Kat C.

Fun Loving Rabblerouser w/a Heart of Gold. Ha! πŸ’¦πŸŒŸπŸ’¦

My ladies. My Muffs. Taking first this sesh. It was the biggest league we’ve had to date and first all women’s team to win first! Viva las Muffs! Just missing our clutch @ladystrangela !! #LAMuffs #vivamuffs #lagutterpunx
The LA Muffs winning first place for Winter sesh! Stoked!! Go Muffs Go!! #theLAMuffs ! #lagutterpunx
Wore my Goblin King dress last night! Stoked on it. Excellent bathroom selfie opps! #Labyrinth #goblinking #davidbowieforever #youpreciousthing #blackmilkclothing
Saturday night hangs at the punk rock show w my boo!
Babes for friends. πŸ’œ
Celebratin ScaryMerries BDay!
Friday night hangs w my buds!
A quick after dinner snap w the ladies! πŸ€—
When I go for a late night walk w my Ma and my Gramma makes me put on a scarf cuz it’s cold outside. 😐 #kopitheadventurepartypup #mylifewithkopi #yearofthekopi #snaggletoofWhat
Having some celebratory chicken wings! Thnx for joining us Greg! πŸ€—
Apple bottoms for the win! #LAMuffs #lagutterpunx #vivamuffs
It all came down to the girls vs the boys! Thank you Bowlscemis for the nail biting games! #lagutterpunx #vivamuffs #LAMuffs
Your LA Muffs (VivaMuffs forever) Win 1st Place!!! Go Muffs Go!! Beyond stoked! We carried each other and supported each other throughout! First all girl team to win GutterPunx!! Let’s party!!!
What a weird and fun experience at the Lost Spirits distillery.
Fancy! Very metal Jamaican rum and smoky rum in teacups! #lostspiritsdistillery
Amazing Willy Wonka rum tasting tour! Only in LA! #lostspiritsdistillery #iloveLA2018
We’re gonna smell like garlic for a week! Worth it! πŸ˜‹ #thestinkingrose #iloveLA2018
My lil booboo is growing up! The 30’s are coming!!
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