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Fortress ac: jvnary dt: tagged This is an edit i made a while ago but i procrastinated too much and posted until now :) I tried something new but eh didn't work out that good??? whatever love yall hope you like it.
ric flair drip ac: oml.baddiesx dt: tagged So hey this is a rm of one of my old edits, i actually enjoy the audio but um as you can see my editing skill didn't improve at all so my apologies; i dont wanna make this too long so, hope you like it love yall <3
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I love her. ac: loveslor [edited] dt: yall So this edit is offbeat but lets act like is just okay. I was just testing some transitions out and they dont look too bad im surprised. I feel super excited about editing rn, i will try to edit as much as i can. Also this is the last post of this theme cause im tired of it, i just wont have any theme anymore :) This is too long bye, anyway, hope yall enjoy.
THANK YOU ib: eclipt.ic dt: my baby katheryn I just wanna say how thankful and proud i am for having such an amazing inspiration as katy is. I really never understood why people said WORDS CANT DESCRIBE HOW MUCH I LOVE HER but rn im just out of words i just love her so much. These past 3 years have been amazing, probably the best years of my whole life. Thank you @katyperry , just thank you <3
[FLASH WARNING] HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY TO THE LOML. ac: moodydol dt: Katheryn, @fisedits and everyone that wanted a dt xx Katy's birthday is literally too soon i cant believe shes turning 34, thats just- wow
HAPPY [SUPER LATE] BDAY ac: latenightdolans dt: finola bb I love you forest and always. Did yall peep that I LOVE YOU [that was a cute coincidence] I love fting you, we better keep doing it. Also excuse my ugly face, focus on Finola <3 [Probably deleting later and reposting without the intro] [#roulettegrp #isangelousgrp ]
WOW LOOK SHE POSTED HERSELF AND NOT THE SHOES WIG ac: moonslocker sc: willvst dt: @perrysbooty @sexualforperry @perrysweater @kpvrry @witncss @gvldocean and everyone that wanted a dt ily <3 — Okay so i love pic edits so much, i get inspired doing them wig. [#roulettegrp #isangelousgrp #agmengrp #katyperry #omgedit ]
i stan A woman cc: pinkyedits ac: venatrics (edited) sc: pinkyedits & willvst oc: willvst dt: dani [@perryspurrfect ] — Happy belated birthday dani!! wow you old, i love and miss you so much. Thank you for being here when i wanna rant and for listening to me ily <3 [#roulettegrp #isangelousgrp #agmengrp ]
[Turn up the brightness] thank you katy <3 ac: cutestelena (edited) cc: willvst sc: dont remember dt: katycats So i didn't get to experience this tour live cause katy didn't come here, sadly. But this era meant so much for me, starting since is my first complete era and im really grateful to stan someone as strong as her. Just Thank you. [#isangelousgrp #agmengrp #roulettegrp ]
They looked happy single but they look happier together. — ac: my audio sc: willvst cc: @marsflix dt: rania & finola — Can we talk about how much i love those souls??? I can say im happy just by looking at them. They own my heart. AHH MY BABIES
The only reason why people watched american idol. — intro/audio ib: @_katys_bitch ac: mine sc: @teenwolfyez & @blindluvs dt: @perrysbooty @kprrv @l.iberiangirl @fisedits — Okay so after a million years im posting. I'm sorry for being this inactive but i just dont have the energy or the time to edit but well yes this is the only thing yall got for now. Love you all <3
Shes too hot — dt: my buddies @perryspurrfect @perrysbooty @fisedits ib: @kirkland.tm — Okay so after a million years i edited and im posting wig. I actually like this but somehow is offbeat so sorry i totally forgot how to edit.
i'll protect her. — ac: my audio dt: my precious angel katheryn — Yall better protect my precious little bean. I love her so much oh my god. [#agmengrp #isangelousgrp ]
Katy's ig was something else. — ac: kanela.aep — I just got done watching the match England-Colombia and im so proud of my country, they did the right thing until the last second of it. Im so sad and frustrated. [ #agmengrp #isangelousgrp ]
Take me home. — ac: nightkinq oc: teenwolfyez — Collab with my asian looking good girl (@fisedits ). Maybe we ate Finola <3 — I hope yall like it as much as we do. Somehow its offbeat god knows why so our apologies.
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