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👣My journey of mind-body-spirit. #odaat 🌈👩‍👩‍👦 👩🏼‍⚕️keto started 11/11/17 sw: 254 cw: 197 gw: 160.

Sunday fall food prep. Scratch chili with cauliflower rice. #hot 🔥 maybe one chili pepper was enough?😮
#mabon harvest meal. Chicken and harvest veggie stew and baked apples. #notketo but healthy and nutritious with no added sugar or grains.
This looks terrible but reminds me of a Wawa Tuna hoagie. Yummmmm #rockinMyMacros #cleaneats
So glad to be home. Spaghetti Squash and Meat Sauce. Great dinner for a cold rainy night. #fitby50 #cleaneats
No pretzels for me. I brought my own snacks thank you. #healthyfood #fitby50
Do you even lift Bro? Work travel and fitness collide. In the gym today a dude huffing and grunting on the elliptical watching me work out. He comes over and says “ you get a good workout that way? Just weights and squats and planks” I am covered in sweat and said “ uhhh yeah”. He laughs and says “looks like it” and leaves. I’m taking it as a compliment. Thankfully I am at a hotel with a good gym down the street from a @wholefoods so I can keep up my diet and workouts in the road. @powerandgracenutrition @bigskycrossfit @maryhaynes88
Happy fall y’all!! I’m feeling a little NSV Magic. My scale is not showing anything impressive but wearing jeans in a ladies 14 with my shirt tucked is something I didn’t think was possible. My journey started when I decided I needed to feel better. I was feeling old. I was in pain with every step. I was sad. When I look back I don’t recognize that woman. This journey was about so much more than food and exercise but it started there. #keto &crossfit is my roadmap to wellness.
Hers and hers Keto pizza. Plain for me and chicken spinach for the Mrs. we finally found the low carb lavash bread. #ketoaf
🐪day. I got a star!!! What? It wasn’t pretty but it was a PR. I’ll take it. Enjoying the beginning of fall weather with #konakitty and a 🎃☕️ ...... Keto Pumpkinspice Latte. Coffee, collagen protein, MCT oil and salt with vanilla and a shake of pumpkin spice. Yummmmm #keto #crossfitlife #fitby50
Warning Long reflection: I wasn’t going to post about the anniversary. It is still a tough day. I was living on the east coast and had friends in New York, Family in DC and was 65 miles east of Schwenksville, Pa. I was in the middle of it all and it was horrifying. I felt so powerless, then so sad and then just lost. This year like the last 3 I felt removed here in Montana. Miles and years removed from ground zero. ........…........... Then there was the tribute WOD. I knew it was crazy, no way I was getting through it but I just started. I did 5k in the Bike instead of running but then just started doing the reps. Halfway through the row I wanted to give up, my legs were burning my back was spasming and I was going to give up then I remembered how helpless and afraid I felt 17 years ago. That isn’t who I am I am stronger, and fearless and a few minutes of discomfort isn’t reason to give up. It isn’t an option if I want to be better. #crossfitlife #fitby50 #strong
L’shana Tova. Celebrating the sweetness of forgiveness and a happy new year with apples and honey. #roshhashana #lshanatova #notketo
When there is no Keto friendly options at the peace festival you make peace with eating the middles out of egg rolls. #ketohacks #ketoaf #fitby50 #peacewins
I grew up in Trenton,NJ we had a part of town known for its immigrant Italian roots. Every summer they had a street festival called The Feast of the Lights. They carried a statue of the Virgin Mary through the streets people threw flowers and everyone cooked amazing food. Sausage and peppers was the signature scent of the Feast. This #chickencrustpizza with sausage peppers and onions just took me back to my roots!!! #ketoaf #ketofam #theburg
Ms Zöe it’s #squatember and I think these fabulous pants need to be our incentives. I mean with the smokin booties we will have after 5000 squats these will be amaze-balls.
I made an affirmation that this year I would “say Yes”. It’s been an amazing year. My bestie @zoemaclay is my cheerleader, my inspiration and usually the instigator of a questionable plan 😂🤣. She gave me this sign for my desk and it will keep me focused on the New Me. Thanks Buddy. I❤️you.
For my 5am badasses. Even when you don’t intend to be a badass you are. The little blue RX means they used the 35kg kettlebell. Katie trusted my math when I told her her kettlebell was 24kg. It was 35 and she powered through getting the RX. Sorry!!! But math at 5am is hard. #crossfitlife #badasswomen #metricfail #fitby50
My 🎃post workout treat. After a fasted workout I come home and have protein Mct oil and salt in my coffee. Today it’s 47degrees so I added sugar free vanilla and pumpkin pie spice. YUMM. #keto #fitby50 #crossfitlife #coffee #🎃spice
Keto Chicken Rollups. This was delicious and super easy. I will work out the recipient and post it in my story. #keto #ketoaf #fitby50 #homecooking
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