Kevin B. Entzminger Jr

32 ♓ Columbia, South Carolina USA 🏠🇺🇸 Flight Attendant - CLT✈ Inspirational📒 Photography 📷 Dancing & Music🎶 Recovering Alcoholic😈😇

10.14.2018 -- Relaxing
11.14.2018 -- Morning encouragement.
11.14.2018 -- Someone is wide awake tonight wondering when things will get better in their life. It is coming soon.
11.11.2018 -- Late work nights.
11.11.2018 -- Before I hit the cold streets of Cleveland.
11.11.2018 -- Good morning, New York!
11.11.2018 -- Cleveland, Ohio
11.11.2018 -- My best and worst quality.
11.11.2018 -- Cold nights.
11.11.2018 -- Cleveland, Ohio
11.11.2018 -- New York City, New York from my porthole.
11.11.2018 -- I am learning this lesson more and more. We all go through problems and tribulations in our lives. Always remember the people who are there for you during your struggles. The people who forgot about you when the world was tough on your heart? Forget about them too!
11.10.2018 -- Cold days.
11.9.2018 -- F it up, one day at a time! Thank you to @deontetk of @dtkphotography and @slavetovoldemort for this excellent photo and accessories. You both are talented at what you do.
11.7.2018 -- Simple beauty.
11.7.2018 -- NEW PHOTO ALERT! Me and @deontetk of @dtkphotography produced this hot photo rocking these customized bracelets by @slavetovoldemort . I love these bracelets. She is a talented young lady! It is always a pleasure to work with others to display their talents!
11.4.2018 -- It feels like Fall around here!
11.4.2018 -- Sunday morning encouragement.
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