Sperm. Bombay Boy. Certainly Uncertain. “Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives they must lead.” ~ Bukowski 🃏 #NeverGiveUp 🌹

READ : I, stem from a root. You, stem from a root. We, stem from roots. Roots. It’s quintessentially about how you see the world, but you’re perhaps all about how the world sees you. Change. I see people with nothing, but their heart showcasing everything. You’ve got it all, what are you crying about? Love. A marriage. A bank account. A ceiling. Mobile limbs. Yet, you’re dissected within, broken. Incomplete, for what you desire is not turning out YOUR way. Let it not. Let it go. You’re alone, you choose to be lonely, birth was solo, that grave you lie at, too. While here, make friends with nothing, it will take you to everything and the trio is lethal, it attains sensation, prime for emotion and touch. Intend, to do all things alone. Let not anyone buy you anything, pick your plate, drive you, wash your floor, serve you tea, at work or home. We are equal, you and I, He and She, them and they, all, equal. You’re being kind, by ‘providing employment’, but be kinder by not making them do what you can. Sure you can, right? Again, it’s a take you make, individual perception. Want to feel sensation? A deeper insight into you, do it all alone. Your salary is yours. Your acclaim is yours. Your criticism is for you. Your award is yours. Your alarm, your employment, your drive, your confidence, your vision, your way of looking at the vast sky, the endless roads. It’s all about you, birth to death, everyone is a passenger, they’re getting off someday, some place. You chug on. Celebrate yourself. It’s WE(ed) that one needs, the only high, the right amount of light, darkness, motion, static being. You are beautiful, ethereal in senses unknown, carved imperfectly, yet resonating a note, soothing to the universe. Nothing above you 💫 ~ kJ
Losing my fooooksbxjskshdusnxnxkslarudxndjskmsxhskingggggggggggggggg mind here. My ONLY cinematic orgasm has been to watch this man take skill to levels beyond. DA LEGEND IS BACK, and HOW, as Sanju ♠️🙏🏻♥️ Stung, stoked within and blown. I love you Ranbir, thanks for this man ⭐️🤙🏻 Chegggit aaaaoutttt - https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=rRr1qiJRsXk&feature=youtu.be #DuttBiopic #RK #sanju 💯⚜️
One of em’ best scenes we shot @shashank429 🤙🏻💯 #AapkeAaJaneSe 💫 #EyebrowUp 10.30 Zee 🙏🏻
Without black, no color has any depth ~ Amy Grant 💯◼️🃏
All this age needs is sensation. Sensation to feel, that blood to flow smoother, and a heart to be laced with happiness. Life’s short indeed: moments longer, only if you want them to be. Capitalise on every moment you get with em’ elders, they wait long days for you to come back after work, don’t sleep long nights for that body brittles and the mind vision subsides. You’re oxygen to them in a day laden with hope and dry air, you’re wood to their stick, they’d always get up for you, you’re sparkle to their eye, weak, yet wanting to see you shine. Be that candle with a scent of sensation, and watch them come to life, like you on a Saturday night. #GrannyLove ♥️
Legends. Bachpan. Bombay. Bwoooyyyyyyys. Happy birthday @captain_kq , I will always love you mere Bhaaaaaai with a heart ♥️ School never gets over ♠️⚡️🙋🏼‍♂️ #Childhood #BombayBoys #School 🐤🕶
Pimpin’ this stud muffin for he’s a good soul, and a bad bad bad dancer. —->>>>> @kishorayakar boys and girls 😂🐼😘
“If you can dance like there’s no one watching; why not love like there’s no age counting?” 💫 #AapkeAaJaneSe ♥️ @shashank429 🤙🏻♦️ 10.30 Zee 🕶 I love this tune 🐤 #24 #42
You and I have to know that, Another day soon will shine.. Night will bring the cold back To your heart and mine.. ~ Deeperise 💫 I love you all ♥️
🃏 Who wants to BREAK-FREE? Me you me you me me you me you you you you me me me you.
Phenkaaaaaa peechein.. throw-back yo 🤙🏻 @nititaylor , killin’ & rippin’ em’ dubs since da shuruwaaaat 🤪.. also realising where my hand was 🤣🤣🤡 Shine missy ✨😊 #Tb
READ- #AapkeAaJaneSe , yes, We complete 50 episodes today, inclusive of our hourly that raked in good viewers and turned us into slot leaders on the TRP charts. TODAY’S episode being the highlight of Sahil and Vedika getting married.... or ;) A small beginning to a MASSIVE take on society and the stigma it carries about an older woman and younger man, where we intend to drive away inequality on the fact that if a man is ‘accepted’ with a woman much younger, why can’t a woman start her life or be allowed, without being questioned or demeaned, to be with a man much younger to her? This story is for you to change a mindset, and it all starts from within, that does love need a license? NO. It’s the most beautiful feeling in the world. AGE NO BAR! I’ve given it all, emotionally, physically; drained myself out, yes it’s only 50, but even for that one scene, you ought to do all you can, it’s all worth it. We’ve made it to the map of that game changer show, in ideology and execution, NOT POSSIBLE without very very key people, our producers at Bodhi Tree, humble and such beautiful people, welcoming in every sector of development and discussion, they’ve been amazing.. @djspersis , the woman with that extra push, that zing, always ahead of the minds out there in the industry in her vision towards a scene and the nuances it carries, nurturing everyone since the onset, with her team of such hardworking people, Bhumica, Avi, and gang. The amazing amazing ACTORS here🤗⭐️ One man, who has taken the onus on himself of being gutsy to go ahead and get all characters alive, without which a scene cannot possibly be over, playing so many characters himself everyday his head, not leaving a stone unturned, letting me fly, guiding, soulful, extremely open to improvisation, carries a very indifferent belief with a state of composure is my director, who’s more over turned into someone I look up to for guidance too, @shashank429. He with his team comprising of Sumit, Mahesh, and all the assistants, make work play. To ZEE, camera team, make up, technicians, spots, edit, dress, writers, production, casting guys, to US. Congratulations ♥️ Remember, WE created a difference 🤙🏻💫
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