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Kashmir is an Alternative Rock band based in Karachi. For bookings 03462483202

A visual representation of our album Khwaab by our very own @m.bilal.ali he doodled this yesterday while we were jamming. What comes to your mind when you listen to our song 'Khwaab'? Do share your posts and tag us and use the hashtags #Khwaab and #KashmirTheBand #doodle #music
Lovely poetry by @teenofdays . Send in your artwork/poetry (or whatever comes to your mind) on how you interpret Khwaab. #kashmirtheband #khwaab #kashmirmusic
This is @hamiz2003 's interpretation of khwaab. Very intriguing! What do you think when you listen to this song? #kashmirtheband #khwaab
Quirky artwork by @pitutututu . This her interpretation of Khwaab. What do you guys think of when you listen to the song? #khwaab #kashmirtheband #kashmirmusic
اور تیری ان یادوں میں ہے کیا؟ This is how @mariyamys visualises 'Khwaab'. Looks amazing, Maryam! #khwaab #kashmirtheband
Riff of the week. #KashmirtheBand
Pink Floyd- Breathe @pinkfloyd #kashmirtheband #pinkfloyd
Had a brilliant time with such talented and great people @dinoaliofficial @natashabaigofficial Thank you @darazpk for making this happen. So much fun #kashmirtheband #newdarazapp
It's finally happening! The #NewDarazApp launches tonight and we've never been more excited! You've gotta stay for it 'cause there are lots of surprises in there for you! #kashmirtheband #newdarazapp
Budda baba unplugged #kashmirtheband
It's coming! The #NewDarazApp is coming and it has got something for everyone. Be there to witness a shopping experience like never before! Stay tuned!
Always in sync! #kashmirtheband
Concert update: Come and experience the launch of Huawei Mobile Nova3 and Nova i3 along with our special performance Lucky one mall 7pm Karachi #kashmirtheband #huawei #live
We would like to congratulate @bayaanofficial for winning Pepsi Battle Of The Band’s Season 3 and to @xarbofficial for making it right into the Finale. Both of you have their own distinct sound and are brilliant. Reaching to the final is in itself such a great achievement. All of the bands in the Top 8 this season have been amazing and that is a win for Pakistani music as a whole. Hopefully we build on from this and move forward as a community of musicians and artists. We can’t wait for more young musicians to be inspired and come forward with their own original music. We look forward to the future!
For the Love of Music! #kashmirtheband #thebandsareback
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