I take photos and create videos in my free time. My main: @thegreatkho 📍Current location: Singapore 🇸🇬 I am up for a collab! Slide me a DM.

Noise and buzz.
Concrete jungle 🏙
Thor’s coming ⚡️
It has been a great run here in the Bay and I’m still in awe with what the United States have to offer. I promise to come back again 🤘🏻
There are moments in life where you wish time will stop, and that’s when you realise that nothing in life lasts forever...
Beware of 🦈
Stay golden.
When you look me in the eyes... @sonysingapore
You gotta work for the views...
Mother Earth never fails to amaze.
500 feet drop.
The Milky Way. Fun fact: the total number of grains of sand on Earth is less than the total number of stars in the universe. Just how small are we..
Blown away.
Hey cutie you can’t eat that...
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