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LosAngeles, California 🏆 FOX SUPERHUMAN WINNER 🎓 SMU grad 🎭 Actor 📸 Filmmaker 🔥 Stuntman 🥋 3rd Degree Chuck Norris System Kamenkc@gmail.com

Harper's Bazaar Party. #DowntownLA
R. I. P. Grandma. "She did it her way." I think you're right. We're more alike than I wanted to believe. Hope I can remember all of the advice. "I am somebody." Rest easy rebel. Love you G-Ma.
I was raised in a cultural blender. I wouldn't change anything. Besides people that mean true harm, most people just want love, food, laughter, to be heard, to be heard, to be heard, and to chase their dreams. America is a melting pot, and we're going to disagree, and have miscommunications. There's very few people that act how they're painted in the media. Turn off the news and walk and talk with different cultures. It helps ease the anger towards the crazy few, and I think you'll be surprised by what you find. #life
@benardcummings I found @browencom ! We're both former acting students of Benard from different years. Brian NYC 2008-2009. Me DALLAS 2014-2015. Small world. Now we're working together at Universal Studios Hollywood Special FX show. Benard this should be the Fast and Furious reboot right here with you directing haha.
Allegedly it's #nationalgirlfriendday . I think it's a trick to get me to buy more Tequila and food. #NationalKamenBuyMoreTequilaAndFoodDay
Excited to take my body to new heights. Finally got the arm I injured to match my other one in size. My headaches/vertigo finally stopped about 2.5 weeks ago. I want my 2013 cardio. 2015 flexibility/agility. 2016 size. With my 2018 diet. Time to level up! But first...some more Tequila 😂 #fitness
1 YEAR AGO. JULY 24TH 2017. Watch the full episode HULU or FOXNOW. Superhuman episode 7. #SUPERHUMAN #fox
Mondays with Maddie. I love Mondays 😂😍. #cali
The craziest, but most productive 6 months of my life. -Back on stage after taking 1.5 year break to focus on film making . Come check me out at the Special FX Show at Universal Studios! Love the rush of a live audience. Badass day job. -Info coming soon on Party Hype, and some other cool announcements. Stop letting the world decide your identity. Your "rebellious lash outs" play right into your enemies hands. They're shaping you. You don't jump in an ocean and demand the fish to stop swimming. You learn how to swim faster. But that knowledge comes with experiences outside the comfort of your culture. #chessnotcheckers 📸 By @adrian.stecker
Happy Birthday Anita! 3rd grade to the grave. I think I lost all of our elementary /middle school photos. Wish we could go back and get on AIM one more time. "TiniMartini6" 😂 Love you Montana. You're doing awesome work. Keep saving the world.
5 years ago. 22 years old. First professional acting job and everything to prove next to the pros. I'll never forget Sara Romersberger giving a chance to the new kid that was fresh out of community college.'Puck' Midsummer Nights Dream. Shakespeare Dallas. #throwback #recordbreakingcrowd
This week: Pitching Party Hype. Going back to back at Universal Studios Hollywood. Working out for a role. Waiting on big news. They told me to focus on one thing. Yeah right. I'm going to make moves while they wait by the phone for permission to chase their dreams. There's nothing to talk about. You can't plan, only adapt. Just do it. Let's go! #All2018
The harsh reality is, If they haven't done it, there's nothing they can tell you about it. No matter how much you love them or look up to them. You have to walk your own path. No matter how much advice you recieve, or how many scenarios and theories you work out in your head. Reality isn't going anywhere. You either go it alone, or live the rest of your life wondering what was on the other side. #justdoit
Sushi addicts ❤️. National I'm going to get sushi again day. 💯
For today's stunt.... #stuntman
Bestfriend. #happyfathersday
Ben and I discussing which girls to chase on the playground that day. 😂 Montana I see you!! @aniiitamontana
IM ON FIRE.🔥🔥🔥 Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes. 27 and still crazy. As usual, I'll make sure to respond individually to everyone soon. Enjoy life every single day. Don't wait to eat that special meal, take that trip, or to do what you enjoy. What are you waiting for? The time is always as soon as you're able. PARTY HYPE : "When can we watch?" My team and I are currently working on getting it on a streaming network you've actually heard of and can access. 😂 Honestly hoping someone buys all of it, we can produce it with a Hollywood "low" budget, and it becomes our big break. A man can dream. #all2018
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