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Delighted to welcome @sydneymclaughlin16 to #TeamNB Another amazing addition to an incredible running family. She’s gonna do huge things. Between @patricklange1 winning Kona and this signing you could say it’s a pretty amazing time at New Balance.
A sneaky shot by @missemoe as I was lost in the mountains of Corsica. This island is incredible and as we head south I’ll miss these peaks. Onward to sandy beaches.
We look very happy but inside sad to be leaving @lemasdepierre Great few days in St. Paul de Vence. Also sad to be giving up our Whip that took us along the incredible roads around Nice. Onward to Corsica.
Before the GMSR crash we had a Time Trial. This is what riding beyond your fitness level looks like. One of my favorite things in life is the feeling I get when I bury myself. Pushing the body and asking it to do things it probably isn’t ready to do. That’s why I love this sport. We had a very good showing by the @velocionortheast crew and set a great tone for the weekend. @krboucha missed his start but his time would have had him sitting top 8. Incredible stuff. It’s been 2 years in a row of a great TT followed by bad luck. And my appetite to race GMSR is exactly as it’s always been. Labor Day 2019 - I’ll be in Warren, VT. Shout out to @nextcycling for the speed, @untappedmaple for the fuel, @afterburnercycling for the service, and @angelicadixon825 for photography. #gmsr
I broke my elbow at GMSR today. We had 6k to go and 2 dudes slid out on some gravel run off. I hit those dudes at 34mph. But all is good, these are the risks we take as bike racers and we even leave our HRM straps on at the ER. Season is over and next year you’ll find a crumbling old 41 year old lining up in the pro 1 TT trying for another top ten. Thanks for the support @velocionortheast @velocioapparel @untappedmaple @afterburnercycling
Radiohead show #25 and got to share it with @missemoe Tonight was a particularly great set list and my favorite on this tour. Highlight of the night was “I might be wrong”. Love it. #radiohead #radioheadlive
Wonderful weekend on Squirrel Island with @missemoe and a cast of new friends. Even bumped into a fellow Irishman on the beach. And this pic proves I didn’t just drink beer all weekend. Back to reality.
Another fantastic @radiohead show in Montreal. This tour has been wonderful with so many different songs. And glad to have been able to share with @theemarcfrancis and @jessica.mailas over some nice pre show beers @vicesetversa bar. #radiohead
Another Radiohead gig tonight. It’s such a privilege to see musicians and a vocalist like this. I’ve attended over 20 @radiohead gigs and it never disappoints. Onward to Montreal. #radiohead #radioheadlive
Today we raced the @longsjo in Fitchburg to cap off New England Crit Week. It was the hottest weather I’ve ever raced in (hence the socks of ice under our jerseys) and it came back to bite me. But racing with my @velocionortheast team mates makes the suffering even more enjoyable. We had a great week and we leave fitter and happier. Big thanks to @velocioapparel for the stained glass kit. It felt incredible. And the super fast @nextcycling wheels. Get some. For real. Photo Cred @benliang443 #velocio #untappedmaple #bikes #nextcycling #imhappiestonmybike #necritweek
Happy Fathers Day to Big Bro and the main man rocking Flares and a head of hair! Somewhere in the world circa 1981 #fathersday
RIP Scott Hutchinson. Very sad day. Your music and voice will live on and the memories of all those shows will always mean so much. 💔 #frightenedrabbit
Always wait for the final finishers because that’s what BOSTON Marathon is all about, especially this year. I ride a bike in Boston and almost every weekend we get a north west wind. Today the runners had an east block headwind at 30mph with sheets of cold rain. Some humans no matter how fit they are just can’t deal with this. It’s like assuming @mollyhuddle could climb a mountain because she’s one of the fittest runners in history. The conditions today favor some and not others. Kudos to an incredible run by @des_linden and Yuki kawauchi they slowed down less and survived more. The masses dealt with a historical day. It’s rare the weather opposes the runners like this and I’ve never been more inspired by the spirit of the marathon. Those who ran today are the lucky ones. #bostonmarathon
Checking out some kitesurfing as the day gets rolling in Tulum. It looks awesome. @thebeachtulum #tulum #vacation
Happy birthday to @missemoe Heres to many more years of letting me tag along while you plan amazing vacations. I love you. #thebeachtulum #mexico
Sampling and critiquing @hillfarmstead brew on a chilly morning. Most people travel to Vermont on weekends to Ski. @missemoe and I travel for a warm fire and tasty beverages. #beer #hillfarmstead #edward #societyandsolitude6 #vermontlove
What an incredible city Tokyo is. Warm in personality, honest, respectful, and full of Vinyl. Big shout out to the @new_balance_japan team for hosting us and giving up their days and nights to show us the city. I’ll be back. Oh - and it’s a minor detail but to the right of the building is Mt. Fuji, not oft in view at this time of year #tokyo #tokyu #mtfuji #newbalance #nbrc_jp #nbrunning
Great visit with Team NBK over the last 2 days. Managed to see some sights including the Emperors Palace. Cool city that makes me want to dial up my fashion game. #seoul #travel #newbalance #newbalancekorea
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