Katherine Lucia

If you're reading this, u are perfect ✨ A mermaid from Miami who swam to L.A. Colombiana • PROV 20:30 • KLuciaxo@gmail.com ☽☁️

Hi everyone, I’m alive. I was phone-less for the past three days and it didn’t really matter because once I got signal my phone was still dry 😝🤦🏻‍♀️🙆🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ but here’s the only pic I took.
Hi day 2 of @groovecruise can’t believe I’m stuck here for another 4 more days lmfao I’m going to die. At least there’s trance 🤓
Awkward songs on hold... 🤦🏻‍♀️ ☎️ w/ @piques
My last classy picture of the week before I embark on groove cruise tomorrow ✨🤭🤫 anyone going? 😈🥂 trousers from @prettylittlething
Who else has amazing roomies like these? 😅☺️🤭 check out @lelepons new YT video “I’ve been hacked” ✨ @jalenjh 👀🍿
Me thinking about how excited I am to see venom tonight. 🖤 Tom hardy has always been bae. The only white boy I’d go all the way for. @prettylittlething ✨ P.S. Venom was absolutely amazing.
Channelled my pouty baby girl persona for this pic ✨🥀 with Lana del Rey playing in the background 😽 @prettylittlething as always
It was a collaboration with @mezajeanette 🖤 xx
Behind an Instagram model (joking. I’m not a dang IG model) is a team of beauticians 😩😻💖 @myskinguy @edgardonavarroc @drdanib I have been going for years to these people because they were indeed shooting with me at the gym. I love them. The only male figures I need in my life 😽🤣
When it’s time to get new speakers 🐸☕️ LOL @daniraevaughn that voice! 😻😽 @champagnepapi
Unfortunately the last picture I have featuring @aholsniffsglue 💛 another day another bikini 🥀 en la casa de Katz.
If you could eat any of these little eyes 😛 which one would it be and what would it taste like? ☁️🍒
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