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They made the most incredible team, working together to bring their beautiful boy earth side. When I tell people I'm a birth photographer I get one of two reactions: "Oh wow that's amazing!" or "Oh... really? That's a thing?" I never really know what to say to the latter response and from now on I'm just going to show them this photograph and say, "Yep!" Blown away by this stunning mama. #birthbecomesher #kayleighmcglynnphotos #canberrabirthphotographer #canberraphotographer #birthphotographer #dearphotographer #ig_motherhood #lookslikefilm #bnwmagic #galleryoflightfeature
When your babies meet each other for the first time and nothing else in the whole world matters. I cried when I took this. It reminds me so much of the photo I have of my own babies meeting for the first time. That photo is my most treasured possession and I knew in this moment, that this photo would mean everything to their mum too. #kayleighmcglynnphotos #canberrabirthphotographer #canberraphotographer #dearphotographer #birthbecomesher #candidchildhood #childhoodunplugged #lookslikefilm #siblinghoodlove
I’m so excited for you guys to read Aimee’s story in the Canberra Motherhood Stories book next year. It’s something that I think a lot of us can relate to but not many people talk about. How beautiful does she look here with her baby girl?! #kayleighmcglynnphotos #canberraphotographer #motherhoodunplugged #ig_motherhood #bnwmagic #dearphotographer
As a photographer, I get to be present at some of the most important moments of people’s lives. Most of the time, those moments are happy and full of joy. Births, pregnancies, weddings, new babies. But occasionally I am asked to document the hardest moments in a persons life too, and it’s those ones that make me truly appreciate what I do. In the last 2 months I have photographed some of the most heartbreaking days. They weren’t easy days to be a part of, but I’m so glad I was. I’ve seen grief in it’s truest form, I’ve cried so many tears with families whom I now consider my own. But above all else, I’ve seen love. I’ve documented love. And as heartbreaking as these photographs are, they show love. Baby Aurora was born at only 24 weeks. To read a little more of her story, head to the link in my bio 🦋 #kayleighmcglynnphotos #canberraphotographer #stillbirthawareness #motherhoodunplugged
They were focused on only each other, the whole time ❤️ #kayleighmcglynnphotos #birthbecomesher #bnwmagic #dearphotographer
This is exaaaactly what I wanted to do to those cheeks too 😍😍😍 #kayleighmcglynnphotos
...and then I dropped the camera and started crying at how perfect they are 😍😭 #kayleighmcglynnphotos #canberraphotographer #lookslikefilm #candidchildhood #childhoodunplugged #ig_motherhood #bnwmagic #dearphotographer
Look at this little bundle of love! Less than 24 hours old and out to steal my heart 😍 #kayleighmcglynnphotos #canberraphotographer #canberrabirthphotographer #canberranewbornphotographer #fresh48 #dearphotographer
Teeny tiny feet. Feet that kicked you from inside for months, now on the outside and ready to take your heart with them wherever they go 👣 #kayleighmcglynnphotos #canberraphotographer #canberrabirthphotographer #canberranewbornphotographer #bnwmagic #dearphotographer #lookslikefilm #birthbecomesher
How amazing are midwives?! That gorgeous lady on the bed was one of mine and it was so special to be there while she was in labour herself. Her amazing midwife was also one of the best I’ve seen - supporting and advocating for her through a very long and intense few days. I adore these two humans and all the other incredible midwives out there 🙌🏼
It’s been a busy weekend full of sessions for the Canberra Motherhood Stories book and I’m so excited to be able to share some of those sessions with you soon! If you’re in Canberra and interested in being involved in the book yourself, check out the link in my bio for all the details and to register 😘 #kayleighmcglynnphotos
“Just breathe. You’ll never live this moment again.” One of the things I love most about birth photography is documenting mum and her birth partner working together to bring their baby in to the world. The love, the emotion, the anticipation.. it gets me every time ❤️ #kayleighmcglynnphotos #canberrabirthphotographer #birthbecomesher #dearphotographer #lookslikefilm
👉🏼 Swipe to see full film! Walking to the park after dinner isn't anything special, but it's a big part of our lives and I know it won't last for long. Soon they won't want to hold our hands let alone each others! So I made a promise to myself that every few months I'd document these little adventures. Whether you hire someone to do it for you, or if you just do it yourself, make sure to always capture your beautiful ordinary. Because it may not seem like much now but one day it'll be everything #kayleighmcglynnphotos #canberraphotographer #childhoodunplugged #candidchildhood #dearphotographer #ig_motherhood
The face of a toddler who’s crazy mum lays down in the tanbark to take photos while she swings 😝 #candidchildhood #childhoodunplugged #dearphotographer #ig_motherhood #kayleighmcglynnphotos
I don’t photograph weddings often, because I mainly focus on births and it would be way too stressful to book both. But! Occasionally one of my family clients gets married and asks me to be their photographer and we make it happen. Despite the torrential rain and a sick baby girl, this wedding was one of the most beautiful I’ve been to ❤️ #kayleighmcglynnphotos
She’s just about as obsessed with her @okdollsau as I am. Honestly, they’re the most gorgeous quality toys and she won’t put them down 🙌🏼 check out my stories to see her in action 😂😍 . Also I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to get a Phoebe the Photographer for myself!
These two, like a well oiled machine of twin parenting 😍🙌🏼 #kayleighmcglynnphotos
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