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You can take the girl out of Blackpool...🎯 - Thanks for a hilarious evening at the #WHdarts with @williamhill #lovethedarts
‘Tis the season to sparkle!✨✨✨ - @boohoo dress code: DZZ09230
🧡As some of you know I don’t do lip fillers buttttt I do love a good plumped lip which is why I’m loving @Projectlipofficial 🧡 Check out my stories to see me use their new lip plumping kit. My lips feel amazing, hydrated and plumper.. only £12.95 and no injections needed gals💉 #projectlippers #projectlip #vegan #cruletyfree
On cloud wine with the girls last night🥂☁️
Sometimes you’ve just gotta go to dinner in a mans t-shirt👦🏽 @boohoomanofficial
Housewife duties nailed..well for one day of the year anyway!💗🎄❄️ @boohoo #BOOHOOambassadors #queensofchristmas
Your damned if you do, your damned if you don’ do what makes you content in life because at the end of the day, your inner happiness is all that matters✨ - So last week it came out in the press that I’ve had a bump removed from my nose a few of months ago (not a couple of weeks ago)☺ I’ve never denied this or done this in secret as all my close friends and family had known I was planning on doing this for years and they saw me through it all. I have had so many questions about it so thought I would answer these and put up a few stories about my little nose journey and why I wanted it doing. Firstly I would like to say I did this for personal reasons only as I haven’t been happy with my nose for many years now, along with the fact I struggled to breath through my left nostril so decided to go ahead with the procedure. This is not a decision I made lightly or quickly and want to stress I am not trying to glamourise cosmetic surgery as I have never had any form of surgery before!!! I just wanted to share this as I’m not hiding the fact I’ve had it done as I’m a very open and honest person. I wanted to keep my results very subtle, natural and successful by opening up my left nostril passage☺ for this I did my research and decided on @elitecosmeticsurgery who gave the the most amazing care from start to finish!! Everyone in this day and age has such strong opinions on surgery so I expect both the positive and negative that will come.. but before you tell me ‘you’ve ruined your face’🙄etc..which is the kinder of the comments haha..think about the words you’re about to use. I have made this decision for myself only and if I’m honest I have never been in a happier, more content place in my life. If you have any questions regarding the procedure I’ve had done contact myself or @elitecosmeticsurgery ✨✨
Standard🚽pic! - Bodysuit - DZZ18032 Trousers - DZZ17164 @boohoo have up to 75% off in the sale ❤️
So they say opposites attract..which is deffo true just look at her!👀🔥🤤insaneeee @meganbartonhanson_
Power suit vibes🤘🏼💋 I had such a lovely evening at the @ok_mag beauty awards 2018 last night, hosted by the amazing @peterandre X
Separated at birth👯‍♀️🖤 @kadymcdermott #beautyawardswithok
Yesterday’s brunch🌸🥂💗 - Make sure you go have a nosey at @boohoo cyber deals before they end! Dress - DZZ13332 heels - DZZ27436
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