Katelynn Nickels

2⃣7️⃣ and going....

I was 14, you were born. Shocked as hell and extremely nervous becoming your aunt so young. However I was overwhelmed with excitement with anticipation to fulfill the role. (as you can tell in the first photo.) I’m 27 and now you’re 13. Thirteen years have gone by and millions of photos later, I’ve seen you grow up into the young and beautiful teenager you are now. I hope you’re birthday was memorable as mine when I was your age. I love you #happybirthday
Who’s mothers plays buckethead and talks about racks?? Mine.. 😊😘 and I hope anyone who knows me, knows where I get my sense of personality and humor from..🤪😂🤣 a little late in the day to post, but totally worth it. #happymothersday #tomymother #iloveyou
This traffic going to the hamptons...current mood of my life. At least @iamcardib can relate
I’ll use these two photos forever... #nationalsiblingsday Being the baby has plenty of pros and cons. However I’ll have these 3 role models to look to forever..
3 years to 30.... fuck. I’m getting old. #happybirthdaytome #twentysevenyearsyoung #aries
Sorry it’s not snowing here guys.... #longislandlife #notthere #sorrynotsorry 😂
The Trilogy continues... My Dear Melancholy @theweeknd #newmusic
Ladies and gentleman... The Aries sign is upon you all. So enjoy it, or move right passed it, you will get hit with the horns.. #teamaries ♈️ #teamfire #teamrams #bestsignofallsigns
Gemma Bruno. This is my note to you. Welcome to the world of wonder..you have so many people in your life who loves you, cares about you, and wants you to be the greatest you can be. I’m just blessed to see you have a great mother who loves you to death. I can’t wait to see what the world brings to you. I love you dearly and I just met you...(as I cry writing this all...)
#happy birthday to my 3rd sister... #loveyousomuch 😍😘 #dirtythirtyclub
My widdle niece ain’t so little having a big part in her middle school play.. #stopgrowingupsofast 😍😍😍
My afternoon in one photo
I don’t know why but this is the reason why I love art...throwback to my first job #amwforever
Three best friends anyone could have.....(and a carlos) #bestiesbabyshowerday
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