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We are all totally fine, but very shaken 💔 We made the decision to move back home to Canberra after living in Brisbane for a few months. The kids desperately missed their grandparents and we had a number of reasons pulling our hearts back to Canberra. So we packed up the kids and the dogs in the car, and everything we own in to a trailer, and set off for home yesterday. We are all totally fine, very shaken, but medically pretty good. The trailer started jumping around while we were driving and this was the end result. Most of it feels like a blur, but there were some amazing people who I am just so thankful for. I can’t believe how lucky we are to have received the care and support we did following the accident. The following people, my heroes; The men who got the kids and Tom and I out of the car in what seemed like seconds after it all happened. One of whom was paramedic himself and looked after us so well until the ambulance arrived. The lady who rescued our two pups. The lady who came running over with chocolate in case the kids were in shock and needed sugar. Whoever it was who called the ambulance, I didn’t see who you were but I am so grateful for you. The paramedics who were so kind and caring towards the kids, and thoroughly checked them over, more than once, as if they were their own. The paramedic who cared for my husband and didn’t leave his side until he was safely under the care of a doctor in the hospital. The lady who picked Aidan up and held him (he’s not light!) when he started getting scared seeing Tom laying on the ground. I’ve never seen a stranger comfort him like that before - you were such a light for us during that time. The ambulance driver who gave both kids special knitted teddy bears. Whoever the kind soul was who knitted and donated those bears. The ‘hospital bears’ have instantly become the kids most favourite toys. The police officers, especially Rebecca, who kept us all calm and looked after. Who cuddled our kids and gave water to the dogs. Those same officers who took our pups in to the station for the night and made sure they weren’t injured and were warm and fed. ***continued in comments***
Don't even *think* about getting too close to their new baby brother or they will... lick you to death because they're the MOST SLOBBERY SMOOCHY PUPPERS ON THE PLANET 😍 #kayleighmcglynnphotos
You did it, mama 🙌🏼 #kayleighmcglynnphotos
Would you look at this little squish? Pulling what his parents have coined the ‘turtle face’. That stretch though 😍 #kayleighmcglynnphotos
Beauty ❤️ #kayleighmcglynnphotos
Maternity sessions in the desert are always a good idea 🌵💗 #kayleighmcglynnphotos
They made the most amazing team, working together through every contraction to bring their baby earthside ❤️ #kayleighmcglynnphotos
This moment 😍💗 #kayleighmcglynnphotos
Hello little one, it was you all along ❤️ #kayleighmcglynnphotos
Newborn sessions at home, they’ll always have my heart! Love these gorgeous three 😍 @katiekate1989 #kayleighmcglynnphotos
The joy, the relief, the love... can we bottle this feeling please? #kayleighmcglynnphotos
Blown away by these 4 gorgeous people! Total #familygoals @clswaff 😍 #kayleighmcglynnfilms
Give me waterfalls and maternity sessions foreverrr 🙌🏼 #kayleighmcglynnphotos #inspirepregnancy
Sweet little London and her beautiful mama 💙🌊 #kayleighmcglynnphotos
Precious boy, looking up at his mama 💙 #kayleighmcglynnphotos
Earth mama 🌿 #kayleighmcglynnphotos
I spent the morning filming and hanging out with @laurenbrant and @barryh01 and it was so beautiful to see how much love they have for each other, and for their sweet baby boy, Miller. I’m so excited to share this film with you guys. It’s one of my favourites ever - these three really are the perfect family! (Swipe to see the full film) #kayleighmcglynnfilms
Beautiful mama, growing her third baby boy. I can’t wait to meet you earthside soon, little one! #kayleighmcglynnphotos
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