Katharine Marie 👽

Aries @sir_scroogins 💞 Cat mom Professional noob

Why can't I do anything but orange eyeshadow looks
what are some good series to watch on Netflix? I'm so bored
I love you and ur pretty eyeballs
I will study my own heart
She is addictive because she possesses a pure heart and a dirty mind (I love you Joshua)
My name tag is always crooked 🙃
It's looks like I have a lazy eye in this selfie but honestly idec anymore
Whatchu think
I wish I was doing something fun tonight
Happy Halloween 👹
It's sexy spooky season bitches
I liked my make up today
I need a bleeeezzzzzyyy
Hi I'm exhausted
Can you tell we're ready for Halloween?🎃☠️👻🖤
When your head hits the pillow tonight, remind yourself that you’ve done a good job. You are headed down your path at your own pace, and with every obstacle you are trying your utmost best. Be patient with yourself, and remember that big things are achieved not all at once, but one day at a time.🌻
I luved my makeup last night
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