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9.23.2018 -- I think we all have our moments when we feel like we're not good enough. Nights when we are lonely and times when you feel like your life is in vain. When your mistakes and imperfections speak louder than your victories... or when your downfalls seem more powerful than your uprises. As I gaze out on to the horizon, all I can do is keep looking forward and living day by day. That's what life is all about. One day at a time.
9.21.2018 -- I hope everyone has an awesome day.
9.20.2018 -- Amen to this.
9.20.2018 -- Throwback Thursday: Sometimes I miss my curly hair.
9.20.2018 -- Today is going to be a good day.
9.20.2018 -- Throwback Thursday: I guess I do age decently. This was taken in March 2009 when I was 23 years old.
8.19.2018 -- Tired from cutting the grass. Mow running around in this heat taking care of business.
9.19.2018 -- Someone is up late tonight because they feel like giving up on something. This one is for you: DON'T GIVE UP!
9.18.2018 -- Your worst downfall now is preparing you for your mightiest uprise!
9.18.2018 -- Finally awake....
9.18.2018 -- I was trying to take a selfie but my coworker said something funny - lol.
9.17.2018 -- Hurricane Florence has came and passed us by in South Carolina. The sun is finally shining, the first time since Thursday.... but damn it is hot outside!!! The devil was on the side of Two Notch Roas selling Dasani water bottles next to the sun. Back to our originally schedule program... another hot ass Columbia day.
9.15.2018 -- A lot of people have tried to stop me. A lot of things have tried to block me. Life have tried to sabotage me and the world has tried to kill me. You can steal a lot of things from me, but nobody will steal my peace. Your peace is the greatest item you'll ever own. Find it and keep your peace!!
9.15.2018 -- Because my face and a cell phone screen are two different animals and my face speaks faster than my fingers can type.
9.14.2018 -- Florence wants to pass right over my house. I live where the blue dot is - lol.
9.14.2018 -- She is coming on in....
8.14.2018 -- Never let the world steal your smile. At times, life may seem a little unfair. It may feel like others are easily getting ahead while you are struggling just to move forward. Your job may have you stressed out until your stomach is in knots, or even your relationships with people may seem to be falling apart. Despite all that may be going on around you on the outside, never let the world steal your smile and joy on the inside. #smile #smiling #keepsmiling #joy #dontloseyourjoy #neverloseyoursmile #encouragement
9.13.2018 -- Perfectly fitting as Hurricane Florence comes ashore here in the Carolinas.
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