kevin evance

I'm THE One # 👆 TAYLOR gang or DIE 🎲 T. G. O. D 👆 #taylorgangovereverything Make the 💰 Come first dude's #evancekelvinkb97

My life A movie 🎥
Low shopping 💵💲👞
Dopes't vAnC
Must I remind you Feelings don't go astray, NO
HEAVEN, it feels like that #whiterose #foreverumbrella
My enemies sing MA name $SUU WHOOp
Suu whoops
My life A movie#
Too late 🕛🌓 12:00
😈# T. G. O. D
Trap 👑 no face
MAD drunk 🍻
My proper lunch today 🍽🍴
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