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Free Gift Happy Holiday’s 🎁🎁🎁 If you never tried a quality CBD product it’s NOW TIME‼️ We Are Introducing Product that will Shock and Awe the Market come Monday. No BS gimmicks that many companies just push out to say they have something new. This is a Game Changer. If you want a 💫 TRIAL💫of it let me know quickly. I’ll pay for the shipping right to your door. You will truly be amazed🎁🎁🎁
Why do I do what I do? Because I know what it’s like to not understand why you don’t have energy to feel joy in life. I know what it’s like to feel like you are meant for more but have lost faith that you’ll find it. I know what it’s like to want to do something BIG in life but fear you won’t actually follow through because when the going gets tough it’s easy to say “oh well” I know what it’s like to want to make more money but just don’t have more time to work yourself to the bone. That’s why I do what I do. I show women just how valuable they are and I encourage them to use their voice to help others to feel better too This world can be a dark place of you let it and I believe the more people who feel good and share positive energy, the better life can be. Light beats darkness and hope can change the world. My inbox is ALWAYS open if you are searching. If you hang around me though, I’ll have you believing you can do ANYTHING ‼️#last90days #ladybosslife #ketomom #fastingforweightloss #mom #momlife #girlwashyourface #tonyrobbins #edmylett #lewishowes #manifest #personaldevelopement #entrepreneur #networkmarketingpro #networkmarketing #lchf #cbd #goals #dreambig
I have started to shared my journey with all of you & what I have experienced with my health over the past year. This week marks my 1 year anniversary on the 28th of being hit by a car! Much more followed that was the beginning of many difficult months to follow. In the past 5 weeks ,have founds products that are giving me my life back . Here is some education on CBD. The Effects of CBD Oil on the body... Now, let’s take a critical look at the good stuff – specific things that I figured health-conscious people like you would really find helpful. The effects of CBD oil , capsules and balm can be seen in the following areas: Effect on Hormone – Hormone Balancing One of the huge effects of cannabidiol (CBD oil) in the endocrine (hormone) system is to protect against massive stress by reducing the chances of stress-induced conditions in the brain as well as the nervous system. In essence, it reduces cortisol. Effect on Anxiety and Stress – Stress Reduction Taking some dosages of CBD oil is capable of reducing anxiety (whereas THC increases it) and when CBD oil is combined with THC, it takes the anxiety off THC thus; balancing the stress level. This is due to the action of CBD oil on some receptors in the body; both of them are involved in reducing fear and panic responses to stress. The products, I have found have 0.0000 THC and produce the same effects ~ the THC. Effect on Inflammation Just liken inflammation as the principal problem of our modern, industrialized and fast-paced lifestyles. Of the major causes of mortality in the developed world, chronic inflammation contributes to the main causes of specifically the followings: cancer, stroke, diabetes, nephritis, respiratory disease, heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease. However, CBD oil and capsules have been shown to regulate as well as halt both acute and severe inflammatory diseases through various mechanisms. You can further do research on PubMed. Effect on Metabolism and Body Fat Are you marveled to hear that a weed derivative could make you lose weight? Yes, it is true. Just as THC can increase your appetite, CBD ~ the THC will suppress it. This is worthwhile if you are watching your weight or t
Be the ONE your results require‼️ Was creating some killer content in my office this morning, needed to get to the gym and release the Turkey fog and caloric intake from weekend.🏋️‍♀️🚲🍗🍤🍸#ladybosslife #ketomom #fastingforweightloss #ketomama #lchfdiet #fasting #inflammation #brainfog #girlwashyourface #last90days #manifestation #yoga #pilates #crossfit
Happy Thanksgiving to ALL!!! Thanksgiving is a cherished time for me to slow down, get present to the moment, and reflect on the people, places, memories, and magic moments that make life itself so special. We come together with our family and friends to share in the spirit of gratitude. Often around the table we ask: What are you grateful for? It's such a powerful question. I invite you to take a moment with me to consider all the things in your life — big and seemingly small — that you could be grateful for. After all, it’s what the season is all about. And just by focusing our awareness on appreciation, we uncover even more of the miracle it is to be alive. Gratitude is the antidote to anger — you can’t be grateful and angry at the same time. So as you spend time with those dear to you this week just notice all there is to appreciate. What could you choose to be happy about? Who could you say ‘thank you’ to this year? What if we chose to be grateful for the gifts, the challenges — all that life offers us. What if we took on the belief that everything in life is happening for us, and it all serves our growth and evolution? When we view our lives through the lens of gratitude and appreciation we experience a level of freedom and fulfillment like never before. Sometimes in life it’s when we lose one of our blessings — our health, our mobility, a loved one, a job, a friend — that we put aside our grumblings and gain a true appreciation for all the gifts that grace our lives. So let’s choose gratitude this Thanksgiving. Share with those you love and the people around you what they mean to you. Thank them with simple kindness and voice your appreciation. Send a note, share a smile even if it’s with a stranger. You might even consider offering a prayer — you don’t have to be religious or spiritual to do it. The most powerful prayer I know is simply: thank you. Yours in deep thanks and gratitude. Xoxo Mindee 😘 #ladybosslife #ketomom #fastingforweightloss #ketomama #lchfdiet #last90days #girlwashyourface #lewishomes #lewishowes #edmylett #mom #manifest #happythanksgivng
Would YOU ever imagine that lettuce wraps would be sooo GOOD? I am officially hooked , Tuesday night in the Rosen ~ LaCanna household has become 🌮 night. These are great for Lunch. You can get very creative. 😘 #lowcarb #keto #ketodiet #ketomom #manifestation #spoonieproblems #inflammation #fasting #cbd #last90days #rachelhollis #girlwashyourface #mom #momlife
I walked on freaking fire🔥 again !!!!!!! If you can train your body, to move through fear, and take action despite all the crazy things you may be worried about, you can conquer your life !!! That’s what this firewalk is all about. I wasn’t nervous at all this walk I have already done it I know what to expect I fucking walked on 2000 degree coals before and didn’t die Until I saw the coals, and it was my turn, and I felt my heart racing. Then I told myself this ... I am a freaking rockstar... I can conquer anything I put my mind to... I can and will do hard things even when I’m scared ... Because I train for this I do hard shit every single day I do it so when the REALLY hard shit in life hits me over the head, I can conquer it with courage ❤️ And I share because this, is the key, to crushing life 🔥🔥🔥🔥#spoonieproblems #personaldevelopment #manifestation #entrepreneur #last90days #girlwashyourface #visualization #mom #momlife #momblogger #attractionmarketing #ketomom #intermittentfasting #lchf #cbd #backpain #pain #yoga #yourock
Life can be like the Bull - (Read Below) Taurus full moon tonight. So it’s divine timing. When the Sun & Moon oppose each other during a Full Moon, this can cause tension & uncomfortable friction, but at the same time a greater amplification of vision & potential possibility. "Life is found in the dance between your deepest desire and your greatest fear." - Tony Robbins Some will never find their Bull Some will just look at their Bull Some will create and believe their Bullsh*t Some will see the bull and run away in Fear Some hop on the Bull and make the most of the ride and do it w/ style, easy, & grace. I say- Grab Your Bull by the horns Hang on for your dear life for as long as you can & make the most out of it. Have fun. Enjoy the ups and downs but ride that B until your ride ends. Time to grab life by the horns and show it who’s the real boss. -You #feelingbullish #mom #tonyrobbins #spoonieproblems #manifest #manifestation #spoonie #bemore #domore #cbd #cbdoil #backpain #badass #rockstar #liveyourbestlife #liveyourmore #last90days #girlwashyourface #rachelhollis #entrepreneur #momlife #irock
If it doesn’t bring you... ✅ Inspiration ✅ Love⭐️ ✅ Joy ✅ Abundance 😉 AND ✅ Helps Others! it doesn’t belong in your life. 🥂 Too many people live a life less than. A life that doesn't fulfill them. Lives that don't set their soul on fire. They live lives which suck the light out of their souls instead.🤢 Cut loose the unfulfilling relationship! 🙌🏽 Drop the "friend" that talks behind your back!✌🏻 Quit the job that you absolutely can't bear! Ditch anything holding you back from being your true self.🙏🏼 Make a decision to stop focusing your attention on anything dragging you down and makes you feel less than. Let nothing dim your light, let it SHINE!. Inhale love & exhale gratitude <3 Focus on being your best self and getting more juice out of your life. Go after your dreams and NEVER hold back! Be self-aware and find your inner peace. Eliminate limiting beliefs by replacing them with beliefs that empower you and cultivate a positive mental attitude. The truth is that we must first love ourselves before we can love another. Then, live a life that lights your soul on fire. Whether it's starting a new relationship, friendship or starting a new business... Let your light be contagious where you light others up as well. Surround yourself with friends that are on the same mission. This way you're lighting each other up. #love #gratitude #mom #spoonie #profitsoverwages #bemore #tonyrobbins #livmore #domore #entrepreneur #personaldevelopment #spoonieproblems #morelife #liveyourmore #manifest #manifestation
Some people sit and wait for someone or something to motivate them, to make them feel like doing something different... Reality is, the only one that can change anything for your and your situation is YOU!!!! Watching inspirational videos, listening to motivational speakers, being around people who are doing what you want to do and are living the way you would like to live, are all good, but until you take the action yourself, it will not happen.... What makes you motivated to do your favorite hobby? What motivates you to get stuff ready for a vacation? What motivates you to spend time with your family? How do you get those things? You have to work hard, you have to be focused to have the time for them, you have to rearrange things around to make it happen, and because it’s important to you, you make it happen.... It is the same thing, same kind of motivation that is required for making a change in anything else in your life. Are you trying to lose weight? Are you trying to get your health back? You have to be motivated and stick with it, even and especially when you don’t feel like it. Are you wanting to make a change financially? You have to be consistent with working hard, learning new skills, practicing new things, changing old habits for new ones, and BE self motivated.... No one else can do it for you! You are the only one that can make it happen! If you would like some help, and tips, feel free to reach out! I will help you , drop in the comments, help me or send me a DM! Mindee
So this’s ongoing! I’m not yet where I want to be, but I’m so much closer than I was! Each & every month I’m closer to my goal! Sometimes it feels frustrating! I wish I was there now. I wish that often really!! But I didn’t get sick overnight, I didn’t put on the weight overnight & I didn’t feel all the feelings of failure overnight. It will be a year on November 28th my challenges began with my health. I know having a rock solid mindset has been my key to catch up with my changing body and what has happened. I remember that I literally tried everything in the past, and nothing worked. Not even prescription pain medication to control the ferrous pain that I have experienced over the past 11 months. After a revision to my Spinal Cord Stimulator and getting hit by a car 10 days later things just continued to decline. I got sadder, and sicker & losing confidence....yep it was horrible! I hit rock bottom. It was right after January on a Saturday that I woke up lethargic and was rushed to the hospital. It was determined, I had MRSA and they had to do emergency 🚨 surgery to remove my stimulator. Ended up staying in the hospital 3 weeks and then sent home with a PIC line for 8 weeks. Had to infuse myself, twice a day with one of the most potent antibiotics for 10 weeks. I had been living with pain levels on a scale of from 1 to 10. My pain levels where any where between a 13 to 15 daily. Grateful for #ketones which has helped with inflammation and some pain. So at nearly 51, I’m starting to celebrate this new life! Reminding myself everyday that if I hadn’t started this journey, I have no idea where I might be today. But I do know, I wouldn’t be sharing the sad & sorry journey I was previously on!! In the past 5 weeks, I have found 3 products that synergistically have given me my life back. Every day is getting better. If you suffer from #chronicpain #chronicillness #depresion #anxiety #failledbacksurgury #spoonie #spoonielife #pain #girlwashyourface #last90days #clarity #focus #brainfog #cancer #autism #autismmom #mom #momlife #endometriosis #focus Instead, I think I’m inspiring & giving hope! Send me a DM or drop INFO in the comments. Xoxo 😘
So proud to announce my oldest son got into his first choice school #ASU ! He has been accepted into the school of engineering. #parenting #mom #momlife #boymom #boymomlife #girlwashyourface #last90days #lchf #manifest #manifestation #visualization #bestyou #domore #bemore #personaldevelopment #ketones #chronicpain #proudmom #proudmomma #dreams
Your past doesn’t determine your future— but what you choose to do next can change everything. The mistakes you’ve made are not a life sentence— they are the wisdom you’ll use to navigate this next chapter. We all fall down, but not everyone will have the courage to get back up. But you do, don’t you? I don’t care how many times you’ve fallen, I don’t care how weary you feel. YOU ARE STRONG ENOUGH! If you feel lonely today, if you feel like you’re walking down this path alone I want you to know that somewhere in Texas hill country is a mother of 4 who is rooting for you SO freaking hard! You’ve got this. Keep going! Write down 10 things you are grateful for everyday. Gratitude will change your life. Happy 🎃 !!!#GirlWashYourFace #personaldevelopment #visualization #spoonieproblems #mom #momlife #tonyrobbins #edmylett #spoonie #bemore #domore #liveyourmore #livmore #chronicpain #backpain #last90days #morelife #boymom #makemoremoney #entrepreneur #directsales #badass #excersise #gymrat #yoga #eatingclean #hourofpower
You see beauty, even inner beauty is a reflection on your discipline, focus, commitment and personal beliefs. We are suppose to be healthy. The numbers on the scale and your figure in the mirror is a measurement and testimony of your desire, drive, and values. Look, Ive been on as many diets and work out routines as the next and the struggle never ends. The numbers on your scale regardless of your age, color, body type, work schedule, number of kids you have, and every other excuse you can come up with do make you much on the inside as the outside. Everyday I see people older than me, work more hours than me, have had several babies and are ten times healthier than me. I see their inner beauty as much as their physical appearance. So just start now, right freaking now! Don’t eat what you planned to eat tonight if it’s not the best food you could put in your body. Eat a raw salad, you might not ❤️ it like me eat it anyway. Stretch, go for a walk, hit the gym, do something physical. Make a commitment and keep it! Prove to yourself how beautiful you are. I believe in you and you are enough! #spoonieproblems #mom #spoonie #tonyrobbins #chronicpain #backpain #lchf #inflammation #bemore #domore #livmore #liveyourmore #dieting #eatingdisorter #weightloss #weightlossmotivation #lchfdiet #fasting #entrepreneur #girlwashyourface #last90days #momlife #mondaymotivation #clarity #focus #cbd #failedbacksurgerysyndrome #pain #nonscalevictory #motivation
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