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highlands/edinburgh scotland • self & peer empowerment/kindness/mental health/body positive advocate • not long til blog launch lovelies! xx

fave neighbour xxx
old faithful xx
Had a shit week mentally so tryna put myself back together starting with the exterior
nostalgic 💞
Today being #mentalhealthawarenessday id like to celebrate not only my own achievements but the pride and love i have in the girl im lucky enough to call a best friend and without whom i very likely wouldnt be here today. Liv and i met at Toddlers age 3 where she gave me half her fruit winder and shes been stuck with me since. Both of us struggled with anxiety and depression which manifested into body dysmorphia and eating disorders. Though the root of our issues stemmed from different places and physically affected us very differently, having someone who hears you and who gets it is like a lighthouse in a storm. Shes been a rock and a cheerleader while fighting her own battles and im so proud of the journey weve been on together and thr strong, kind, diligent woman shes become. For the first time in my living memory i am so comfortable in my skin and have periods of calm and control in my life not lead by diet or pain, and we will continue to grow together and support one another wherever life takes us. I just want to stress the importance of talking to someone and surrounding yourself with kind people who want to hear you. Bottling up your feelings is unhealthy for you and everyone around you, and with commitment and support things CAN get better and things are WORTH getting better for. If youre not lucky enough to have a strong support network like im fortunate enough to my dms are always open and i wholeheartedly want to hear and support you. No one should have to struggle alone. Mental health is isolating enough. So many people tweet and talk about supporting metal health but until we start listening and supporting one another we wont break the stigma or the silence. Heres to actually being excited about the future!💞💜💙💚💛🧡❤ #worldmentalhealthday
we only managed 3 pics this weekend n clearly i missed the lace up top n high boots memo
proud to be part and show love for the lgbtq+ highland community. And my cute wee dad came along to show support from the church #ProudNess ❤🧡💛💚💙💜
low-budget photo shoot giggles with ruthie, bout 30mins before i got mistaken for a man in drag. heres to the guys rocking it just as hard as the gals x
shit shirts for brogans 19th last night with my lovely girls x
💞our first game with Craig Dunain Ladies💞
☁️jersey dreamin☁️ ps a good book recommendation would be great x
don't really like the second pic in my last post so heres some nicer ones of me looking nice n happy before a lovely night with some lovely people xx
oot x
lasr night with my beaut bestie before i got in a horrific state fell and cut my face and pretty much ruined the night. heres to the next 2 nights eh :)
wish i was back chilling in pretty gardens and sunshine
cannot wait to be reunited with my wee faveys this time next week xxxxxxxxxx
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