Sean Kempfer

🤷🏼‍♂️ I’m a Car Enthusiast who happens to own a DSLR and like taking photos. Wouldn’t call myself a photographer.. Yet

The rare southern Illinois snow plow. Rumored to only come out once a year to feed before hibernation
Winter wonderland
A day at the bluffs
In desperate need of a washing
Done a small 3” lift. Time to start working on the body and removing all the hideous stripes and paint. Get it ready for a different color
Her homemade ugly sweater
She Acts like she don’t like Bobby. But cuddles him while she sleeps
Flying a little low bud
When you don’t even have to go hard in 4th gear. And it’s riding as smooth as 60mph. 🤷🏼‍♂️ gotta love the Camaro
She was all dressed up for her Xmas concert. She been singing the songs for two weeks straight
Anyone ever me the lead singer to puddle of mudd?? Lmao
Something magical is about to happen 🤣
To convert front end of the 99 Silverado 2500 to a 03 front end or not🤔
Amazing what most does to the light. #shotondji
Red bud lights at night. #djimavicpro #drone #shotondji #christmaslights
Kaylees big Christmas present is tucked away and ready to surprise her on Christmas morning. #djisparkdrone #spark #drone #christmas #spoiledkid
First year decorating for christmas with lights. Gonna be a #griswoldfamilychristmas 😎
Putting the #dji #mavicpro to work
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