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👣My journey of mind-body-spirit. #odaat 🌈👩‍👩‍👦 👩🏼‍⚕️keto started 11/11/17 sw: 254 cw: 197 gw: 160.

@nancybrooks13 and I celebrated our 1 year #ketoversary last night being fabulous at our #gfmasqueerade18 Gala. We are the same couple just 100 lbs less of us this year. 🤭
Last year I was tired and sore and just sick and tired of being sick and tired. On the left was a family day at the pumpkin patch. I started #ketotransformation that week. Yesterday was my 1 year #ketoversary and I hosted a Gala in a steampunk corset. I lost weight. I started #crossfit . The most amazing thing about all of this is the peace of mind and spirit I have knowing that my nutritional and physical houses are in order. I have made some amazing friends online and in person. I have had weak moments and beast-mode moments and yet the woman in the left is my best version of me and now it’s time for the next challenge. @maryhaynes88 let’s kick this into the next gear!!!
Friday night Jersey Meal. Shirtaki noodles, no sugar added marinara and Italian sausage. Side of low carb tortilla sprayed with avacado oil and sprinkled with garlic salt toasted in the oven. I feel like I am in the ‘burg. #cleaneating #lowcarb #jerseygirl
Happy Birthday Coach Bev. Hope it’s a great day. But I want to say. I turned 50 without trying to kill the whole gym with #filthy50
Shopping on a Friday night makes me #hangry So guess what? You can get any sub made as a salad @subway Tuna sub with double of all the vegetables is #amazeballs #keto #cleaneating
This journey has been crazy. These progress pictures were after I had already been doing Keto and Crossfit for 6 months. I had super fast progress that first 6 months. And then 🐌 mode. But the pictures from today show just how far persistence will get you. Also it was shoulder day so I had to document the pumped up guns!!! 🤣😂🤣 #crossfit #keto #persistence #accountability #progress #odaat
I wasn’t going to post it because if it’s not documented it didn’t happen (am I right my nurses?) but I had most of this piece of sausage NY style Pizza and a chocolate Croissant from Paris Hotel yesterday. Because I dream about both of these specific foods and I was in Vegas. I expected to have a stomach ache or a headache but I didn’t. And I thought “hmmm maybe almost a year of Keto healed my gut?” NOPE!! Woke up to super sore knees and hips a headache and generalized aches. All the things I lives with for so many years before I changed how I eat and move. Am I sure it was the food. Yes! Can I prove it ? No. Will I do more “experimenting”? Hell no. I am not changing anything about how I eat and my workouts. I want to move forward and Keto and Crossfit are that roadmap for me. #keto #cleaneating #crossfit #accountability
This was my birthday present from @nancybrooks13 There are 3 roses all have the birthstone color of one of my boys. It is crazy beautiful. @ericalvinotattoo is just wicked talented and a total doll. Hey @maryhaynes88 can we not do shoulders this week? 😳🤪😩
Philosophy for a happy life by The King. I’m totally adopting this.
Where does one get one of these? Asking for a friend @davenavarro yowza!
On the road doesn’t mean off the wagon. This is #keto in the airport. Next stop Vegas baby
It has been almost a week since I worked out with my #5amsquad 💪🏻😁#crossfit #lifting is amazing!!!!! #sorenowstronglater
What kind of souvenirs do I get on a work trip when the rest of the team is wine tasting ?. Vinegar and hot sauce of course. Fig balsamic and hot sauces from a lavender farm #keto #cleaneating #idontdrinkwine
So not crossfit.... but I am sweating. #notrickybobby
This is ice-cream nirvana. I love when I can hit a grocery store when I’m traveling for work. Now if I could figure out how to get one of each home. 😢 #enlightenedicecream #pumpkinspiclatte
An actual Happy Meal #keto chicken crust pizza curried coconut chicken and lentil stew.
Actual picture of me after the medicine ball sit-ups this week. Thanks @maryhaynes88 I’m dead
What did you do for lunch? I did a weighted WOD with my awesome trainer @maryhaynes88 I sometimes am in awe of the strength she has helped me develop. This is what dedication creates. And it’s hella fun so there’s that 🤣
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