanks @westchestercountymomsblog and @mabelslabels for this awesome giveaway! Rosie is going into pre-k next month, and these will be perfect for labeling EVERYTHING! This fantastic pack includes bag tags, mini name stickers, shoe labels, and tagmate labels (which I can stick directly on clothing tags and they don't have to be ironed on!). Mabel's Labels has super cute designs and their customer service is fabulous ❤️👌
I love this picture for so many reasons. 1. Asher's unbridled joy 2. We had just gotten back from sesame place, and this was Rosie's souvenir. She was playing with it, and asher started crying because he wanted a turn. Without hesitation, she handed it to him and ran around with him, playing. 3. This strong little dude got 2 shots at the doctor today, and his smile is just as vibrant today (he didn't shed a single tear!)
Adventures at Sesame Place ❤️❤️❤️
Don't buy this stuff. It's too damn good - it's dangerous!!! 😍 @magnum #magnumicecream
Asher is part cat! His life motto is "if I fits, I sits!" #ififitsisits
My sweet Rosie girl: fierce and fabulous with a heart of gold.
Asher was thirsty, so first he decided to drink out of Rosie's rainboot. He soon realized it was a better idea to drink straight from the sprinkler 😂
I feel most strong and beautiful when one of my babies is sleeping in my arms ❤️
"Mama, take a picture of my outfit. I call it outfit number four." @whenchildrendressthemselves
Family vacation is the best ❤️ but also, thankful to be home!
Rosie is very serious about fashion ❤️
@joey__salami that's your nephew right there...
If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. @saintstrawberry @moveon @nastysigns #familiesbelongtogether #endfamilyseparation #endfamilydetention #asylumseekingisahumanright
We ❤️ summer 🌞
Sneaky little coffee thief! This kid is out of control!
Rolling 3 babies deep ❤️🤣💞
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