My write up about telepathy got featured on a website called “Becoming Human: Artificial Intelligence Magazine” and I thought I would share it with y’all. I linked it in my bio for anyone who may be interested
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Kicking off the new year with Townes Van Zandt’s death anniversary. Rest In Peace, or whatever goes on after death. ❤️
Come see me play my songs tonight at the republic of pie 6-7
Double post just archiving these photos don’t mind me
Pretty happy about this
Merry Christmas happy holidays 🤡
Show this Thursday at the viper room. Also, happy holidays :)
Cowboy engineer
Framed photo of your dad in the 70’s
🤚 Show 27th at viper room
Got a really great guitar today I’m happier than I know how to express so I’m trying to tell folks, how are you
Pre burn on my 21st birthday, good thing we saved the mustang
Some photos and video from our evacuation this morning, heard our neighborhood is gone but we are hoping for the best. With family and animals at a motel in Camarillo
Happy birthday, kal. Now throw out that cigarette
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