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...Wedding without @heinekenng , is that One Wedding? . Photography: @xclusive_daniel
Men on Duty🍻
°°A Man and his First Love°° . Photography: @thecarrotpictures Decor: @sweetheartevent
Yo! The #Hkparty2019 came to pass😎 . Major shout out to everybody that came out to Support us, those that gave us money and those that stood with us in the place of Prayer. . P.S: This is just a Teaser, a proper Appreciation post is coming Later
°°Off the Market°°
Photography: @phonzyimages Retouch: @acaciamediang
°°S H A D O W S°°
°°T R I A N G L E S°°
°°C H O C O L A T E°°
°°R E D P E P P E R°°
°°A Liru Vanity Never Hurt Nobody°°
°°F R I Y A Y°°
Yo Fam! The #HKParty19 is 18 Days away😎 . For RSVP, Kindly Check Link on my Bio😎
°T W O S H A D E S D A R K E R°
°°Afang Soup With a Touch of Hausa Pepper°°
°°R O Y A L A R E W A°°
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