Kal Madsen

Show 28th at silverlake lounge

Another photo from @kamieshai thanks to everyone that came out to this show, I posted those ep songs on YouTube and it’s linked in my bio for the people that were struggling with the streaming sites
@deathvalleygirls real solid billboard you got here
So what did you think of the Ep?
Photo from our last show take by @kamieshai
Photo from @kamieshai
New ep can be found off the link in my bio
Fun night last night thanks for coming over out! Till next time
Show tonight! @themintla come out! Might have free CDs! What’s the best concert you have ever seen? I’m not sure what mine is, maybe blondie or mike nesmith
So who is coming to our show tomorrow? We would love to see ya In other news, a label in France is putting out a three song EP I made. Join the mailing list off the link in my bio, I’ll be sending one of the tracks out to the folks on the mailing list later today. Very excited and happy about this, as it is the first time a third party has taking in my music. I hope all is well! . Photo from shoot yesterday with @kamieshai who continues to impress us all
KFM Leonard Cohen Johnny Cash Lee Hazelwood? Or choose a favorite Photo from @kamieshai our show is coming up Sunday, try to come out. I’ll be able to hand out fee cds this time which I’m really happy about. Ticket link is in my bio, it’s the link to my website where you can also sign up to the mailing list to be updated on releases, shows, and free stuff only offered to folks on the mailing list. Consider joining! I won’t spam you, I still haven’t sent anything out sense the first batch of people joined. Just excited to share what I have been working on to all you cool people. I sent out a 3 song EP to a label in France yesterday, wish me luck! Hope all is well with everyone
One week till our next show at the mint, hope to see you there! Link in my bio! I’m able to hand out free CDs this time!
Photo from 2016 by @parkerlovebowling .
Johnny Cash the fisherman
In the Mountains with my snow man in 2016
Lee Hazelwood and a ghost!
Johnny cash having some fun as a cowboy
How about Si Fi movies? Si Fi like twilight zone not like transformers
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