☾ travel, lifestyle & fashion creative ✿ @luca.and.pavo ✎ akattvaldez@gmail.com currently in Manila, Philippines 2019 ✈️🇹🇭🇱🇰🇲🇻🇲🇨🇪🇸🇫🇷🇳🇱🇮🇹

Finally tried the #NeutrogenaHydroBoost and I love how my skin quickly absorbs it and feels super lightweight all day long! ✨ Found myself a new travel buddy! 😉
On a scale of 1 to KATT how happy are you right now???? 😅 Let me know!!! 👇🏻
Nothing. It's just me, being me. 💃🏻 At my conventional setting. 🌴🌊 Wearing my favorite outfit. 👙 Laughing as per usual. 😆 Everything here is normal, I suppose. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Ya think? ☺️
Caption this photo... because i don't know what I'm doing 😂
Found this beautiful empty little island called "rose" 🌹 ....and that face is screaming "im hungry", by the way. 😅 #VisitCamsur
Can't stop staring at those ocean eyes 🎶🌙
Indeed, I can #TasteTheJoy with this #JollibeexCoke can! This collab from two of the most iconic brands definitely brought back childhood memories, right??? 🤗 Available in @jollibee stores nationwide starting this January 15. 💃🏻 📷: @chinchinobcena
Taking it all in ✨
birthday suit 🌹 ~~ but definitely not my birthday mood because of all your greetings haha! love u guys 😌✨
Grateful for another year ✨🎂 #VisitCamsur
Current situation outside my villa~ Wearing the new @uniqlophofficial beauty light wireless bra with its new structured design because style and comfort should always come equal ✨#UniqloPH #LifeWear #UNIQLOWirelessBra
Everytime Vina and I visit Tokyo Tokyo, we order the same thing... Tempura! So to celebrate the 4th National Tempura Day, on January 11, you can get Tokyo Tokyo’s Classic Prawn Tempura and the all-new Nori Tempura (we love this new variant!!) for as low as Php 30 each! That’s 50% off the original price, available the whole day in ALL stores nationwide!! Also, we're most excited to try the new variant which is the Nori Tempura!! Watch our Instagram stories to find out how we like it. But it's too obvious with this pic, right? #NationalTempuraDay #TakeMeToTokyoTokyo
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