katherine acosta

fsu’22 ➳ dancer

my idol, my role model, my best friend! I would be nowhere & nothing without you! happy birthday to my everything ♥️🎂
Te amo💕🔐
to bigger and better things 🥂 #2019
out here⚡️☁️
♥️merry christmas to all.
real magic with my prince charming✨♥️
i’m fine it’s fine ... everything’s fine #finals
naughty or nice or both..?✨
quick act natural 🍃
wus gud☕️
forever thankful for you ♥️
wait, we won?? #gonoles
me! again! 💛
couldn’t have wished for a more perfect cast to share the stage with. Thank you all for being amazing! 💛♥️
Happy Halloween 🎃
to all my past ballet teachers I am very sorry my hips aren’t square
happy hoco !!♥️💛
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