Kate Birmingham

Archeologist, avid cross-stitcher, cat lady.

Field meetings are the best.
Brief archeological survey today.
Yellowstone is pretty, I guess.
Poor Rusty looking at the camera, wondering why he’s wearing a cone in a cage and missing his leg 😞
Current status. Independence Day floating.
Just awful survey conditions... 😁
I walked back to my apartment tonight and was struck with awe at all this and felt like I should share it. Never gets old.
Finally drank while sitting on a saddle bar stool. As you do.
I was able to spend this morning on field visits—not too shabby.
Lewis flax (I’m looking up plant names now...)
The historic barn at the Triangle X Ranch.
Purple whoozits everywhere!
The flowers here are lovely but I’ve no idea what they are.
Lovely morning along the Snake River.
Luckily we didn’t see the bear that produced this pawprint...
After a day of crazy rain and hail, the sunset clouds were pretty amazing. This place never looks the same.
This poor bird was super not cool with our afternoon site meeting...
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