Co-creator of @ToneItUp 🏋🏼‍♀️ Lover of fitness + the beach 🌊 Currently pregnant & eating lots of 🍨🍩 .

15 years ago Brian and I said if we have a daughter some day, we’ll name her after our grandmas ✨✨✨ so here we are...our little miracle on her way ~ Isabelle Margaret 🌸 painting is by my grandma Isabelle and this is the actual shell 🐚 we can’t wait to meet you baby Bella. you’re already loved so much! 💕 thank you to our family & friends who made her shower absolutely perfect xx
Honored to represent myself and Karena at the Founders Collective with Fab Fit Fun 💕 we talked all things ToneItUp, chasing your dreams, working with your girlfriends, and how to start your own brand with passion and purpose! My other passion (other than fitness, food and my dog) is helping women start their own company and brand. Apparently it’s a known thing with the women in my life that if you spend enough time with me, you’ll either move to California, start your own brand, or both 🤷🏼‍♀️🙌🏼💛 Preferable both so we can be close 🌴 I’m so grateful for @ToneItUp and all that we get to do every day for our community to help women live their best lives— it’s such a dream every day! So thank you @katieakitchens for having us. Karena, we missed you! I’m sure you’re kickin’ booty in Barbados filming for #StudioToneItUp ✨✨ (or hopefully taking a break with a nice cocktail on the beach) #TIUcommunity #TIUteam #FoundersCollective @alesosaoficial 📸
don’t worry beach happy 🌊 we’re always in such a rush to move onto what’s next and the next season. I’m going to focus on being present since there are 6 more weeks of summertime 🏖 plus...baby girl is coming in just 10 weeks and I have a biggg to-do list before she arrives 🙈 #summertoneup #30weekspregnant @toneitup
Hi girls! (watch my story for full video 🎥 ) So I did a Q&A yesterday where u could ask me questions about how pregnancy has been & the majority of the questions were about how I’m dealing with my changing body, advice to stay positive, & body image. Let’s just start with- YOU are freaking beautiful! I know every woman’s journey is different, so before I share this information please remember not to compare it to your own bc we’re all on our own path with special circumstances that are unique to us. 1st~A lot of you asked how much weight I’ve gained. I’ve gone from 135 to 167, so just over 30 pounds & I feel great & strong. The added weight has been hard on my back + feet at work, but I’ll be showing some great stretches u can do at ur desk or when you’ve been on ur feet all day. If you’ve seen my stories the past month I’ve shared my newly found dimples on my growing booty (seriously hope this booty stays post pregnancy...and boobs? wishful thinking I know haha), my new tiger stripes stretch marks & my face is two different colors from melasma. Every day I’m embracing all these changes by keeping things in perspective ~it’s for such a beautiful miracle. I know we all go through tough days & I want u to know that if ur discovering these things (pregnant or not), they don’t define u or make you any less gorgeous. You’re so beautiful & I don’t want u to go a day without appreciating how incredibly awesome the female body is. And yes of course- I have my tough mornings where nothing fits or moments where I wonder if the dimples on my butt are shining through just right in the light (I always say it’s my booty smiling with dimples, haha). It’s all perspective! I want you to do something for me. If you’re feeling down, literally just wrap your arms around your own body & just tell it ✨ thank you for being so remarkable.✨ Tell your body that you’re going to speak kind to it through everything. No matter what, always remember that there is no such thing as “imperfect”~ the word itself spells “I’m perfect”. Wherever u are in your journey & whatever goals you have, remind yourself each day how worthy your body is of unconditional love. Love you girls 🤗💕
it’s day 3 of #balancedandbeautiful ✨ probably my favorite chapter in the book, because without inspiration I personally can’t find energy, motivation, or drive to achieve my goals...and sometimes without inspiration I can’t even find my goals. So that’s when I turn to YOU! I find inspiration in the amazing women around me- I’m continually inspired by my strong girlfriend’s, family, the TIU HQ, and you, this beautiful community 💕 you show me so much love and lift me up to be my best self every day. and now...the biggest inspiration in my life~ my baby girl. I’m more inspired than I’ve ever been because of this little miracle and what used to be unclear makes so much sense now. feeling extra grateful today for all the incredible women around me! what inspires you every day to live your best life? where do you find empowerment and inspo? #TIUteam #TIUcommunity
summer sundays 💛✨
beep beep who’s got the keys to my jeep 🚙
baby got back 💗 guess what’s in the @toneitup app?! prenatal workouts! check out the On Demand’ section! you’re going to love these routines so much! tag a mama-to-be ✨📲 #StudioToneItUp #TIUflexfriday ToneItUp.com/App
feeling much stronger today... think I’m finally adjusted back in this time zone from our babymoon. I’ve taken a nap every day since we got back and I’ve never really been a nap person. we didn’t workout a ton while we were away- just mostly walking everywhere, so I’m excited to get back into my routine of doing the @toneitup Daily Moves for strength training 🏋🏼‍♀️ (modifications are on ToneItUp.com under Fitness & ‘Pregnancy’) I feel like it’s what my body really needs right now. also, all my soon-to-be mamas out there, new prenatal workouts are coming to the TIU App under your On Demand section later this week! 😍 anddd while writing this I just realized Abby’s tail looks like it’s attached to me 🐯🙈
same same but different #mondaymood
feel too blessed to be stressed 🌊
OH BABY! The countdown is officially on 🙈 3rd trimester hit this weekend and we have just a handful of weekends to set up her room and prepare for our lives to be flipped upside down...and we started by clearing out this room. We need your help! I haven’t done my registry or anything...what’s the #1 thing you recommend?! Or what are you favorite must-haves and brands for a nursery? I don’t event know where to start 🤷🏼‍♀️ PS- thanks for all the recommendations on oil for my stretch marks too! 🐯💕 I’m all oiled up today haha! 🤗
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