kt urquhart

all accounts: katiee_urquhart highlands/edinburgh • womans empowerment Just Strong Ambassador discount: KATIEURQU10 @bejuststrong 💪

come on in, the waters warm
dramz n drams
IF I COULD TURN BACK TIME - off to Ems 80s icon parTT
wishing i was out adventuring in the sun instead of working all day
gals night ended in town on a tuesday
fairy of the glen
tb to last years bella with the best brydon 😈😈
day off = day trip
couple more from the gala sat n my first wknd drinking in near 2 months! xx
was so nice to see jem last night 💞
cheers x
celebrating our gal lynda back from indiaaa
trying and failing to get cute pics with ma mumma
views x
out for this gorge girl's bday last night, reppin the steve madden tiny bags xx
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