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I'm finding this really hilarious and maybe you will too
Welcome to my room, walls are almost all blank white and sometimes it feels like an asylum in here
Jonathan looks way different with a mustache. For better or worse?
Life and rebates🗯️ @christianjamesmadsen
Some brotherly love/semi relevent mothers day material here
I have the who what where and when, but not the why @luke___madsen
Death and taxes🗯️@woodyallenmarriedhisdaughter
Hey if you would like to hear this album I made some time ago the spotify link is in my bio. I just realized I never really said much about this, but anyways its a album that tells the story of a American family running from a nuclear war to an island. I did all the instrumentation and worked really hard (mostly just having fun) to make this and from what I can tell it has been recieved well so, why not give it a lil listen? I have another abum that was recorded before this that should be coming out soon, and i also have another one im working on, apart from @theautobons and if you would like a free cd just dm me :)
Populating a cardboard fort
Look at this scary man
I cleared the chamber before this photo don't worry
We have been having a blast running around LA playing in bars and what not, and I just feel like thanking the universe because I have been happier than I have ever been. We are so lucky to be playing with extremely talented musicians, and the best part of it all is we are all just having a good time. The combination of musicians last night turned our unrehearsed set into fast thrashy punk music (on a side note, very very fun to play I found out) which is really interesting to me because all these songs started out as just generally slow acoustic songs I wrote. There is so much potential out there guys, and so many different ways life can turn out it really makes my mind race.
Look at'er go
Friend made a subtly religious image of me hey look
We have shows on 19th and 22nd. 22nd is a free show both are 21+ more info @theautobons Also, photo from @kamieshai
Cigarette porn @kamieshai
Hey punks how is everyone feeling I hope all is well
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