Kate Birmingham

Archeologist, avid cross-stitcher, cat lady.

Moving is very stressful.
Guille’s happy place 🍕😁
Rusty makes it extremely difficult to leave the house.
Happy Thursday. Here’s a Rodman cannon.
The beauty of Piscataway Park.
Appreciating the view.
Mid-morning view from Fort Washington.
Rusty couldn’t choose between our laps, so he went for both at the same time. ❤️
Last Teton view for a while. Very smoky this morning.
Had a nice moment with this little hummingbird this morning. He gave me a puzzled look while flying before he sought out this flower.
My nephew has already mastered the art of the greeting card 😂🦈
Peace out, Washington State.
The Seattle Museum of Pop Culture is amazing, FYI.
Sometimes the Incredible Hulk speaks for us all.
“Even an Android can cry.”
Original art from the Phoenix Saga cover
Guille bought me a new pin!
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