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A fun way to Keep Up With The Kardashian’s 👀🎥

More about yesterday’s episode... @KardashianVideos
Kendall & Kylie reacts to the Jordyn Woods scandal 🙄
Jordyn finally called Khloé... 👀 (watch more on @KardashianVideos )
Jordyn remained silent right after the scandal broke out 😶👀
Khloé been getting migraines lately... I can imagine why 😩😖
I’m posting videos from today’s episode on my page! 👀@KardashianVideos
Wait why does Kylie have 3 pregnancy test at the ready... 😂 👀
Tonight will be the first time we get to know The Kardashian’s truth about the situation. It’s been a long time since Jordyn talked about this so I leave her full interview link in my Bio 👀😶
The episode you guys been waiting for will air TOMORROW... I will be posting everything on my page @KardashianVideos 👀
The family is back to Costa Rica! Swipe Up on my Insta-Story to take a look inside the house and everything it offers as well as more pics of the family 👀💰 The price point is CRAZY! (📷: @splashnews )
The trailer for Blac Chyna’s own reality show “The Real Blac Chyna” is out... Your thoughts? 👀😶
This Sunday on KUWTK 💔... I will be posting everything on my page @KardashianVideos 🎥
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