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Another fashion pic to get you all amped for some runway shots from last night! I promise I’ll get to editing this weekend. Have to head to my other job 💃. That HUSTLE is life am I right??! #fashionphotographer #seattlefashion
When the light peeks through the leaves 🌿☀️ #staywild
Tryin out some vintage style edits. What do you guys think?? Let me know in the comments.
Making promises ✨
Book me if you want to make some magic with your significant other ✨ I’m taking bookings for Fall!
🖤PHOTOSHOOT GIVEAWAY🖤 for 4K!! If you live in the Seattle (ish) area, comment below on what you would want to shoot and I’ll choose a winner by Sunday! Let’s make some magic. #seattlephotographer #makeportraits #portrait_mf
Capturing beautiful people and colors ✨ #makeportraits #portrait_mf
Market finds on the outskirts of Cusco! #photosinbetween #travelphotographer
Finding peace in the countryside. Just the pace of the wind and some sheep minding their own business. #theoutbound #getoutside
Little friends from night walks! #frogsofinstagram #travelphotographer
Something so quiet, yet so beautiful. How much beauty do you think you regularly pass by? #wildlifephotography #travelphotographer
I’m starting a shadow series of posts on here! Somethin different, all pics from the jungle. Here’s me and Yotie, just doing a photoshoot in the quebrada. #amazon #photosinbetween
You guys voted for Wildlife pics (iPhone only for now). Honestly, being able to catch one of these beautiful butterflies on camera required night walks through the jungle! 🦋 #butterfly #wildlifephotography
Event spaces ✨
Getting creative with product shots! ✨ #seattleeevents #seattlephotographer
GIVEAWAY TIME! I have hit 3k on here (thank you so much!!) and I’m doing a photoshoot giveaway. Seattle Area only. Comment below to enter and what you would like to shoot if you won! And invite friends to enter! I will be announcing the winner on Wednesday the 4th! 🌹#willyouacceptthisgiveaway #seattlebloggers
Stand tall in the face of adversity. Or just stand tall for the camera 💕 #fashionphotography #fashionphotographer
Mid laughs are the best to catch on camera. Even in the middle of a busy event with chaos everywhere. #seattleevents #eventsphotographer #fashionphotographer
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