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She’s my rock.. get it, cause there’s like rocks in the back n stuff? @mackenziealtig
Had to get one last Italy pic in hahah this will be the last I promise (maybe) oh yeah and I posted to YouTube again so go check that out
The @moschino show last night was wild, thanks for having us. #giftfromlyft
I ate all the gelato before she could get the shot 😂
Catch me in these streets 🚲
Molto bello ✨
Feed me more vino 🍷
The only tour I’m on right now is one through Europe
@mackenziealtig was standing in the sea when she took this, that’s where these stairs lead 😍
Me trying to figure out how soon I can move here..
Heading to the airport in style, thanks @tumitravel
Next adventure: Italy tomorrow with @mackenziealtig are you guys ready for some sick photos and videos? 😜🇮🇹
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