Sperm. Thanks Papa.

The last week or two have been laden with introspection. A situation important for us all to be in. Very few in life making you come back, ascertain your stance. He being one . Back, like nothing happened 🙏🏻✌🏻 I sent him a video through a dear pal, yesterday, on a day where I felt like questioning my stance, thanking him for his role in my life, for every movie of his being outstanding, for the exceptional beauty that he is cinematically, the same college we went to, intend to play soccer with him someday, and that how karmically I believe I’m connected with him, cannot someday want to even share screen space with him, be it for a second, and of course the deep love and respect I have for his craft and the humility he displays ♥️ And lo! Nothin’ else matters. It’s like you got me out of a hole 🙌🏻 Thank you man RK. I missed hearin’ you over a phone call, but this is for keeps. Always. I love you ♥️ #FanBoy #Reboot His songs we did on my show, me @shashank429 and @djspersis managed to create a little bit of magic! 💯🌹 Thanks @eshagupta1331 ⭐️😄
How can you approve me but not approve me? ⌛️ #tbt #BabaJ
“Bhai jaha bhi ho vaha Se audition bhejdo” Impromptu understanding of your surroundings for an audition ✌🏻🤙🏻 #FenkaPeechein aka #Throwback 👀 Oh, and I miss you beard 🍭
Kun Faya Kun. Blue suit. We’ve taken contrast too seriously. #aapkeaajanese 🌹 Thanks for this @neeshank 🤙🏻💯 #FavoriteMovie #ThisSong #shenanigans ALSO 2 days to Sanju ⭐️
I am accommodating. Also, the rent is very cheap here 🐽
19/6/2006. 12 years back. I asked my first ever girlfriend out. That feeling of thaaaaat newbie tingling love, excitement, was unmatched. Surprising enough she said yes to how I LOOKED back then hahahah ;) Post the break up, I did feel ‘stoned forever’, enabled me to get rid of the unibrow 👀🤣 Do you have memories, dates and stories, that you remember, or are etched in your hearts? ♥️
READ : - “RAAAAND HAIN YEH AURAT” .. “How could she, her husband is dead, she has a child and yet she’s meeting another man?” .. “Shameful woman! Look at his age, he’s younger than you” .. “Tujh jaisi auratein sirf apne Se chotein ladko ko lubhati Hain” .. “LOG KYA KAHENGE? To an older woman falling in Love with a younger man? .. “Sirf uskaaaa bistar chahiye!” .. Now take a minute to dive into that persons’ heart, who in all genuine honesty, and earnest emotion, feels deeply. What goes through that woman’s mind, when questioned, shamed, trolled, for what? Just because that heart started beating for another(younger man here), yes, situationally. Unfortunately that’s majority of the mentality towards a story like ours. We, #AapkeAaJaneSe , think today. We think 100 episodes of the difference we made, a small stepping stone in changing ideologies and brain cells, in an approach towards an Older woman falling in Love with a younger boy! Our show hits 100. We hit your hearts and minds, in breakin’ stereotypes, punching away that social stigma. It’s 100 episodes for me as Sahil, my proudest display of emotion, enactment, making it as REAL as I can, because I am the character I play. I DEFY societal norms, I WANT change in people’s thinking towards these stories, I WILL question you everyday. Lastly I will tell you to fall in Love, without making any sacrifices. This life is yours, just express, emote, soak, love irrespective of age please. I LOVE YOU, thank you for your support and belief. Keep that heart big in appetite! #NoLicenseToLove 100 episodes for #AapkeAaJaneSe ♥️ Thanks and congratulations to everyone associated with this show, We be Fly 💫💯
DafaQ Vedika? This Saturday & Sunday, tomorrow & day after. 8-9pm on Zee Tv. Tunin’ in? Wait for the CLIMAX ;) #HistoricalFirstTime #aapkeaajanese 💯🤙🏻
Once upon a time in Kingdom Karanpur ♦️ Maha-movie marathon THIS weekend, 8-9pm, Saturday and Sunday. We rewind back two centuries ago, a zone splashed with Kings and Queens, love and hate, rust and lust, life and death. It’s an interesting genre to play. We’ve worked extremely hard, and still are. Do tune in ♥️💫 #AapkeAaJaneSe @zeetv
Once upon a time in an Advertising & Marketing Agency 🔫💻🤸🏻‍♂️🍟🍕👀
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