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LosAngeles, California 🏆 FOX SUPERHUMAN WINNER 🎓 SMU grad 🎭 Actor 📸 Filmmaker 🔥 Stuntman 🥋 3rd Degree Chuck Norris System Kamenkc@gmail.com

Putting on some size. Feels great! Nothing beats getting my hands dirty and doing the work. Not concerned with "right" or "wrong". Only concerned with right now. Make it happen. Theories are fleeting. Actions are undefeated. Time waits for no one. #2018
PARTY HYPE music! Shoutout to the artists that provided music for the film and set the tone and mood for that crazy world. From the bass bumping wild nights downtown, to the calming ambience during hungover editing, and even the dark synthesizer sounds when it all becomes monotonous. I was super proud how the music turned out. PARTY HYPE available on AMAZON VIDEO. Free with AMAZON PRIME. #2018
Motion Capture class with TJ Storm! (Predator - 2018, Ironman - Civil war, Colossus in Deadpool, Godzilla - 2014, COD black ops 4. Etc.) Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us! Hope to work with you in video games and movies soon!
Happy 32nd anniversary Mom and Dad! #love
Rad! Good luck on your move brotha. It was great working with you. See you in the movies! #universalstudios
PARTY HYPE on PRIME VIDEO. Download the app and watch on your phone, smart tv, laptop. Etc. Thanks to everyone that's watched so far! 🙌 I usually blow past milestones and focus on what's next. So I'm doing my best to appreciate the process and the journey. We've come a long way from running around the neighbourhood with camcorders and getting the entire police dept called on us. 😂 This was pulled off with extremely minimal backing. I can't imagine what we could do with a true budget, a bigger team spreading the workload, adding their creative touch and expertise. Who's going to help us create? #filmmaking
PARTY HYPE is on AMAZON PRIME. Available in US and the UK! My first feature film. Produced, Written, and Directed. We don't wait by the phone. We threw everything we had, at the time, into making this project. It was time to upgrade and stop running in place. Super proud of this project, and it opens the door for so many possibilities and ideas. Please go watch and support! Cost: Amazon Prime - FREE Amazon free account - small charge
There's no weak artist. I envy the professional athlete's schedule. They know exactly when their next game is, who they're up against, and what they need to prepare for. In the entertainment business, we have to "stay ready" on all fronts, with no promise that there will be a next game, that we truly value, to play in. There's no weak artist. #StayReady
Date Night. #Sur #vanderpumprules
YOUNG ARTIST it's ok not to idolize the same artist as your mentors or teachers. It's ok to be inspired by who YOU grew up watching, and not who they grew up watching. It's essential to know history, but don't forgot to CREATE. Pick a new artist to learn about during downtime or recovery time between YOUR CREATIONS. Don't feel bullied to learn; bully yourself to offer what you have to say. I love to discuss history but I won't let it hold me back and eat up present time. My goal isn't to be known as a top notch historian. #CREATE
It's official. Today I joined the Screen Actors Guild. I didn't come here to play. I came here to work. It's been a wild 7 months adapting to this new place I now call home. The energy is very interesting out here. I'll adapt but I won't conform. Put me in coach, Or I'll check myself in the game. Ain't nothing changed. #SAG
Harper's Bazaar Party. #DowntownLA
R. I. P. Grandma. "She did it her way." I think you're right. We're more alike than I wanted to believe. Hope I can remember all of the advice. "I am somebody." Rest easy rebel. Love you G-Ma.
I was raised in a cultural blender. I wouldn't change anything. Besides people that mean true harm, most people just want love, food, laughter, to be heard, to be heard, to be heard, and to chase their dreams. America is a melting pot, and we're going to disagree, and have miscommunications. There's very few people that act how they're painted in the media. Turn off the news and walk and talk with different cultures. It helps ease the anger towards the crazy few, and I think you'll be surprised by what you find. #life
@benardcummings I found @browencom ! We're both former acting students of Benard from different years. Brian NYC 2008-2009. Me DALLAS 2014-2015. Small world. Now we're working together at Universal Studios Hollywood Special FX show. Benard this should be the Fast and Furious reboot right here with you directing haha.
Allegedly it's #nationalgirlfriendday . I think it's a trick to get me to buy more Tequila and food. #NationalKamenBuyMoreTequilaAndFoodDay
Excited to take my body to new heights. Finally got the arm I injured to match my other one in size. My headaches/vertigo finally stopped about 2.5 weeks ago. I want my 2013 cardio. 2015 flexibility/agility. 2016 size. With my 2018 diet. Time to level up! But first...some more Tequila 😂 #fitness
1 YEAR AGO. JULY 24TH 2017. Watch the full episode HULU or FOXNOW. Superhuman episode 7. #SUPERHUMAN #fox
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