Alexandra Mitchell Eisler

#familytimeisthebesttime #painaulaitaday

Perfect Pasadena Pumpkin Pie.
This goes on top of the pumpkin custard.
My girl is home.
Thank you, @schulzmuseum for a great day with my favorite celebrity guest star! People, run, don’t walk to see the special exhibit currently on view.
My artist in residence. ❣️
I wish every Monday morning was like this...#desolationwilderness
Mi, mi, mi, mi....Getting ready to sing (and let freedom ring!) Thank you @briochepasquierus for sharing Pitch with patriots!
Celebrating freedom on this glorious Independence Day! Thank you @briochepasquierus for your kind donation to the 57th annual neighborhood celebration here in South Berkeley!
Intensely hot. #ilovenewyork
I am such a tourist.
Surfing in Boise? Whaaaaat.
« Bonjour! »
Le sigh.
Scoundrels defacing nature. ❣️
Thank you @funky.elephant for another amazing meal via @trycaviar 💕💥🔥🍻❣️#authenticthai
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