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Work/Life balance remedy: add plants
My valentines
Sometimes you only have a roll of paper, but you make a set anyways. With your talented friends @dustinobenino @mashald27
Demolition day at @toryparty ‘s new olden days townhouse. Correction: it’s also @drmcshane ‘s house too
I declare it officially pod season.
10 days: two lighting designer weddings, a brassy second line, 6 groomsy sazeracs, 5 US states, 360* color spectrum in all states (of matter), one brave little palm tree, an undisclosed $um of voodoo offerings, 28 birthday waffles, 8 pounds of sugary birthday burger, and a foggy 7am Mozart before school.
For all the @sallynoll fans out there... Fun fact: it’s her BIRTHDAY today! Isn’t she the CUTEST?!?!? I love you Mommy!!!!!!!!! (ps I’m still a whiney/winey terrible teen)
It’s hot.
Just a small pile of holiday snapshots: one huge boca, two huge puties, my three husbands, electro-drunk afterparties, a visit with a strega, spelunking in heels, some ruins, a sea, a sabotage, and the Cenci.
Ancient marble garbage
Mediterranean hair is the best hair
Reunited and it feels so 15 years ago. 💗
Piazza perfection.
Mr. @danielschlosberg and me trying to find our light.... oh hai we found it! 💛💛💛
This week; 1) my dad @chrisnoll1954 got an AIA Fellowship 🤗, 2) Thom protested the AIA altogether✊, 3)My sister @toryparty missed her film premier for #clarasghost because she was on her HoneyMOON🤪, 4) I made three months rent for picking out linens🤑, and 5) booked our Airbnb for vacay in Rome with @dustinobenino and @beastiff 😍! Quite an eventful week.
Happy Father’s Day to my very special pops @chrisnoll1954 ! Congrats on finally selling both your daughters off to the highest bidders this year! 😉😘👍
@toryparty got married to @drmcshane this weekend and everyone had the TIME OF THEIR LIFE
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