Kate Birmingham

Archeologist, avid cross-stitcher, cat lady.

Go Moose!
Snake River Overlook
Cool clouds today.
A+ sunset
Moose crossing.
These cats...
Gus Gus.
Rusty and I had a lot of snuggle time and took a nap together.
Rusty is adapting very well as a tripod. He had his first vet appointment in Jackson yesterday. We are worried about the effect of the altitude on his heart and lungs (he has a heart condition), but figure we will make sure we just watch his breathing. He’s the sweetest.
Bison bison.
Pacific Creek Landing
After days shrouded in snow, the mountains finally made an appearance yesterday.
Melvin Brewing Company tour!!
This photo was in my camera roll from today—I don’t remember things looking this ominous...
It was absolutely lovely today.
The Grand made a brief appearance...
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