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New hair, same bitch #barefaced #nofilter #imnotabitchiswear
Hangin with the hog 🦔
Want to know why some people are unhappy? . Because they care so much what other people think of them. . No matter what you do In life you’re gonna be judged regardless. . If you’re RICH you must be a sleezy salesman or ripping people off. . If you’re POOR, you’re lazy and uneducated. . If you’re FAT, you’re undisciplined and disgusting. . If you’re RIPPED, you must be on steroids. . No matter what you do, where you go, what you earn and how hard you worked to attain something, or how you look people will judge. You only get one life..(unless you’re a cat) so you might as well life your life the way you want to. It’s always nice to be considerate of others but it’s important to be yourself. . So do your thing chicken wing 🤙
After not being in front of the camera in years and wanting to work on being more photogenic/confident I figured why not do a photo shoot and face it? I’m glad i did. Years ago i was called out by a photographer for lack of confidence. I lacked in knowledge of posing,angles,etc and was aware of it. It takes practice to feel comfortable in front of a lens. Confidence isn’t something we’re always born with. Some mistake confidence for arrogance but truly confident people exude gratefulness, calm control, and hopes of motivating others rather than putting others down. Confidence is being aware of your weaknesses. Arrogance is brushing your shortcomings and exuding exaggerated superiority. Confident people stand tall while shifting someone else’s head up not competing 🌱
“We are stardust brought to life,then empowered by the universe to figure itself out and we have only just begun.” 💫 #expandyourmind
You vs you. I am my biggest critic good,bad, and everything in between like a lot of us are. Being your own critic can be a good thing as you identify weaknesses in a constructive manner and work towards it, not against it. A tiny goal I set for myself before was to drink a gallon of water a day since lord knows my water intake before was as dry as the Sahara desert😂 My goal now is to work on my confidence. A healthy lifestyle mentally and physically is a lifelong continuous journey. Happy to be a work in improvement.
Ate all that my empty stomach could handle when trying new food and some tasty dim sum and dumplings in Taiwan 🥟
Over the moon bc I’m in Taipei 🌙
Seven Magic Mountains
Since I missed having some purple in these long locks...this was after a haircut 😵 #newhairwhodis
When your cat is half dog and knows how to do basic commands. Took Torta awhile to learn down but with consistency, patience, and wanting food its been done 🐱 #trainedcat
Happy flex Friday! Lifting has been a part of my life for awhile like some of you know. It’s one of my fav physical activities to do as well as fitting dis pizza in my mouth🍕 #dontcomplainjusttrain #curlsforthegirls #progressnotperfection #ijustlovefood
Cancún with a few of my fav’s
💥pew pew
Time I introduce my lil hoglet Quill Cosby to the gram! She’s a happy and healthy pooping machine💩 #hedgehogsofinstagram #babyhedgehog #hoglet #hedgehog_x
Reflecting on the good times I had traveling solo to Costa Rica over a year ago. I experienced moments of solitude and made memories with people from around the world. Adventures > things 🌎~Pura Vida~ #rioceleste #costarica #puravida #manuelantonio #centralamerica #lafortuna #monteverde #coatimundi #arenalvolcano
Went on a road trip weeks ago to Antelope Canyon,Arizona. The canyon was formed from erosion from sandstone due to flash flooding. And yes I’m bringin it back and sporting my outer space fanny pack ✨ #antelopecanyon #navajo #exploretheworld #slotcanyons
Did a little road trip this past weekend and went to the horseshoe bend in Arizona. No guardrails, 1,000-ft. drop. Pretty scary for someone scared of heights but by the end of it I got closer to face my fear(not at the edge since that’s risky bizz but closer nonetheless) Adventuring is my ish 🤙Now it’s your turn #arizona #horseshoebend #adventureculture #pagearizona #coloradoriver #faceyourfear #roadtrip #hiking
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