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i like writing poems, painting, good music and tequila a mermaid from miami who swam to L.A. colombiana • PROV 20:30 • KLuciaxo@gmail.com ☽☁️

Girls under the mistletoe vs @hannahstocking 🎅🏼 despite this picture making it seem like I have a boo... 😪 that is a perfectly staged peck and I am indeed like the girl to the right 🙂 HAPPY HOLIDAYS! An (#AD ) letting the world know I am single.
What do you call a snake that’s 3.14 meters long? A π-thon 🤣🤣 ok, that didn’t make you laugh? What is the most important class in snake school? HiSsTory.... whatever, enjoy me in this @prettylittlething top looking like a sSSssssnack.
Just in time for NYE Phuket 🐒🦋🌴 getting silky and smooth to once again live in bikinis for a week or so, thanks to @theskinagency 💗 but in all seriousness, I’ve visited the skin agency on my own when I couldn’t afford much because they always had/have deals going on. It’s not AS expensive as you think. Just do it. I see all of your DMs asking me about it, lol and while you’re at it use/say “KATHERINE” for $ off! #theskinagency
La naturaleza si q es linda 🌙🌴🍂🥥
I was so happy on this day. I don’t need to tell you why it was amazing because you can see it in the pictures but tbh the rain made it so much better. Loved feeling so connected with everyone in every moment there. I wish it were like this in America. 🖤 they’re so caring and loving to their people.
I want to love you, (PLT), @prettylittlething 💓 you need some lovin’, (TLC), tenderrrr lovinggg careeeeee 🤤
I’m back but I’m not done posting Bali pictures. Sharing the beauty of this place one post at a time. 🦋 it’s almost thanksgiving. Wish I had more time to cook something up 🙈 probably a good thing though. Is it your first year cooking for this holiday OR are you just a pro now?
Here I am exploring the rice fields. Extremely sweaty, busted nails and muddy feet from playing outside like a kid again and messed up hair. Wouldn’t have had it any other way 🌱 I love being out in nature, like a lotttttttt. I love connecting with earth and especially the moon. It’s the purest form of feeling in touch with yourself again. When I think of a perfect getaway it would be somewhere tropical or a place up in the mountains. Can’t wait to do that again. Lake arrowhead is my favorite 😻
Missing these island days ⛅️ alright, going back to sleep. I still have jetlag 🤤 fit by @prettylittlething
Brace yourself. #NOVIOSEASON is coming *Ned Snark voice* 🌬 todos mis Latinos ya saben q alguien le va preguntar... Y EL NOVIO? Y LA NOVIA?? Have no fear @chispaapp is here 😌😩😆 let’s get yourself a boo for the holiday season! Click the link in my bio to download.
enjoy a view of my bum in these @prettylittlething trousers 🦋 (this caption was so UK. Bum / trousers?)
When I say my heart belongs to Bali, I mean it. It’s one thing to go to a different country and sight see the places you’ve dreamt of but it’s another when its able to provide you not only amazing scenery but also with happy genuine people. When I’m here I feel like a little girl again, filled with inspiration and happiness. 🌴 Bali lives by “harmony” and that’s a promise that they live up to daily. I cried while coming to the airport because I wish I could just stay here forever. I’m at home 💛💛💛💛😩😍 I’ll always remember all the times I’ve spent with the locals and the ones visiting this beautiful country as well. We spent last night dancing all night under a storm on the beach and it was the greatest time of our lives. Can’t wait to come back and relive it. Next time I’m staying for a couple of months. Te amo, bali and thank you God for creating such a place. You show what it’s like to live life the way youre supposed to. Now cheers to being inspired and this terrible basically 24 hour flight 😭
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