Katelynn Nickels

2⃣7️⃣ and going....

Thank you...
Small ferry trip... see ya tomorrow!
Can not beat this day off... #strongisland #longisland
How it all ended....
Widdle Gemma at her Baptism.... 😘😍
(This picture was taking a month ago at 8am when we were still sleeping just so everyone knows....) I know I didn’t see you today and wish I could of been there, I wanted you and everyone else to know that I hope you had the best birthday ever. You turning 10 years old means there is no turning back to single digits. (Also I really can’t stand the reality of being that much older too.) The Tenth Birthday is one of those days to remember, so I hope you remember it forever D. You are the brightest, most kind, and silliest nephew I have. You deserve everything you got today. I hope you just made out good so you have a great summer. #loveyoudman #happybirthday #mynephew 😘😘
Happy Summer Everyone! #summer2018 #nationalselfieeday
Her last day as a 2nd Grader...
Happy Father’s Day and 🖕🏻 to all your future ex boyfriends, husbands and such. You can never compete with this man in my life... #mydaddy
Please eat gluten, pork, and meat for me... #happymemorialday
Definitely a day to remember... #gemma #herfirsttimeseeingthefishes
I was 14, you were born. Shocked as hell and extremely nervous becoming your aunt so young. However I was overwhelmed with excitement with anticipation to fulfill the role. (as you can tell in the first photo.) I’m 27 and now you’re 13. Thirteen years have gone by and millions of photos later, I’ve seen you grow up into the young and beautiful teenager you are now. I hope you’re birthday was memorable as mine when I was your age. I love you #happybirthday
Who’s mothers plays buckethead and talks about racks?? Mine.. 😊😘 and I hope anyone who knows me, knows where I get my sense of personality and humor from..🤪😂🤣 a little late in the day to post, but totally worth it. #happymothersday #tomymother #iloveyou
This traffic going to the hamptons...current mood of my life. At least @iamcardib can relate
I’ll use these two photos forever... #nationalsiblingsday Being the baby has plenty of pros and cons. However I’ll have these 3 role models to look to forever..
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