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Challenge Dus saal Wala, BAAL ussi amount ka Saalaaaaa 🤩🤪 #10yearchallenge 👶🏻 Drastic highlight -> I had one eyebrow back then, and two now 🐣
Happy Lohri (belated) & Sankrant Peep. I wish you electrifying vibes, loads of positivity and mammoth amount of energy. Kaiiiii Po Che! Lapettttttt 💥
Go Gully Sindhi boy @ranveersingh ♠️ You make rap look so easy, I’m still to learn the latter half of the song and sync the rap to it :p Bantaaaiiiiiiii chalen karke phaaaad denaaaaa box office ko Baaaaa! Bohot hard!
I used the Instagram filter called Rise. Glee-kend to youuuuuuuu ✨
“I rather bask in intangible emotion, than materialistic joy” ~ I think it’s best to tell people who you have around and see everyday that you love them. That’s soulful. Everything cannot be communicated with unsaid emotion, however strong it be. This man @shashank429 , is 2018’s most beloved gift to my life alongside the show I’m doing -> #AapkeAaJaneSe 💥 It’s this very electrifying energy that makes two people deliver, he being my director, and I giving him my heart and soul as Sahil, we have managed to execute and showcase love, passion, intensity, light banter, energy, and conviction in the everyday shooting grind. I remember him leaving the show for higher ground, and it tore me apart, to an extent I believe that I didn’t want to work anymore or couldn’t deliver. Some people come into your life for a reason, and he coming into my life helped me face 2018 with a brave heart. I had my moments of utmost despair, I had my highest moments of life with awards, nominations, appreciation, and hey I know you’re thanking me for the role and the job I do, but he’s the real deal that made me deliver this with desire and fire. Those 5 seconds before a shot, are enough substance for him to say what he wants and for me to develop and play it. 80 percent of the occasions he let me do what I want, and that 20 percent that may have impacted you, overshadow the 80, are his. This man is gold in heart, empathy oozes from his heart for people trying and putting in effort. A man of few words, but a heart of an ocean. He has handled a love story of a 24 year old boy and a 42 year old woman with utmost grace and never made it look unreasonable or strange. That’s a tough nut of a show to take up, you think being in 2 different generations and deliver. 2018 gifted him to me, and enabled a relationship of brotherhood, guidance, friendship & purity. If you ever get a chance to thank someone and display your Love towards them, if they’ve impacted you, made you confident, supported you, DO IT. One life, and I know for a fact that anywhere I go, any other show I do, whatever we do, I will still call him, discuss work and life. Love you sir! Hamesha! You are important ♥️
2019, leggo 🤙🏻 I wish you a new year laden with happiness, love, sensitivity, humanity, patience & confidence. Shine 💫
I was destined to be on a television show this year, playing a protagonist is NOT easy mind you. I’m sharing this out of the blue, but we 3 debuted this year on our respective shows as leads. One night we danced. I remember that night was a night of honesty, grit and enthusiasm while we 3 set on a talk show. Coming close to bagging shows with merit is a challenge. The journey is exhilarating, and only we know more on it that you all. This BTS, also the actual take somewhere we celebrated the adventure. Here’s a toast to all actors on shows, the leads, the primary and secondary cast.. You all be awesome. And @adnan_a_khan And @arjitaneja , it’s been a pleasure knowing how hard you guys work. Love always. More power to all leading into the new year ♠️♥️
DO READ : The local has been an integral aspect of my life for many years. If you’re from the city, you know how essential the local is for transit across corners. Mind you I still get uncomfortable in the cars you know, that’s comfort, comfort usually leads to laidback-ness. Perception. As I take one to work today morning from Santacruz to Mira Road, life’s come full circle. 3 years, I used to stay at Mira Road on rent once upon a time and take a 5.53am to school at santacruz. My parents use to give me coins. On reaching the station a call went back home that I have reached safely. Really cute. 5 years of College at HR, Churchgate. If you’re staying in the burbs’ and lazy, a driver ideally did drop thee to college, but I clearly remember making many friends who studied that side who traveled via these locals. Made amaze memories, new friends in these locals. 3 years of work, inclusive of a digital Marketing job at Lower Parel, tennis coaching, the internship at TOI, a few advertising and marketing switch ons. Before this sounds more like a resume, me mentioning all that I have done in life.. haha! The point here is that life in a local gave me perspective, patience, appetite, push and consistency. 5 important factors for anybody young. I still take them locals, for sustainability of the same, and to realise that life someday may fizzle off, but that would take time if you build an appetite like these trains, they never get tired, so keep going. Take your breaks but consistently fire across the city, the city being your heart and let the flame burn bright 💥 Have an amazing weekend ♥️
I knew it. The keeda runs in the family 🎭 Make time as and when for them, they solely anticipate your arrival, over a phone call, essentially in person ♥️ Dadi Pyaar 🌹💖
Thand Hain, bey. Cold hands & cold water, see you never. #JustBombayThangs 🥶
Never grow up 🐣 He’s got better hair than me and that’s okay 👨‍👦😘 #Sahil #Vedu ♥️
“Some songs never fade away, what fades is time, not the melody” ~ Ae Dil Hain Mushqil Round 2. For RK. For you. For this song that I truly love and to never gettin’ tired of performing it, anywhere, anyplace, anytime 💥 Sahil sings this for Vedika, on #AapkeAaJaneSe . Do tune in to watch the entire song tonight at 10.30pm on Zee tv✌🏻 @shashank429 ☄️😎
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